Accidental Surrogate

Chapter 228: Visit to the Refugee Camp

It turned out she didn’t need to, because James’s sly wolf immediately took advantage of the extra
space between them He shifted closer and looped an arm around Isabel’s waist, the heat of hiss
fingers searing the she-wolf’s lower back through the thin fabric of her dress. A noticeable shiver raced
down her spine, and Isabel glowered as James smirked. ’Tell me why you aren’t happy to have a day
off.” She deflected, trying to breathe in Sadie’s pure scent without also taking in the soldier’s enticing

James sighed, “I know this isn’t the case, but part of me worries that Dominic only gave the order
because he thinks I’ve lost my edge.” When Isabel looked confused, he continued, “Yesterday we
found out that it was probably my fault that the spy who bombed his convoy got into Vanara. The
working theory is that he disguised himself as a refugee and snuck onto one of my flights last week.”

A beat of silence met his words, and for one horrible moment, James was terrified that Isabel would
lose her interest in him. What good was he as a mate or father if he made such grave mistakes? If he
couldn’t detect lethal threats and endangered the very people he was meant to keep safe?

Instead, Isabel’s face transformed from pensive to horrified. “He might have killed you! Do they think
Damon is going to send more assassins this way? What if the next one decides to take over the plane?
What if his army lies in wait at the coast and ambushes you?” Her panic was so swift and sharp that
Sadie began to squirm and fuss, feeling the unpleasant feeling filtering down through there bond.

James’s wolf was conflicted. He didn’t like seeing Isabel upset one bit, but he certainly enjoyed seeing
her so disturbed by the thought of harm coming to him. He began to purr, stroking her spine and
pressing his chest to Sadie’s back so she could feel the comforting vibrations. “You’re not worried about
me, are you little wolf??” He asked, only slightly smug.

As he’d hoped, the jibe snapped Isabel back to her usual self, and the frightened look in her brilliant
blue eyes faded. “I’m not going to let my daughter lose another parent.” She proclaimed sharply,

tightening her grip on Sadie and adding her own soft sounds to the soothing efforts. “So help me
James, if you make her lose you too, I will never forgive you.”

“I have no intention of going anywhere, Isabel.” James promised, grazing his knuckles over her cheek.
“If someone wants to take me from you two they’re going to have one hell of a fight on their hands. I
won’t go down easily.”

“Going down isn’t an option at all.” Isabel corrected him. “If they try to lay a hand on them, you rip them
the shreds and get out of there. Don’t go doing noble things like turning back to save babies or…” She
trailed off, her voice thick with emotion. She tried to cover it by kissing Sadie’s head and averting her
eyes, but James saw everything. 1

“Is that really what you’d want?” James questioned, the corning of his mouth quirking as he nodded to
Sadie. “For me to leave a precious pup like this sweet muffin behind, just to save my own ass?” They
were so close now that he could see the moisture welling in her eyes, and the near imperceptible
quiver of her plump lower lip.

“I know I don’t want you to die.” Isabel replied grumpily, deciding that enough was enough. She started
to get out of bed, but James stopped her, keeping her pinned with one strong arm.

“Because you’d miss me?” His suggested, the spike of adrenaline in

Isabel’s scent triggering his prey drive. His wolf was coming to the surface, and Isabel’s was
responding in kind. She was becoming more demanding, wilder and less manageable with every
moment that passed.

“Because the pack needs you, and Sadie needs you.” Isabel answered fiercely. “Now let me go, I need
to feed the baby and get everything ready for the visit this morning. The delegations will be here in a
few hours and the nursery is always a mess after breakfast.”

“I’ll let you go.” James agreed, his eyes glowing now, “in exchange for a kiss.”

Isabel froze, looking remarkably like a startled rabbit. “Don’t be ridiculous.” She scoffs, again trying to

“Come on, what’s the worst that could happen?” He temped her. “You’ve kissed me before, and I seem
to remember you enjoyed it quite a bit.”

“I was distraught.” Isabel bit back, “it’s not the same.”

“Oh I see.” James flashed his fangs, “well in that case we’ll just have to stay here all day and kiss Sadie
bug instead.”

Isabel glared, and then an idea struck. “Can I decide where I kiss you?”

“Anywhere you like.” James agreed.

“Fine, then I want to kiss your hand.” She announced slyly, and James almost laughed. He knew
exactly what Isabel intended, but he played along.

“Alright.” He extracted his arm from her middle, freeing her from her makeshift cage and opening the
door for an escape. The moment his grip loosened on the she-wolf, she attempted to leap up with the
baby. Of course, James was ready and waiting, so he jumped up with her and dragged her into his

Isabel barely had time to register what had happened before James was dragging her mouth to his –
one powerful hand on her nape, the other

cradling Sadie’s head between their bodies. Isabel whimpered as their lips collided, all her defenses
falling away. Her wolf howled happily in her head as James expertly claimed her, extracting breathless

kisses from her lips over and over again – until neither one of them could remember where they ended,
and the other began.

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