Accidental Surrogate

Chapter 226 – Stress


After the meeting is over and Sinclair and I are safely in the privacy of our bedroom, I start to remove
my dress. _ _ _ As soon as the delicate fabric is wrapped around my feet , my mate
walks up behind me , sliding his arms around my bare waist . ” I can’t decide what I’m most proud of. ”
He growls in my ear, “Watching you put all those Alphas in their place over the humans, or watching
you go after James like that. ”

I lean against him with a satisfied sigh, turning my head so I can rest my boch*cha against his hard
chest. “I don’t like people criticizing you when all you’ve done is serve and sacrifice for your people. ”

He purrs, dropping his lips to the crook of my neck, “Leaders who can’t take and accept criticism are
worthless, little wolf. ” _


‘ I don’t mind . I sniffle, resting my hands over his where they rest on my stomach. The baby is
sleeping, but her heartbeat is strong and regular. “You don’t deserve to be treated that way. ” _

He laughs, “Your wolf is really pissed off, isn’t she? ” _

“Can you blame her? ” I answer harshly . “After you’ve been gone for so long and then all these cold-
hearted alphas and attacks? That would content drive anyone to the edge of the abyss.

Sinclair kisses my shoulder as his wolf tries to appease my cantankerous canine in our shared mind
space, lavishing her with snouts and kisses. __” Such a feisty fellow. ” He raves, “Your spirit has always
been one of my favorite things about you, but it’s not good for the baby that you get so excited. __ I
can’t let you avenge my honor if it means putting stress on your body and the baby. ”

“Well, I don’t want to stress Rafe either. ” I reply, feeling my mood shift abruptly, leaving me feeling
guilty and dejected. Tears

Right in my eyes and I stomp my foot in frustration, annoyed that I’m crying yet again and hating the
Alphas and James for teasing my wolf. “It’s their fault, Damon and James and every one of those pack
leaders who don’t give a shit about anyone but shifters. If they weren’t such idiots, I wouldn’t be in this
position. ”

“I wasn’t blaming you, baby,” sings Sinclair, a steady purr vibrating against my back, “I know you can’t
handle the stress. I only care about you

Never . ”

now more than

” I feel so raw ” . I confess, wishing I could hug him right without my belly.


disturbing . _ _ _ ” I can’t decide if I want to keep our pup safe inside me forever or get him out so my
weakness is no longer a threat to him. ”

Sinclair goes very still, and then I’m being turned around, his strong hands guiding my body to mirror
his. He takes my face in his huge hands, and I bite my bottom lip, not wanting to look him in the eye. I
don’t think I can bare to see his disappointment right now. “Look at me, little wolf. he instructs firmly,
and my gaze jumps up reflexively – even though it’s blurred with tears. “Now listen to me very carefully.
Sinclair continues, gentle but stern. “You are not weak. You are performing a miracle in the midst of the
apocalypse. _”

I sniff pitifully, and their purrs renew. “You need to give yourself a little grace, honey. I know this is
easier said than done, but I’m not going to take that kind of talk. Sinclair declares fiercely, his deep
voice filled with emotion. ‘You are incredible . You are the strongest wolf I have ever known and this
pup is very lucky to have you as a mother. Not to mention I’m the luckiest man in the world to be able to
call you my mate. _ _ _ ”

“But I can’t even keep our baby safe and he’s not even born yet. I counter, feeling myself start to spiral
despite his love and reassurance. Once again I’m caught in an undercurrent of emotion that I can’t
control or escape”, and you can’t focus on the war because I can’t handle it alone and you’re always
comforting or worrying about

I . ”

Sinclair’s purr grows harsher and he releases his enormous power, letting it take over me. “Our baby is
going to be fine _ _ _

“You don’t know that. ” I argue, speaking before he can say another word. _

“Maybe not, but you better believe I’m going to do everything in my power to make sure of it. ” he
proclaims. “And if you think I could live without you, you’re out of your mind. ”

“You made it this far without me. ” I remind him petulantly. _

‘ You too . Sinclair responds. _” We overcame our struggles independently, because we had no other
choice. We didn’t know what the future would hold for us, and so

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