Accidental Surrogate

Chapter 158

– Refugees


“What do you mean, you lost my sister?” I demand, baring my fangs at Roger. Sinclair is holding me by
the waist, preventing me from lunging at his brother the way my wolf is currently demanding.

Roger held his hands up in defense. “She’s probably back at the palace. We were talking and she got
annoyed with me and left.”

“Then why didn’t you follow her? She is the only human on an entire continent of wolves, and you just
let her run off on her own?” I hiss, lashing out with my claws. Sinclair purrs and takes a step back,
causing my hands to swipe through nothing but air. “She doesn’t know her way around or have any
contacts here!”

“You ought to give her more credit. She’s a big girl, Ella.” Roger tells me, with infuriating confidence.
“She’s also known about and been working with shifters a lot longer than you have. She’s used to
being the only human in the room.”

“How dare you tell me how to feel or think about my sister. She is my sister, not yours. You don’t know
the first thing about her.” I accuse, getting more annoyed by the minute. “Why I oughta–”

“Alright trouble, why don’t we go back to the palace and make sure Cora is home safe. If she isn’t we
can go out looking, and I’ll even let you beat up Roger. How does that sound?” Sinclair suggests, his
lips moving against my ear.

“I heard that.” Roger informs us, thoroughly exasperated.

“Can I still beat him up, even if she is back at the palace?” I inquire, batting my eyelashes at my mate
and ignoring the impudent wolf in front of us.

“Hmm, I’ll think about it.” Sinclair promises, kissing my upturned lips. Besides, Cora isn’t the only one
who ran off into the unknown today. I think maybe you’ve been a bad influence on her. He adds in my
head, his voice more than a little sultry.

My jaw drops at this accusation as I turn to face him. He immediately pulls me close, even as I protest.
That isn’t fair! I haven’t learned to control my wolf yet.

Sinclair’s dark chuckle rolls through my mind, don’t pretend like it was an accident, little mate. I know
you too well.

Big bully. I accuse, nibbling his pec and delivering a particularly sharp nip when his emerald eyes meet

I know I’m pushing my luck, and I don’t care. After so much running, playing and flirting, we both need
a release. As soon as we locate Cora I fully expect Sinclair to close us in our suite and not emerge until
morning. I’m eager and ready for him already, and the knowledge that our love making will keep his
mind off the war is only a bonus. Making Sinclair take a day off requires constant and continuous effort
– and I’m more than happy to let my body pay the toll.

Luckily Cora is waiting at the Palace when we return, though she won’t tell me about what happened
with Roger no matter how many times I ask. Eventually Sinclair drags me away and, thanks to his
ravenous wolf, I soon forget my anger with his brother. In fact, he works me over so well that I can
barely remember my own name by the time we’re done. I can only lay sprawled over his chest, near
comatose as he strokes my spine and whispers sweet nothings in my ear – some more scandalous
than others.

My eyelids grow heavy, and I try to push myself up, painfully aware that if I fall asleep Sinclair will
probably go back to work. Sinclair’s arm locks around me, and I whine with annoyance. “Let me up,

“You were projecting your thoughts again, trouble.” Sinclair informs me, encouraging me to settle. “You
need your rest and you’re not going to lose it for my sake.”

Damned bond. I think bitterly, and his growly laugh wraps around me like the coziest blanket. “Will you
at least nap with me?” I request, too exhausted to argue, let alone actually move. If I were as enormous
as my mate then lying on top of him might just trap him in bed, but I know that’s not the case. Instead I
have to hope that I can snuggle in so completely that he won’t want to risk waking me by moving.

Such a mischievous little wolf. Sinclair teases, nothing but praise in his deep voice. I’ll rest for a while,
but I can’t promise I’ll stay for the whole nap.

Realizing this is the best deal I can probably hope for, I surrender, falling asleep to the sound of my
mate’s purrs.

When I wake my body is sated and sore, but I’m alone in bed. I glance at the clock and realize I
napped most of the afternoon. Even so, I know I’ll probably crash again in a few hours. I rub my baby
bump with a sigh. “I love you, angel. But these constant naps of yours do get in the way of Mommy’s
diabolical plans.”

Oh sure, blame the pup. My wolf jokes, Never mind the Alpha who pleasures you into a coma every
few hours.

She has a point. If I didn’t know any better I might think Sinclair was using sex to exhaust me, but this
is the way it’s always been with his wolf. He never seems to get enough of me, and I know he wouldn’t
turn his attention from the war at all if he could help it. This is pure instinct, and I’m not complaining one

I pull on a robe and wander into the other room, where I can hear my mate talking with Hugo, Henry,
Roger and Gabriel. Sinclair’s eyes lock onto me the moment I walk in the room, following my
movements with total focus. I yawn and stretch as I approach, unwittingly emitting a sleepy moan, and I

see Sinclair’s pupils expand with desire. You’re playing a dangerous game to tempt me in front of all of
these wolves, sweet mate. Flaunting your delectable curves, those sexy little sounds. His wolf is clearly
taking over, and I feel a rush of pride that I can affect him this way.

I’m just stretching. My wolf mutters back honestly, as I crawl into Sinclair’s lap. He welcomes me with
open arms, wrapping me in a tight embrace and kissing me hello– as if we’re the only ones in the room.
I can feel his hardness digging into my bottom, which still stings from my earlier discipline – but it’s a
delightful ache that sends pulses of heat straight to my core. If we’re not careful the entire room might
soon know just how out of control our libidos have become since we mated. It might not surprise or
bother them, but I still have enough human hang ups to try and avoid it at all costs.

Luckily, Sinclair doesn’t seem any more interested in putting on a show than I am. How was your nap?
Sinclair inquires, changing the subject.

Lonely. I complain. I fell asleep all warm and safe and satisfied, and then I woke up cold and alone.

Poor baby. Sinclair croons, caressing my round belly. You know I would have liked nothing more than to
stay and snuggle with you.

But more important things came up? I sniff, playing up my pitiful tone.

Nothing is more important to me than you and Rafe. Sinclair rumbles fiercely, softening his tone as he
reluctantly continues. But there were more pressing things, yes.

I’m not sure how to respond. Of course I know that the war is more pressing than anything else, and it’s
not that I’m not heartbroken or worried. I was just so pleased that I’d been able to convince Sinclair to
give himself a break,

“Sweetheart.” He says aloud, pulling my attention from my thoughts. “Refugees from the continent
started arriving in Vanara today. Gabriel is working on setting up shelters, but things are escalating
quickly. We’ve been discussing plans for me to travel north and meet with the other rulers here… to
start trying to build alliances and pool resources.”

“Oh.” I murmur softly, “are the other rulers here likely to be sympathetic to our cause?”

Gabriel speaks first. “I think they will. The noble ones will want to help their fellow wolves. The selfish
will fear Damon getting powerful enough to try and expand his empire here into Vanara, or at least
worry about the strain of taking in a continent’s worth of refugees. I think there’s a very strong chance
you’ll be able to garner the backing you require.”

“That’s good.” I assess, yawning again. “So when do we leave?”

Sinclair’s mouth tightens, and one by one the other men rise from the table and leave the room. I know
this isn’t a good sign, but I don’t want to contemplate what it might mean. Of course, that knowledge
can’t be avoided. Sinclair cups my face in his huge palm, stroking my cheek with the pad of his thumb.
“Ella, it’s clear I have to go… but I’m not sure if I can take you with me.”

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