The Rewritten Love: A Second Beginning Max Charming

Chapter 6

In Madelyn’s previous life, Zach’s reason for marrying Cecilia was partly because she bore a slight
resemblance to Jadie. He kept Cecilia by his side as a substitute.

From childhood to adulthood, Madelyn was inferior to Jadie in every aspect, whether it was grades or
appearance, except for her family background.

The bond between Jadie and Zach was like an impenetrable fortress built with steel. Zach’s love for
Jadie ran deep in his bones. On the other hand, Madelyn was merely the daughter of an enemy to
Zach, devoid of any trace of affection.

The knocking gradually grew louder. Madelyn anxiously bit her lip. Zach had never been patient with
her. If she didn’t open the door for him soon, he might even kick it down without a second thought.

Therefore, she flicked on the light switch, lifted the blanket, and slipped on her shoes as she rose from
the bed. Opening the door, she put on a facade of just waking up and rubbed her eyes. “Brother?
You’re back! Sorry, I was sound asleep and didn’t hear anything. Is there something you need?”

Zach’s eyebrows furrowed. However, as he observed her sleepy appearance and realized she had
gone out of her way to let him in, his brows relaxed, and a hint of tenderness softened his gaze.

He extended his hand to touch Madelyn’s head, but she lowered her gaze, evading his touch by turning
away. In an attempt to conceal her emotions, she walked over to a nearby table and poured herself a
glass of water.

A coldness flickered in Zach’s eyes. He nonchalantly withdrew his hand and proceeded to enter
Madelyn’s room. The moment Zach closed the door behind him, Madelyn’s uneasiness began to grow.
But as she contemplated how the current Zach despised her and wouldn’t harm her in any way, her
anxiety subsided.

Zach took in the sight of the girl’s room adorned in pink. It exuded a sweet fragrance, reminiscent of the
perfume Madelyn had left in his car. A thought crossed his mind, ‘She hasn’t changed. She’s still the
same old Madelyn.’ In a detached manner, he inquired, “Are you feeling better?” His voice lacked
warmth, devoid of any inflections

Madelyn delicately returned the glass to the table and pulled out a chair, intentionally keeping her
distance from him. “Thank you for your concern. I’m feeling much better now.”

Zach then approached her, and a blend of tobacco and alcohol wafted from him. It wasn’t pleasant, yet
it wasn’t entirely unpleasant either.

Unlike others his age, the current Zach had already achieved success as a business elite. Perhaps it
was his years of navigating the corporate world that bestowed upon him an air of pride, composure,
and a chilly demeanor. Clad in a sleek black suit, the tall and well-built Zach exuded an undeniable
charisma. His remarkable presence, combined with his striking looks, could easily capture the attention
and favor of women.

However, Madelyn knew that beneath Zach’s handsome facade lurked a devil. He was like a
malevolent spirit rising from the depths of hell, intent on destroying lives. He lay dormant, awaiting the
perfect moment to unravel her life and bring down the Jent family completely.

To keep Zach at a distance, Madelyn purposefully contorted her face in disgust and waved her hand in
front of her nose. “Brother, have you started smoking again? And I can smell alcohol. I hate that scent.”

As expected, he halted his steps three paces away. “I apologize. I’ve been occupied lately and have
had to tend to social obligations. I’ll be more mindful in the future.”

Without waiting for him to bring it up, Madelyn took the initiative to mention Jadie. “Brother, is Jadie
coming back tomorrow? It’s been so many years since I last saw her, and I actually miss her. I’ve
already had Rosario tidy up the upstairs room. She can move in directly when she returns.”

Zach’s gaze grew intense, a fleeting chill passing through his eyes. “No need. I intend to have Jadie
move in with me.”

“I see,” Madelyn murmured, lightly touching the bandage on her wrist, feeling a faint twinge of pain in
her heart. “That’s alright… Let me know if there’s anything you need help with.”

In Madelyn’s past life, Zach had also mentioned the idea of taking Jadie and leaving the Jent
residence, but Madelyn had strongly objected. She vehemently opposed Jadie’s departure because it
would mean losing her chance to torment her. Additionally, Madelyn’s love for Zach ran so deep that
she couldn’t bear the thought of him living together with Jadie. As a result, Madelyn had managed to
convince Zach to allow Jadie to stay with her at the Jent residence, using the excuse of wanting

“I have tomorrow off, so I’ll head to the airport to pick her up and bring her here for dinner. We’ll leave
after she packs her things. In the evening, you can come along and spend time with us.”

Madelyn glanced up, flashing a smile at Zach, and declined, “I won’t be joining you guys. I want to take
a day to relax at home. Exams are coming up, and I need to focus on reviewing my studies.” As she
encountered Zach’s stern expression, a touch of nervousness crept over Madelyn.

She didn’t want to get caught up in his conflicts with others. Her goal was to play the role of an
obedient and harmless sister, endure these few years, save money, and make her escape. However,
Zach was suspicious and unpredictable, leaving her uncertain if she could deceive him.

Zach calmly regarded Madelyn. The girl lowered her head, emanating an aura of submission and
vulnerability, a stark contrast to the arrogant and defiant Madelyn of the past. He sneered inwardly,
‘She’s really doing a great job for keeping up this act for this long.’

A hint of enigma flickered across the man’s thin lips, followed by a gentle tone as he spoke, “Both you
and Jadie are my sisters. I won’t show favoritism to either of you… When I return tonight, let’s have
dinner together. I’ll also get you your favorite strawberry mousse cake. How does that sound?”

Madelyn didn’t dare let her guard down. She narrowed her eyes into a crescent shape and smiled,
saying, “Okay, thank you, brother.”

“Get some rest early.”


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