Broken Queen

Page 22

The door slams against the wall so hard it jerks me out of my thoughts. I blink, look up at Lucien who is grinning down at me, his grip so tight on my arm I know I’ll have another bruise to add to the collection.
“You don’t deserve my help, you know that?” he asks, any enjoyment vanishing. When Amadeo is close enough, Lucien shoves me to him and backs away, clearly afraid of Amadeo.
“He’s going to kill Bastian,” I tell Amadeo frantically. He catches me and holds on to me as our soldiers rush in along with the lawyers. I turn into Amadeo’s arms and press myself to him. He looks down at me, pushing hair that’s fallen out of my chignon back from my face. “Lucien is going to kill him.”
Amadeo tries to push me aside to advance on Lucien. I hug my arms around him because I see the look in his eyes. I see how dangerous his rage is. If he gets near Lucien, he’ll kill him. He will beat him to death with his bare fists, and I’ll lose him, too. The police will arrest him too.
I clutch at his face with both hands to make him look at me. “We need to go. We need to get to Bastian!” It’s taking all my strength to just slow him down. “Amadeo. Please. Look at me. I need you. I need you!”
That gets his attention, but I know it’s momentary because the control of earlier is gone, and even then, it was barely there. I felt the rigidity of his body beside mine as the will was read. I saw how his hands fisted and what it took for him to maintain control.
“Take me away. Please. Take me away from here. I need you.”
What the fuck just happened? What the fuck did Lucien Russo just manage to pull off?
I look down at Vittoria. She’s frantic, tugging at my hair and face to get my attention.
“I need you,” she keeps saying. “Please, Amadeo. I need you.”
I blink, forcing myself to focus on her face. Her hair has come out of its chignon. Her cheeks are flushed with the exertion of getting my attention. Of getting away from her brother. I wrap one arm around her waist and nod. I turn to find Lucien Russo with his tail between his legs, scurrying out the door to the elevators, flanked by two men in SWAT gear. He took advantage of my distraction because he has just declared outright war.
“What the fuck just happened?” I demand of Bruno.
Bruno rushes in as he disconnects one call to answer another.
“He’s going to kill him,” Vittoria says, her eyes red and watery. “He said accidents happen. He said—”
“Those weren’t cops. They were soldiers,” I tell Bruno when he disconnects.
He shakes his head, caught off guard and rattled. “Shit.”
“We need to find out where they’re taking him.”
He nods, his attention in his phone as he types back a reply to a text. “The car tailing them lost them.”
“Take her,” I say, digging my phone out of my pocket as I hand Vittoria to him.
“No!” she cries, clinging to me.
“Get her to one of the SUVs. You ride with her. I want two soldiers in the vehicle with you, and you two follow with a second car. You’re with her at all times. Am I clear?”
The soldiers nod.
“Amadeo, you’ll be on your own,” Bruno says. “This isn’t our city.”
No fucking shit. “I’m calling in a favor. Get her out of here. Do not go back to the hotel. I’ll send you an address as soon as I can.”
“Amadeo!” Vittoria breaks away from Bruno and runs to me. I’m surprised by the force of her hurling herself into my arms. “I want to stay with you. We need to get him out of there. We need—”
“Ineedto make a call. And youneedto go with Bruno. Now. Do you understand?”
“He’s going to—”