Accidental Surrogate

Chapter 170

– Sinclair’s Departure


The next morning Ella and I stay in bed as long as we’re able.

I wake early, but my mate is snuggled so sweetly in my arms and I can’t bear to disturb her – not even
for an encore of last night’s lovemaking.

After we resolved our fight, I’d been perfectly ready to take Ella to bed then and there – however,
before I could lay a hand on her, she looked up at me with those big golden eyes and said, “I thought
we were going to run?”

I purred knowingly, sensing her wolf’s restlessness despite the fact that she’d tried to escape my plans
for us. “So somebody’s wolf wants to come out and play before I rut you senseless, hmm?”

“Well,” She responded slyly, tangling her arms around my neck. “If you want to give me stability then
following through on the expectations you set would be very important, don’t you think?”

I couldn’t help but laugh, throwing my head back and releasing a booming chuckle. “You do remember
the second part of the promise I made you, don’t you?” I teased, once I was able to speak again.

All mischief now, Ella batted her lashes, “something about not being able to walk until you come home
to me?”

“That’s right.” I confirmed, running my hand down her back and over her luscious behind. “Only after
your antics tonight I think we might need to add: not sitting for a week either.”

My brazen mate rolled her eyes, even as her pulse spiked and the scent of her arousal rose to combine
with her already intoxicating fragrance.” Dominic, you are obsessed! You just spanked me yesterday.”

“Because you were naughty yesterday too – and don’t act like you don’t love it every bit as much as I
do.” I warned, lowering my lips to my mark and nibbling Ella’s scrumptious neck. I knew the sweet
human was still struggling to come to terms with this side of her sexuality, but I wasn’t going to show
her any mercy. “I can smell your excitement, little mate.” I reminded her. “Besides, I wasn’t talking
about spanking this time. You really pushed your luck today, so I’m going to have to get more creative.”

Ella blinked in surprise, or she tried to. Her head was lolling to the side as I laved the soft spot behind
her ear, and she was struggling to keep the gears working in her mind. When I pulled back to switch to
the other ear, her quick mind was obviously trying to piece together this puzzle. She was so distracted
and consumed by her feverish lust that she eventually sent her confusion through our bond, but if it’s
not that, then why wouldn’t I be able to… Deciding to help her, I trailed one finger down between the
round globes of her bottom, tapping my fingertip against her back entrance through her bathing suit.

Oh! A shiver wracked her small body as curiosity, exhilaration and trepidation combined to make a
sharp cocktail in Ella’s blood, flowing from her senses into my own. It was a delicious combination. I’ve
never done that before. Ella murmured after a moment, alight with nervous excitement.

I figured as much. I shared, delighted by this confirmation. It might have been irrational, as every first
with my mate has been incredible, but I’ve always taken a certain smug pleasure in introducing Ella to
new things. Especially the things that make her blush – the ones her human upbringing taught her to
be embarrassed about but she can’t help but enjoy. And even if you had, I doubt your abominable ex
could have prepared you for me.

My words did exactly as I intended, and Ella’s eyes widened as she considered our size difference. Will
it hurt? She asked shyly, leaning into me for comfort even though I was the one scandalizing her sense
of propriety.

It will in the beginning. It will feel strange and forbidden. But it’s like taking my mark. I explained with a
lethal grin, closing my teeth over that special spot once more. If your mate knows what he’s doing, it

can feel better than you’d ever imagined.

Then why is it a punishment? Ella inquired suspiciously.

Because it will take a bit of discomfort before you start to enjoy yourself, and because it puts you in a
very vulnerable position, little mate. You have to trust me implicitly, and there is no better way to make
you feel so thoroughly claimed – because there is no part of you that’s off limits to me. No part that I
haven’t possessed.

Ella shivered again, and I didn’t bother mentioning how much I was going to enjoy watching her blush
and squirm over the new sensations. And Goddess did I.

After we returned from a long run on the shores of the lake, I spent a good long time preparing Ella,
working her up to the edge of orgasm three times as I stretched and toyed with her tight back channel.
Only then did I finally bring out my cock, gently rocking into her with lots of encouragement and praise
as she grappled with the intrusion.

Sure enough, as intrigued as she’d been by the idea, her shyness and inexperience came out in full
force once I actually began touching her in such a forbidden place. She was crimson faced and making
the cutest sounds of reluctant pleasure and embarrassment well before we reached the main event,
and when I was finally inside her and began telling her how wonderful she felt – using the dirty words
that scandalize and delight her in equal measure, she came to pieces in my arms.

Of course, that was nothing compared to the rapture she found when I began strumming her swollen
clit and sank my fingers into her weeping sex on top of everything else. She cried out in ecstasy and
slumped back against me, trusting me to support her as she disappeared to a heightened plane of
erotic bliss. That was the point that I lost my own control as well, spilling my seed into her clenching
sheath as I brought her over the edge again and again.

I’m sure Ella thought we were done after such an overwhelming mating, but I’m nothing if not good for
my word. I kept my poor mate up all night long, exhausting her and putting my own endurance to the
test. Luckily our ravenous appetites for one another were spurred on by the knowledge that this was
our last joining for a few weeks, so we came together as many times as we were able.

So this morning, as I look down at my slumbering mate, overflowing with love and admiration as I
caress her pregnant belly and commune with our unborn pup, I can only hope I did enough to satisfy
and reassure herover the weeks to come. I’ve been watching her for a while when she finally stretches
and emits a sleepy moan, making me rethink whether this morning should be reserved for innocent
cuddles after all. My wolf drags his attention from Rafe, quieting his continuous proclamations of love
for the tiny babe, to focus on our mate.

When Ella’s dark lashes part and her beautiful gaze focuses on me, her brow furrows much too quickly
for my liking. “I don’t want you to go.” She whispers, sounding so vulnerable it nearly breaks me.

“I don’t want to go either.” I confess, hoping that hearing my own reluctance will offer her some comfort.
I understand Ella well enough to realize that knowing she’s not hurting alone can go a long way to
easing this ache. “But I’ll be back before you know it, baby.”

Her tiny hand moves to her navel, joining mine to rest above our son’s kicking feet. “I’ll be entering my
third trimester by the time you’re back. Just wait, I’ll be as round as a beach ball.”

I rumble regretfully, “I hate that I have to miss a single day of this miracle. I always thought that if I ever
became a father I’d be there every step of the way.”

Ella uses her free hand to stroke my jaw, “You’ll be there for all the moments that count. This is the
easiest time after all… I’m not constantly sick anymore, and I’m not so big yet that I can’t be active. I’ll
just be sleeping a lot and making lots of odd snacks.”

“But who will feed them to you?” I wonder, teasing her plump lower lip with my thumb.

“Well you are leaving me with lots of big strong guards.” Ella replies cheekily, “I suppose I could ask
one of them.”

“Over my dead body.” I growl, claiming her lips in a punishing kiss. She whimpers into my mouth,
sliding her hands into my dark hair and holding my face against hers. When we part, I’m struggling to
keep my wolf under control. “Goddess, I miss you already and I haven’t even left.”

Ella smiles sadly. “I know you’re only going because it’s the right thing for the pack. And I’m going to do
everything in my power to make you proud in the meantime.” She vows. By now she knows all the
plans I arranged with Gabriel, and she immediately took them to heart.

“You already do make me proud.” I inform her honestly. “And with any luck, we might know where you
come from by the time I get back.”

“I doubt that.” Ella frowns. Though she’d been honored by the responsibilities of watching over the
refugees and planning the political summit, she’d been less thrilled with the idea of digging into her past
– though I know that’s only because she’s afraid of what she might learn. Yet despite her anxiety, she
continues seriously. “But if you really believe it’s important, I’ll do my best.”

“I do.” I confirm, grazing my knuckles over her cheek. “The more time that passes, the more I have to
think you and I met by design… and I highly doubt the Goddess or whoever put all this into motion did
so simply to make us happy. It’s possible your past is related to all this – the war, the revolution. We
need to find out who you are, trouble.”

Ella nods. “Then we will. Just come back to me, Dominic. Whatever happens, promise you’ll come back
to me.” “I promise.” I say, kissing her deeply and praying it won’t be for the last time. “Whatever

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