Broken Queen

Page 35

My skin flushes with heat. “Are you making fun of me?” I wriggle to get my wrists free, but his grin only widens as he holds tight. “Are you fucking making fun of me?”
“Maybe a little,” he says as he dips his head to kiss my neck, then drops to his knees and releases my hands as he lifts one of my legs over his shoulder. He brings his mouth to my sex, and whatever response I had is gone. Poof. Vanished. All I can do is weave my fingers into his hair and moan as I drop my head back and bite my lip when I feel his wet tongue on me, inside me.
I open my eyes and meet Bastian’s gaze across the room. His arms are still folded, and his eyes are locked on mine, and when Amadeo closes his mouth over my clit, it takes my breath away. I look down as I come, look at my hands in his hair. At the wedding band on one finger and the empty space on the other. And Bastian standing alone across the room. And I know at least one thing. One thing about the brothers. About my feelings for them. And that knowledge terrifies me.
Iwatch her come. Fuck. I can watch her come twenty-four-seven.
Amadeo rises to his feet, lifts a wilted Dandelion off hers, and carries her to the bed.
“Brother,” he says, voice hoarse. “How do you want her?”
“On her hands and knees so I can see my options.”
Amadeo turns to her. “You heard him.”
She looks from Amadeo to me then back and gets on her hands and knees like a good girl. She lowers herself to her elbows and looks back at me, offering herself to me.
I grin and draw my shirt over my head as I take in the glistening lips of her pussy. So fucking inviting. I position myself behind and undo my jeans as my thumb glides over her pussy, her ass.
“You have a preference, Amadeo?” I ask as I spread her arousal back and forth.
“I’m happy with either,” Amadeo says.
I grin, grip her hips, tug her closer, and make my choice. I thrust into her pussy hard, making her grunt as her walls squeeze my dick before stretching around it.
“You like that, Dandelion?” I ask, taking a fistful of hair and hauling her torso up.
She nods.
“Good. Now I want you to do something for me.” She nods again, moaning. “I want you to put your dirty little fingers on your clit and play with yourself. A little show as Amadeo waits his turn while I fuck your tight cunt.”
She does as she’s told, and I hold her to me as I take her. Amadeo tugs his shirt off popping some buttons in his haste as he moves across the room to watch her play with herself, her moans and gasps melting into one as I thrust, holding tight to her. She comes before I’ve really gotten started. She’s a ball of nerves already, alternately begging for more and begging me to stop. I let her drop to her hands and shift my focus to watch my cock disappear inside her, and when I’m ready to come, I hook a finger into her other hole and watch her collapse on the bed, panting as she comes again, squeezing my dick and my finger as I release inside her.
I draw out, come spilling down her thighs, and step away. Amadeo takes his place behind her, and she protests, but I take her face in my hands and kiss her. Her hands cover mine.
“Are you ready for me, Dandelion?” He adjusts her position so her hips are tilted at the right angle. I know the moment he pushes into her ass when she whimpers into my mouth, her fingernails digging into my wrists as she stretches to take the thickest part of him.
“Relax. Open for him.”
“I… can’t take more.”
“You can. You will. Look at me.”
She holds tight to me, eyes huge, and I watch her expression change as pain turns to pleasure. Amadeo finds his rhythm, stretching her slowly, then, once she’s ready, taking her hard as she cries out, orgasm overtaking her as she holds tight to me with one hand, the other stretched back to take Amadeo’s.
When it’s finished and he pulls out, we clean her and lie together on the bed, the three of us with our Dandelion in the middle. She kisses my mouth, then turns to Amadeo and kisses his. He holds her gaze, and I think about the things Amadeo told me about his visit to Tilbury. What they did to her. What she did.
“What did he tell you about me?” she asks in a near whisper as if reading my mind.
“Nothing that matters, Dandelion. Close your eyes. No one’s ever going to hurt you again. You’re safe now.”
She blinks, and I think she’s going to ask a question, but something gives inside her. I can almost see it. She nods, closes her eyes. Maybe it’s easier this way. I hope so because I don’t ever want her to remember what happened to her. And I’m grateful when her face and body relax, and she drifts off to sleep.
We leave Vittoria to sleep while we make our plans.