Accidental Surrogate

Chapter 156

- Sightseeing Ella

The Vanaran capital feels like a different planet.

Everywhere we look crystals tower over us, carved into the most intricate forms I’ve ever seen.

The shifters populating the city are friendly and open in their curiosity, and we frequently stop so
Gabriel can chat with the locals and introduce us.

It’s all so easy and peaceful, no lies, no secrets, just wolves living openly together in harmony.

Watching Gabriel, I see a leader who is strong but compassionate, ruthless but open-minded.

He’s intelligent and has as much raw power as my own mate, though he lacks Sinclair’s dangerous

I expect Gabriel would be quite deadly if pushed, but he’s much more easy going than my own
brooding Alpha.

Then again, he’s not the one exiled and preoccupied with planning a revolution.

Still, for a moment I envision a future world where Sinclair is the King of the united packs, and Damon’s
regime is a long-forgotten nightmare.

In my heart I know this is the kind of society my mate could create as leader; Gabriel’s utopian world
n.ovelebook could be our own, if only we could take back our home.

Maybe it’s naive to think a traumatized society could recover completely and achieve this sort of easy
comfort...After all it’s not like Sinclair could simply snap his fingers and undo all the suffering caused by
his predecessor.

No, if we can win this war we’ll have a monumental task ahead of us in terms of healing and rebuilding
the united packs, and earning the trust of an oppressed people.

But I believe that if anyone can achieve this goal, it’s Sinclair.

I turn to look up at the man in question, so inspired by this vision that I want to share my hope with him.

However when I see his face he looks a million miles away.

His granite jaw is clenched and his gaze is hawkishly scanning our surroundings.

He manages to smile and greet the various people we meet, but his grip on my waist never loosens,
and he never loses the hardness in his eyes.

I lean into his side as a cool breeze flutters through the square, carrying the scent of rain.

"What good is coming out if you’re not going to actually be present?"

I inquire, poking his muscular chest.

The huge Alphe looks down at me with dry amusement, closing his powerful hand around my offending

"I said I would come along, I didn’t promise to forget my worries."

"That's cheating." I inform him, narrowing my eyes to a scowl.

"Is it now?"

Heasks, arching his brow in response to my accusation.

"Need I remind you that you're the one who pointed out how dangerous unfamiliar territories can be?
Especially for mischievous little wolves too clever and too brave for their own good."

"You agreed to take a break."

I counter, ignoring the bait he put out for my wolf, and laying a bit of my own.

"And if you get to break your promises then I don’t see why I should have to keep my own."

I know he doesn’t need more explanation.

Before we left Gabriel's palace Dominic made me vow to stay close to him, never go out of sight and
tell him the moment I sensed anything off.

I knew he was just being cautious — and rightly so after everything we’ve been through, but now those
same promises are providing my with the perfect button to push.

Sinclair growls, his wolf is naturally responding to my own, and in an instant I realize that the best way
to get my mate out of his shell, is to do it literally.


Sinclair warns, using my name as if it’s an admonishment.

"We should shift." I suggest, cutting him off.

"Half the people here are in their wolf form." I say, gesturing to the people custling around us.

It’s true, it seems the Vanarans are so comfortable and secure in their secret lands that they feel no
danger shifting in public, let alone in broad daylight.

"Your wolf is too inexperienced to be around so many strangers." Sinclair cautions, shaking his head.

"It’s not a good idea."

My wolf doesn’t care for this one bit.

Now that I’ve made shifting a possibility, she’s clawing at my skin, begging to get out.

Yes, yes, yes! Freedom! Sinclair grips my nape, I said no, mate.

Too late! My wolf sings defiantly, and my body shudders as the painful shift begins.

Cursing, Sinclair shields me as I tremble, jerk and whimper through the next few minutes.

It’s over quickly, and soon I’m sitting in front of him as my wolf, my dress in tatters on the ground.

I wag my tail as I look up at my mate, who stands their with his arms crossed over his chest,
disapproval rolling off of him in waves.

I jump up and brace my paws on his rock-hard abs, wishing I was tall enough to lick the frown right off
his face.

Instead I swipe my tongue over his neck and nuzzle his chest with my snout, Come on, Dominic.

Come play with me! I beg, Please, please, please.

I am not amused by this, Ella.

His grumpy voice sounds in my mind.

Ignoring him, I jump down and bound around his legs, nudging him and repeating my pleading over
and over.

It’s around the time that I nip his ankles that the stoic Alpha finally caves, his massive wolf bursting free
with a roar.

My wolf is in charge, and she only wants to celebrate.

Yay!!! She cries, pouncing on him the moment the shift is complete.

Sinclair’s foreboding energy is tinged with humor now, and I know I’ve won.

We wrestle and play for a moment before he pins me beneath him, plopping his heavy body down on
mine so that I’m completely trapped.

Is this what you wanted, trouble? He teases, mouthing my neck affectionately.

No, I want to run! I whine, squirming under him but finding myself stuck.

Hmm, I don’t know.

I kind of like having you right here, your little paws in the air, completely at my mercy.

He informs me huskily.

Your mercy to do what? Suffocate me? I complain, trying to dislodge his enormous form.

How can anyone be this heavy? Sinclair doesn’t budge one bit from my efforts, but he does release my
neck and shift his weight so he can investigate my belly with his nose.

Look at this tummy.

He croons, ignoring my outraged question and burying his snout in the downy white fur.

So soft, so precious.

Despite myself, the baby sends something that feels like laughter to us both, and I melt, wanting more
of this.

I suppose now that Sinclair is out of his head and in a playful mood I shouldn’t mind that he’s lying on
my like a living wolf rug.I should just let my mate enjoy himself at my own least, the human
part of my brain can acknowledge this.

My wolf on the other hand, she’s still dying to run.

Dominic come on, let me up! She moans.

I want to play.

We are playing.

He replies slyly.

This is a game I like to call pin the naughty mate.Don’t you like it? No! I respond indignantly.

"You two do realize we’re in the middle of the street, right?"

Roger observes, appearing in my periphery and interrupting my outraged reply.

Don’t look at me.

Sinclair says to us both.She started it.

Dominic, it’s not fair! I’ve barely ever shifted, I just want to run around a little! I say, trying to sound

Can’t you feel how much I need it? The black beast stares down at me with glowing eyes, and I can
feel him reaching through the bond to sense my emotions.

His sharp eyes soften then, and he swipes a few licks over my face.

Alright trouble, but you’re going to stay with me, right? He questions, rising off of me so I can regain my

That depends.

I hedge, feeling a rush of excitement as a new idea strikes me.

I dance away from my mate and his brother, unsurprised when the former prowls after me with a
hungry look in his eyes.

Depends on what? Sinclair inquires, his voice dark and deep.

On whether you can keep up! I take off before the words are even out of my mouth, and Sinclair
immediately gives chase, responding to my challenge out of instinct rather than thought.

I can’t contain a gleeful giggle as I take off through the streets, and though Sinclair catches up to me
quickly, he doesn’t pounce again He runs alongside me, even when I playfully bump into his side to try
and throw him off course.

He simply nips at my heels and spurs me to run faster.

I feel like a child again, so utterly free that I might as well be flying.

When I reach out to sense my mate’s feelings, I find his heart and mind open for once, completely
consumed by this moment.

He’s not thinking of anything else but this moment, and pride fills me for a job well done.Maybe I can do
this Luna thing after all

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