Accidental Surrogate

Chapter 161

Approaching Sinclair


When we return to the palace I go straight upstairs to the office Sinclair has been using as his war
room. Of course, there was a war room in his mansion back home too, but that one had been for the
campaign, this one is only too literal.

When I walk into the tense space, I find my mate standing over a large diorama of the continent,a to-
scale model of the territories, terrain and cities of our homeland. Tiny figures are scattered throughout
the lifelike reproduction, forming armies, groups of civilians, rogues and refugees. A group of warriors
surround the table supporting the miniature world, listening as Hugo delivers the evenings brief.

“Our spies report that despite their alliances during the campaign, Damon's armies have now turned
against rogue forces in the neutral territories. Apparently his conquest of the united packs is complete
enough that he's able to turn his attention to other threats, and he’s not hesitating to do just that.” Hugo
explains. “

Any resistance in the packs has gone underground because of his severe crackdown, and more and
more shifters are attempting to escape. These are mostly those who have reason to fear the Prince
due to their politics or status in the pack, but others flee for no other reason than the loss of their
homes and loved ones. The people recognize that any future under Damon’s rule is bound to be bleak,
so they're leaving instead.”

“I can’t believe he’s done so much in so little time.” One of the warriors pipes up. I recognize the man
as Sinclair’s third now that Gabriel is gone, but I can't quite recall his name. Philip? Phelan? Phineas?

“To your point, Philippe, Damon has moved very quickly. He hasn’t just gone after the Alpha council
and their betas, he’s been taking out the elders in each pack as well, plus any wolves that might be

strong enough to make a claim for Alpha. He’s eliminated any and all competition, created a power
vacuum everywhere but on the throne. It’s nothing new in terms of authoritarianism, but it’s damned

“Do we know if any of the elders have survived?” Sinclair inquires, his handsome face twisted into a

“If they have then they’re in hiding or attempting to escape.”

Hugo sighs. “Essentially anyone who might have helped us has gone radio silent out of fear of
detection, and rightly so.”

“So basically we’re on our own.” Sinclair assesses gravely, “Even if we can dredge up some alliances
in Vanara, we’re likely going to be going in blind when we return home.”

I feel a pang of deep sympathy for my mate, one I apparently sent through the bond, because no
sooner have I processed the feeling than Sinclair’s head jerks towards the door, eyes searching. I
realize he was so focused on the task at hand that he didn’t even realize we’d entered, and I try not to
feel a sting of hurt. How can I possibly blame him for being preoccupied with all this going on?

Hiding from me, trouble? His voice sounds in my head, and I immediately understand why he might
suspect this. I’m standing behind Roger and Gabriel, completely blocked from view. There’s also a fan
directly across from us, blowing our scents down the hall rather than allowing them to permeate the
small space. Of course not. I reply, wishing I could go climb into his arms. We just got back.

Any doubt I'd felt about my place among Sinclair’s priorities disappears when the meeting comes to a
stand still for our exchange, and the next thing I know his fierce gaze is ordering the men in front of me
to move so I might pass. I slip between them and try not to blush under the scrutiny of so many wolfish
eyes, melting into Sinclairs side as he tucks me under his arm. I feel calmer at once, filled with his
warmth and surrounded by his muscular embrace.

Only once Sinclair has turned my face up to kiss me senseless, does the meeting continue. I’m a bit
surprised that my overprotective mate is allowing me to be part of such a stressful and disturbing
briefing, but I’m also grateful. I need to know what’s going on for my own peace of mind and so that I
can support my mate. It’s right that I should be here.

I would be lying if I said the details I learned didn’t weigh on me terribly, but soon enough Sinclair is
leading me back to our forest suite, and it’s all I can do to hold my tongue until we’re alone. I have so
much to tell him about my visit with the refugees, and I can't wait to take him back to the camp.

Of course, my mate seems to have little interest in talking when we're finally alone. Instead he pulls me
into his arms and slams his mouth to mine with an urgency that frightens and delights me. Goddess I
missed you, today. He admits in my thoughts. My wolf was furious that I let you go out into the city
without me.

Hmm, just think about how furious he’d be if you went gallivanting around Vanara and left me here all
by my lonesome. I reply saucily, nipping his lower lip with my fangs.

Sinclair growls and delves his tongue between my parted lips, gripping my hips and pressing me into
his hardness, letting me feel how badly he needs me through physical exertion, as well as our bond.
Careful little wolf, He warns. If I didn’t know any better I'd think you were trying to manipulate me.I arch
into him, my blood heating to a steady boil as he extracts kiss after kiss from my lips.

I would never dream of it. I answer, earning an indulgent chuckle from the ravenous predator.

Impudent mate. A little while ago I planned on convincing Sinclair to visit the refugees before climbing
into my nest for a late afternoon nap, now those things are the farthest things from my mind. All I can
think about now is joining with my mate, letting our two bodies become one and disappearing into the
rapture of being claimed by this powerful Alpha.

Sinclair is always a fierce lover, but today he seems particularly on edge. I’m not sure if it was the
meeting or my provocation, but I can tell he needs this even more badly than I do. He strips off my
clothes right there in the entrance of our rooms, then lifts me into his arms and guides my legs around
his waist, before pressing my bare back into the door. He's still fully clothed, but when I reach for the
buttons of his shirt he merely grumbles and I instinctively retreat.

There is no foreplay, no dirty words or teasing. Instead Sinclair slips his hand between my legs to make
sure I’m ready for him, before freeing his cock and driving himself deep. He takes me without restraint,
fisting his hand in my long hair as he withdraws his full length before slamming back into me over and
over again.

His feral need is contagious, and soon I’m as wild as he is, rocking my hips up to meet him as he
closes his teeth around my mark. I cry out when he sinks his fangs in, cresting a wave of pleasure from
nothing more than his possession. When he spills himself inside me moments later, I find myself
unraveling once more, uncontrollably clenching and clamping around his hard member.

When Sinclair kisses me in the delirious aftermath, I can taste my own blood on his tongue, and I’m
surprised to find it strangely erotic. Breathing heavily, Sinclair pulls me from the wall and carries me to
my nest, dropping tender kisses to my hair. “Sorry about that trouble. I think I got carried away.”

“Don’t apologize.” I tell him with a sated smile. “I love it when you get carried away.”

“Do you now?” He purrs, stroking my hair as he lies back onto the thick bed of pillows.

“Mhmm,” I sigh, snuggling in as he pulls a blanket over us. Only now am I permitted to unbutton his
shirt so I can feel his bare skin against mine, and press my nose to his chest to breathe in his scent. “It
makes me feel very powerful... knowing I can make my mate lose control.”

“Only you, Ella.” Sinclair professes, and I can feel his love for me blazing through our bond. “You're the
only one that can do this to me.”

I flush with feminine pride, nuzzling his pec and giving it a nibble.

“Are you feeling better?” I inquire drowsily. He hadn’t said a word or let me feel his stress, but it’s
obvious he was struggling.

Between the grim briefing and my absence, is it any wonder he was so on edge?

“Much.” He assures me, continuing to purr as he rubs my back. I’m sure he senses how ready I am for
a nap, but I won’t be discouraged from my mission.

“You have to come meet the refugees with me tomorrow.” I tell him. “I’ve decided I’m going to go every
day, and I think it would be really good for you to see them too. To my immense surprise, Sinclair goes
stiff beneath me. “I don’t think that’s a good idea.”

I rally my strength to lift my head from him chest, “why not?” Sinclair frowns deeply, still petting me, but
he won’t look at me. “I just don’t.” He answers distantly.

“Dominic, talk to me.” I beg. “Why don't you want to go?”

“Because,” he clamps his eyes shut, and I feel a rush of annoyance from him, frustration that I’m
pushing him. I don’t care, if 1 know anything about this stubborn man, it’s that he needs a good push
every now and then. “Because it’s my fault they’re even here. The Prince didn’t start this war... I did.”

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