Accidental Surrogate

Chapter 226 –3rd Person

The next morning Isabel woke to find James in bed beside her, fully clothed and quietly speaking to
Sadie, who was snuggled between their bodies. Outside, the caretakers Isabel hired to help with the
nursery were already getting the pups up and fed, so she let herself relax a while longer. She peeked
one eye open, trying not to think about how nice it would be to have James wrapped around her again.
Sadie came first, of course, and she was excited to see her – but her wolf was struggling with her
competing desires.

“I don’t think it’s fair for anyone to be so cute you know.” James was saying, his fingers gently tickling
her tummy. She grinned and giggled, wriggling and stretching her plump arms. “And that smile! It’s
criminal. Don’t you know people will eat you right up if you show them that dazzling smile? I’m tempted
myself, and I love you to pieces.”

Sadie babbled happily up at him, speaking her sweet baby language as joy and amusement pulsed
through their nascent bond. “Oh no!” James said with theatrical horror. “I don’t think I can resist, Sadie
bug. It’s just too much to bear. I’m going to do it! I’m going to eat you up.”

He lowered his mouth to her tummy, kissing her repeatedly and making exaggerated, “nom, nom,
nom,” noises. Sadie squealed happily, and Isabel couldn’t feign sleep any longer. She opened her eyes
fully, and found James watching her with a look of reverence and overwhelming affection.” Good
morning beautiful.”

“Good morning.” Isabel mumbled, fighting the blush working up her neck and trying to pretend her
insides hadn’t just turned to mush. She diverted her eyes to the baby between them. Sadie blinked her
gorgeous wide eyes at her adoptive mother, and an incandescent smile stretched over Isabel’s
features. “Hello my love.” She asked, running her hand over the pup’s downy head. “How long has she
been up?”

“Just a little while ago.” James smiled. “She didn’t make a sound, just lay there like a little angel.”

‘That’s because she is one.” Isabel informed him earnestly, noting that Sadie was already changed and
wearing a fresh onesie. She reached through her bond with the little girl, but found she wasn’t yet
hungry and felt perfectly content just as she was. Appreciation for James welled in her heart, because
even though she’d known he would make a loving father and strong protector, not all Alphas are so
eager to do the more tedious parenting tasks. ‘Thank you for letting me sleep in.”

“I figured you haven’t had the chance in a while.” He replied easily, reaching out to stroke her hair. She
should have objected, but she couldn’t bring herself to say the words. It felt too nice to be touched this
way again, and for the first time since meeting her mate, Isabel truly considered what it might be like to
make love to another man. She imagined James kissing her, stripping off her clothes and exploring her
body with his hands and mouth. Much too quickly, her body began to heat up, and she forced those
thoughts from her mind. The last thing she needed was for James to scent her arousal.

“When was the last time you slept in?” Isabel asked instead, genuinely concerned that he made this
sacrifice for her.

‘Today was sleeping in.” James chuckled. “I’ve been doing five am flights for so long that even making
it till now feels like a luxury.”

Isabel turned to look at the clock, noting it was already seven. “What about today’s flights?”

“Dominic ordered me to take the day off.” James admitted with a frown.

“Are you worried how it will go without you?” Isabel questioned, sensing his disquiet.

He shook his head. “I know the other pilots can handle it.” James paused, watching as Sadie rolled
over and snuggled up to Isabel’s breast with a sweet coo. “Oh I see how it is.” He joked as Isabel
reflexively circled her arms around the pup, cuddling her closer. “Now that Mommy is awake I might as
well disappear.”

“Nonsense, she loves you.” Isabel smiled, trying to block out the sound of her wolf – who was currently
demanding that she invite the pilot to hold them.

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