The Rewritten Love: A Second Beginning Max Charming

Chapter 39

“Plus, you’re about to take the college entrance exams, and I don’t want you to get distracted and let it
affect your mood,” Zach added.

Madelyn replied softly, “Actually, I really like Ms. Manning. She always looked out for me back in
school. If she’s willing to be with my father, I would accept her.”

She continued, “And… she doesn’t need to worry about my exams because I’ve already made up my
mind about which institute I want to apply to.”

Zach asked, “Oh yeah? Mind to tell me?”

Madelyn said, “I want to enroll in the education degree program offered by Lorville University. My
dream is to become a renowned teacher. After graduation, I plan to apply for a voluntary teaching
program to teach in rural areas.”

Zach’s dark eyes flickered, briefly glancing at Madelyn, who had her gaze fixed on the ground. “Lorville
is thousands of miles away from Ventropolis. Even with the fastest plane, it would. take over ten hours.
Madelyn… I don’t want you to go to such a distant city,” he expressed with concern. He then
questioned, “Why would you choose to go so far when everything is perfectly fine here?”

Madelyn silently cursed, ‘Huh? He doesn’t want me to leave? It’s not about not wanting me to go-it’s
about keeping me under his control and preventing me from breaking free. With her well-rehearsed
arguments at the ready, she spoke softly, “I’ve heard from Rosario that my mom chose to participate in
a voluntary teaching program in the countryside, and it was through teaching that she met my dad. I
want to walk the same path as my mother and become a teacher. Moreover, the act of guiding and
nurturing students resonates deeply with me, bringing true fulfillment.”

She continued, “If I aspire to become a teacher, then I should attend the best education degree
program available. I’ve researched the Bachelor of Education program at Ventropolis University, but it
doesn’t compare to the quality offered at Lorville University.”

With a pleading tone, she added, “Zach, you’ll support me, won’t you? Can you help me convince
Father too?” Madelyn playfully grasped Zach’s hand and pleaded, “Brother…


A slight furrow appeared on Zach’s brow, and a flicker of impatience crossed his eyes.

Sensing Zach’s discomfort with physical contact, Madelyn discreetly withdrew her hand.

Zach’s frown deepened as he spoke, “If you’re set on going to Lorville, I’ll try to persuade your father…”
He continued, “But you need to think this through carefully. Once you leave Ventropolis, you’ll lose the
protection we provide. If anything were to happen, neither your father nor I could come to your aid in

Madelyn responded calmly, “Don’t worry, once I’m there, I’ll be responsible and cautious. I won’t let you
and father worry about me.”

“I’ll support you no matter what,” Zach assured her.

“Thank you, Zach.” Madelyn smiled, exuding radiance.

Zach exited the room, closing the door behind him, and proceeded to delete the photo from his phone.
Madelyn’s words and responses seemed to hold deeper meaning for him, but he began to question if
he was overanalyzing the situation.

He pondered to himself, ‘If Madelyn knows my true motive for staying with the Jent family, wouldn’t she
do everything in her power to kick me out? Why would she choose to leave instead?!

The revelation that Madelyn wanted to go to Lorville caught Zach somewhat off guard. Her words
hinted that once she left the Jent family, she had no intention of coming back. Even if the Jent family
disappeared from Ventropolis, it seemed insignificant to her.

If Zach’s suspicions were correct, Madelyn must have possessed impressive acting skills. He couldn’t
help but think she would be wasted if she didn’t pursue a career in the entertainment industry. And if
Madelyn truly wanted to sever ties with the Jent family, she would need to make thorough preparations.
If his assumptions about her were accurate, he couldn’t help but wonder how a privileged kid like her,
who had grown accustomed to a life of luxury, would cope once she lost her wealth and status…

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