Accidental Surrogate

Chapter 165

– Kindred Spirits

3rd Person

When Cora walked into the palace’s opulent dining room, she expected to find the table packed with
people. Ever since they’d arrived in Vanara, Gabriel had been entertaining different statesmen and
potential allies for the war, in addition to their own party. However this night the dining room was almost
entirely empty. Not only were Gabriel and his coterie of powerful friends absent, but so were Ella,
Sinclair and Henry. Only Roger sat at the long, shining table, a glass of amber liquid in his hand.

“Where is everyone?” Cora asked, standing frozen in the doorway.

“The King had a prior engagement – some charity gala for the hospital.” Roger answered, not looking
the least bit surprised to see the lovely human. “Dad was exhausted and decided to take supper in his
rooms, but I don’t have any idea about Dom and Ella.”

“Oh.” Cora replied simply, relieved by the thought that her sister would probably arrive any moment.
After he’d badgered her with personal questions on their excursion into the capital, the last thing Cora
wanted was to be alone with Roger all evening long. She didn’t like the way he looked at her, the way
his eyes darkened and his attention lingered with unnerving focus. He made her feel as if she were a
particularly scrumptious rabbit bound for his hungry wolf belly, but only after he’d chased and taunted
her to exhaustion.

She gingerly crossed to the table, painfully aware of the way his eyes followed her every move. She sat
down and made a show of spreading her napkin over her lap, refusing to look at the wolf seated across
from her.” So, how was your day?” She asked, striving for some semblance of small talk to kill the time.

When Roger didn’t respond, Cora finally dragged her eyes from her empty plate to look up at him.
When her gaze finally reached his face, he offered her a knowing smirk. “Oh, so you can look at me.”

He teased, “I was beginning to worry.”

She narrowed her eyes, not caring for being called out when she was only responding to his behavior.
Still, not one for confrontations, she muttered a sulky, “sorry.”

“Are you?” Roger inquired slyly, “because you look annoyed.”

“I’m trying to be polite.” Cora replied, forcing the words out through gritted teeth. She glanced to the
door for the dozenth time, willing Ella and Sinclair to appear and rescue her.

“Why?” Roger asked, flashing his fangs. “I hope not for my sake – I’d much rather have your honesty
than some fake nicety.”

Cora wasn’t sure what to do. Unlike her sister, she had never been the sort to offer up her opinions to
people whose reactions she could not predict. She didn’t mind sharing complaints or venting with Ella,
who she knew would always love her unconditionally, but this man was another matter entirely. It
wasn’t that she was afraid of him per se, but she certainly couldn’t foresee how he would respond to
her criticism – and that was a dangerous thing, especially knowing how violent some men could be
when challenged.

Roger watched the emotions flitting across Cora’s face, listening to the way her heart pounded and
raced. He recalled her words about Ella respressing her feelings and trying to do everything on her
own, and it struck him that while their struggles might be different, Cora was far from unscathed by their
difficult upbringing. He decided to give her a push.” Come on, what’s the worst that could happen?” He
purred, his wolf sitting up at attention, curious and eager for her response. Roger mentally shook his
head, why was his inner animal so fascinated by the woman?

Cora’s eyes widened, and her cinnamon skin blanched slightly. Belatedly Roger realized this might
have been the wrong question to ask – knowing what the human orphanages were like, it wouldn’t
surprise him if honesty was sometimes met with terrible things. Luckily Cora recovered rather quickly.

She crossed her arms over her chest, unintentionally pressing her breasts together, and notched her
pert chin upward. “You know, I think you’re trying to provoke me. Politeness is a perfectly normal
default among people who don’t know each other very well.”

“We’re hardly strangers, Cora.” Roger replied easily, his wolf flashing in his eyes. “We’re practically
family – in-laws for all intents and purposes. If you can’t be honest with family, then who?”

“My family is Ella.” Cora answered stubbornly, flipping her raven curls over her shoulder. She couldn’t
believe the gall of the man, he betrayed his father and brother but somehow he saw fit to lecture her
about family?

Besides, she doubted he even believed his own words, the way he’d been looking at her lately was far
from brotherly.

Roger arched his brow, “And she’s all you’ve ever needed, hmm? You’ve never wanted more?”

Cora was beside herself. Why was it that everytime they were alone together, Roger seemed intent on
interrogating her deep personal feelings? “Why do you keep asking me these things?” She exclaimed,
staring at her lap. “I’m just trying to mind my own business here, so why won’t you let me?”

“Because I want to know you.” Roger shrugged, ducking his head to try and catch her eye, but failing.
“Is that so wrong?”

“But why?” Cora repeated in exasperation, peering up at him at last. ‘What interest could you possibly
have in me?”

Roger sat back in his chair, assessing the disgruntled human with cool detachment. “Why shouldn’t I?
Because you’re human, or because you don’t think you have anything to offer?”

Cora flushed, “I didn’t say that… and you didn’t answer my question.” Roger’s lips unfurled into a lethal
smile, and suddenly Cora realized that she might not actually want to hear his answer. “I find you
fascinating, Cora.” He confessed, noting the way her heart skipped a beat. “I see a kindred spirit in you.
I see someone who landed in many of the same circumstances I did, but rather than letting them define
you or pollute your heart, you found a way to turn them into strengths and make your own way in the
world. I admire that… I want to know how you managed it.” He paused, eyeing her “Not to mention
you’re beautiful and clever, and cute as a damn button.”

Cora fought the urge to scoff. ‘You don’t know me as well as you think you do.”

“So correct me.” Roger invited, leaning forward in his seat. Now that he’d captured Cora’s gaze, he was
determined not to break it, hoping his wolf’s power might compel her to open up.

She shook her head, emitting a small huff of disbelief. “I didn’t make my own way in the world, and as
much as I’d like to say otherwise, my relationship with my sister defined me every bit as much as yours
did with Dominic. I got where I am in my career because Ella shielded me from things that would have
destroyed me and gave me the space to find my own ambitions, the freedom to dedicate myself to my
school work without any ghosts hanging over my head.” Cora’s mouth flattened into a hard line. “I stood
on her shoulders my entire childhood and I show my gratitude by blaming her. She saved my life by
bringing me here, but all I can think about is the fact that the life I built in Moon Valley has been taken
away, probably forever.”

She looked away for a moment, but Roger waited patiently, sensing she wasn’t finished. “And if
anything proves just how fucked in the head I am, it’s that I can’t even take a compliment. Because
while you might tell me I’m clever and beautiful, all I can think is that I’ll never be as clever and beautiful
as she is… plus now she’s an actual mythical creature – how the hell am I ever supposed to stack up?”

Roger didn’t smile this time, he didn’t tease or try to refute her logic. He simply said, “I know exactly
how you feel.”

Cora blinked in surprise, feeling a strange sense of disappointment. “Well there you go. Mystery
solved… nothing to admire here.” She tried to feign a laugh, but it came out sounding hollow.

“I didn’t say that.” Roger countered sharply. “The way I see it, there’s even more to admire than before.
And you better believe I’m going to keep doing it.”

Cora’s eyes widened, “But… I thought…”

“I know what you thought.” Roger assures her, “you thought your honesty would dissuade me, in fact
you hoped it would. Unfortunately for you, now I want you more than ever.”

Cora visibly bristled, “want me?”

Roger cocked his head to the side, “I’m sorry, didn’t I make that clear?” He rose to his feet, his dark
gaze raking over Cora’s form, “I’m not interested you as a friend or confidant, and certainly not as a
sister-in-law. I’m interested in you as a lover.”

“But I’m human.” Cora objected, so shocked her jaw actually dropped.

Roger rounded the table until he was standing over her. He took her chin between his thumb and
forefinger and gently closed her mouth, feeling a zing of electricity pulse through his fingertips. “And I’m
still an Alpha, even if I don’t run a pack. It’s in my nature to go after what I want with every fiber of my
being, whether it makes sense or not.”

“What exactly are you saying?” Cora gulped, butterflies exploding in her tummy. She couldn’t
remember ever feeling so aware of another being, or so electrified by a single touch. She’d always

found Roger handsome, but she hadn’t imagined he would be able to turn her into a puddle with so
little effort.

“I’m saying that if you want to push me away you can go ahead and try, but one way or another, I’m
going to win you in the end, Cora.” Roger declared huskily, “So what will it be? Do you want to
surrender now? Or do you want to keep pretending like you don’t feel this thing between us?”

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