Page 180

Or maybe that is not the message at all.
Maybe we are asking the wrong questions.
Ask instead, why does everyone look so peaceful, so cheerful, so content?485
Why do the man and woman gaze at each other with such affection?
Why did the artist, after creating such a masterpiece, sign the piece only with anRentwined with a tatzelwurm? An artist’s seal that has not been seen before nor since.
I do not have these answers. Perhaps they will never be known.
Perhaps you think this tale is false, and I will not try to persuade you otherwise. For every great story has a little bit of truth in it, and a little bit of make-believe.
I leave you with one final truth … or one final lie … and you shall decide which is which.
That family? That town? Those monsters and gods?
They all lived happily to the end of their days.