My Highland Mate

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Sweet Loving
Thetasteofher flooded his mouth, and she was a sight to behold. Her long black hair fanned across the pillow while her golden-brown eyes held a trace of shock and bewilderment. But there was pleasure too—a look he wanted to see again soon.
“Are there condoms in the nightstand drawer?”
She frowned, and he regretted the need to introduce the mundane contraception topic. With the turmoil between them, an unplanned pregnancy would be disastrous. A child’s arrival should fill parents with joy and excitement. Not hostility and secrets.
“I guess. Not sure,” Anita added. “It isn’t an issue for me since our local feline doctor gave us girls shots designed to halt pregnancy.”
“No condom?”
“It’s unnecessary.”
“Thank you.” Rory kissed her lips gently before he fitted his cock to her entrance. He took a quick breath because this was a momentous step. He couldn’t explain his hope and excitement—it was more a gut sensation. His wolf-half was equally transfixed and plain thrilled to spend time with Anita. Making love and skin to skin was even better.
Rory snatched another kiss even as he pushed into her. Scorching heat and tightness greeted him, gripping his cock and stealing his breath. He rocked his pelvis forward and glided into her until he was balls deep. Anita groaned, and mentally, he duplicated the sound, the pure rightness of this act hitting him on every primal level.
“Are you okay?”
“Move,” Anita ordered.
“Aye, lass.” Rory withdrew and powered back into her.
Her internal muscles flexed and rippled around his length. Impossible to take his time, but maybe if she enjoyed this, she’d want to repeat the experience. Rory set a frenetic pace, and she gripped his shoulders and held on tight. Her hips lifted into his strokes while an emotional storm flared around them.
“Can you come like this?” he asked, desperately trying to slow his body’s race to climax. His balls drew up, and his cock swelled.
“Not normally.”
Rory had the sudden urge to bite her, to mark her, and join them in the traditional way. The idea clandestinely slid into his brain, but his wolf intercepted the notion and ran with it. Rory kissed Anita and nibbled down her neck to where his kind marked their mates. He bit down before he realized what he was doing. Horrified, he forced himself to release her and kissed the upper curve of one breast instead. Anita moaned and shuddered beneath him. He pinched her breast hard, and she cried out. At first, he thought he’d hurt her.
“Again,” she ordered. “Roll my nipple. Give me a hint of pain.”
He followed her instructions, and her internal muscles clamped down on his dick. Rory couldn’t hold on for an instant longer.
“Come for me, please. I can’t wait.” He pushed into her, and it was too late. He was way past the point of no return. Balls deep, he poured his release into her. She released a sharp cry, and his cock jerked when she tightened around him. The tiny pulses prolonged his orgasm, and satisfaction slashed through him.
Content and replete, he held her while trying to keep his weight off her. Without warning, his cock jerked, and it felt as if it were lengthening even further and burrowing into Anita’s flesh. Some sort of protrusion. A barb?
Rory cursed under his breath when Anita flinched. He tried to pull out of her, but their bodies remained connected.
“Fuck,” he muttered.
“What is it? What’s wrong?” Anita’s brown eyes were wide, and her cat hovered close to the surface.
“We seem to be attached.” Rory thought back, trying to dig all the tales from the depths of his mind. He’d thought it was nothing more than imagination and gossip. “Have you heard any rumors about matings that take place at the gathering?”
“The history of the gathering comes with a warning. According to the room brochure, there is speculation that those mates who make love in the castle have an extra something. It’s said they knot together to ensure a fruitful mating.”
Rory watched Anita’s expression the entire time he spoke. She turned from relaxed and satisfied to startled and tense.
“That can’t be true.” She wriggled her hips, and a distinct tug ran through Rory’s cock. “Crap. At least I can’t get pregnant. How long do you think this enforced togetherness will last?”
“I didn’t believe what I read. Urban legend, and all that. It sounded like a made-up story for romantics. A sales pitch by the organizers.”
“What does this mean?” The stiff edge to Anita’s voice and her tense muscles told Rory she wasn’t happy while elation filled him. Best if he didn’t show that exhilaration at present.