The Rewritten Love: A Second Beginning Max Charming

Chapter 24

Having been in the hospital for the better part of a month, Madelyn made good use of her time. While
nursing her injuries, she diligently completed several test papers. Even amid his busy schedule, Zach
would visit, review her work, and patiently explain any mistakes. During his downtime, he downloaded
a few leisure games on her phone–the latest releases from his company. But Madelyn rarely indulged
in these games, devoting most of her time to studying. The upcoming exam was her only best chance
to leave the Jent family–to escape the strife between Zach and Hayson.

Zach helped Madelyn with the discharge procedures. There was still a dull ache in her chest, but it had
significantly improved. Her wounds had scabbed over, new skin tissue peeking out underneath. It was
healing but a bit itchy.

The time Zach was willing to waste on her was nothing more than a performance for Hayson. To the
world, Zach was merely a dog that Hayson kept at his side. But only Madelyn knew the truth–that Zach
was like a cunning wolf lurking in the darkness, a beast capable of striking a deadly blow at any time.
Every action, every word, all carefully calculated. His kindness was never given freely.

Madelyn followed Zach to the Audi parked outside. Inside, Jadie was already seated in the backseat
behind the co–driver’s seat. Even through the car window, Madelyn could feel Jadie’s tension radiating
off her.

Circling around the car, Zach stopped by the driver’s door. Catching Madelyn’s gaze, he seemed to
sense her hesitation and offered an explanation, “Since you’re being discharged today, we can take
Jadie home with us to celebrate, and then we can all have dinner together.”

Madelyn said nothing, simply pressing her lips together as she climbed into the co–driver’s seat. Her
eyes fell on a sticker there, and a flush of embarrassment heated her cheeks.

‘Look at what I’ve done! Co–driver exclusive to Madelyn! I used to think it was a way to proclaim Zach’s
ownership to everyone. People must have found it amusing, and why wouldn’t they? In Zach’s eyes, I
must seem like a silly girl who would blindly follow him


Caught in a daze, Zach leaned in abruptly, a whiff of camellia fragrance mixed with faint tobacco scent
filling the air. It was a scent she was familiar with–Jadie’s perfume of choice. was camellia. Seeing him
approach, Madelyn almost instinctively shied away, a flicker of panic in her eyes. Zach feigned
ignorance to her obvious refusal, his hand reaching to secure her seatbelt without any physical contact.

As the car gradually pulled away, a silence enveloped the interior, an eerie undercurrent seeping
through the tranquility. Only Zach, occasionally casting glances into the rear–view mirror, disturbed the

“Are you feeling unwell?” he asked.

Madelyn knew his concern was not for her, and she had the tact not to respond. She directed her gaze
out the car window instead.

In a voice soft as silk, Jadie replied, “No, I’m fine. I just get a bit carsick when I haven’t traveled in a

“I’ll try to drive slower. If you feel uncomfortable, let me know.”


Throughout the drive, Zach struck up casual conversations with Jadie about her studies to distract her,
their chatter acting as a lullaby. Leaning on the seat, Madelyn dozed off. She was not sure how long
she had been asleep until the sound of her name being called roused her.

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