My Highland Mate

Page 58

He pulled one nipple into his mouth, giving her hot, tight suction that reverberated straight to her pussy. She groaned and clung to him. Anita kissed his shoulder, and he stretched his neck to allow her to nip him at the marking site.
His groan filled her with ferocious heat and drove her to bite down harder. When Rory copied her actions, his hips flexing as he thrust and withdrew in achingly slow increments, she couldn’t prevent another groan of pleasure. His teeth scored the fleshy pad at the juncture of neck and shoulder.
Anita growled, and her sharp teeth pierced his flesh, drawing blood. A whip of pain followed Rory’s bite, but before she could process the level of it, the discomfort morphed to acute pleasure. She whimpered, instinct telling her not to release Rory yet.
His hips shifted, and somehow, he kept up his thrusts.
“Touch yourself, lass.”
She comprehended his garbled words and followed his instructions, strumming her clit. She toppled into her climax at the next stroke. One sweep of her finger had her coming apart and whimpers she couldn’t contain escaped.
With blissful pleasure sweeping through her, she released her teeth and licked the wound she’d inflicted. Rory lifted his head and groaned, so she repeated the move with a swish of her tongue. His roar of pleasure echoed through the bedroom. He drove into her and stilled, balls deep, his cock pulsing as he came. Long seconds later, he cleaned the mark he’d bestowed on her, and she understood.
That one lick shoved a wash of intense enjoyment in her, and a spasm tore through her. She felt a tightening and realized Rory had buried deep and knotted with her.
“Well, lass. Our animals accept each other.”
“Is this normal with wolves?”
“Nay,” Rory said. “This has only ever happened with you, so I’m assuming it’s because we’re mates.”
“Oh. What do you suppose the purpose is?”
“I’m thinking it’s to do with making babies.”
“But I take a birth control shot.”
Rory laughed. “Would you mind if you became pregnant?”
“No,” she said after thinking about it for a brief second. “I couldn’t think of a better way to celebrate.”
“I agree, but I don’t mind waiting, either. We should settle into a routine first, especially since we have Toby. Thank you for accepting him. I don’t know what I would’ve done if you’d objected.”
“Never gonna happen. I know what rejection is like, and if anyone deserves a happy ending, it’s this wee boy. He’s been through enough.”
Rory sobered. “I agree. I love you, lass. Your bravery and courage have shown me the way forward, and now I’ve found you, I’m excited about the adventures we’ll have together.”
“Me too,” Anita said. “Thank you for coming to find me.”
“I missed you from the moment we parted. My wolf and I were miserable without you.”
“Right back at you.” Anita reached up to kiss him, their embrace tender and full of love. Then he wrapped her in his arms, and they made love again. Slow. Consuming. Forever.