Accidental Surrogate

Chapter 154

Chapter 154 – Ella’s Lesson


Ella is squirming beneath my towering form, and I can sense her wolf’s conflicted feelings. She’s
pleased with herself for distracting me from my brooding thoughts, while also anxious about my
intentions and excited by my dominance. She’s giving off waves of defiance and desire at once, and
since the mischievous little wolf hasn’t yet learned how to censor the thoughts and feelings she sends
to me, I suddenly hear her sweet voice in my head. Bossy Alpha. Trying to tell us what to do, as if it’s
his choice and not ours.

Oh but it is my choice, mate. I reply, and Ella’s eyes go wide with shock, then accusation when she
realizes what happened. You belong to me, and that means I get to decide whether or not you throw
your precious life away for someone else.

You shouldn’t be listening to my thoughts when you know I can’t control them. She tells me indignantly.

If you don’t want to get in trouble for them, then you shouldn’t be thinking such naughty things. I reply,
climbing onto the bed and looming over her on all fours. Besides, I think maybe you wanted me to
hearthat. You haven’t been projecting all your other thoughts towards me, only that last one.

Why would I intentionally provoke you? She huffs, and the beautiful creature beneath me tilts her head
and exposes her neck to me, rubbing and writhing deeper into the thick bedding. She may not
understand what she’s doing, but her instincts are driving her to put on a show for me, entice me with
her would-be submission.

Very alluring, I praise her wolf, a deep chuckle rolling through my chest like thunder. My adorable mate
preens, and I can sense Ella’s confusion at her own response. But if you didn’t want to provoke me
then you wouldn’t have been telling me to shut up and rolling your gorgeous eyes at me either. I lower
myself between her legs, stroking her silky thigh with my free hand.

I don’t know what you’re talking about. Her wolf insists, turning her snout up.

Well it doesn’t really matter if you intended it or not, the end result is the same, trouble. I declare,
dipping my head to nibble the lovely offering of her neck. Ella is trembling with anticipation and barely
contained lust, the scent of her arousal floats up to me, reassuring me that I’m not pushing her too far
after so much excitement. Granted, I was hardly gentle when I claimed her the first time after she
shifted, but that was before our entire world came crashing down.

Ella moans as my teeth nip her sensitive skin, arching her back and sliding her arms around my back.
You might be a tyrant, but you certainly know how to make me feel good. She confesses. I’ll never get
tired of this.

Oh baby, you don’t even know what this is, yet. I reply, shifting off of her. I lean back against the
stacked pillow of Ella’s nest, then pull her over my lap, moving so quickly that she can’t keep up. She
gasps with surprise when she finds herself face down with her luscious bottom on display, then quickly
tries to squirm free. “Uh-uh trouble, you’re not going anywhere.” I tell her sternly, keeping one hand on
the small of her back, while the other caresses the curve of her lovely backside.

‘The first time we did this it was to help you break the dam on your feelings. The second time was just
for fun.” I remind her, images of our delirious first night together filling my head. ”But now I’m going to
give you a taste of what will happen if you ever recklessly endanger yourself again, whether you have
noble reasons or not.”

“Dominic, please don’t.” She requests, batting her long lashes at me. However at the same time her
wolf growls at me in challenge, belying Ella’s sweet plea. “I didn’t do anything wrong.”

“Oh I beg to differ.” I rumble, massaging the perky globes beneath my fingers. “Your job is to protect
yourself and our pup at all costs. The guards I assigned to you were more than willing to give their lives
for you, and your death would only have made theirs in vain. That isn’t what anyone would have

“But-” She protests, wriggling in a way that sends blood straight to my cock.

“And that’s nothing to mention the way you disobeyed me today by getting off the plane before it was
safe, arguing with me about seeing the doctor, or the way you challenged me tonight.” I shake my
head. “In fact, the more I think about it, the more I realize I’ve been going easy on you for too long.
You’ve been pushing your limits with me more and more since your wolf woke, and I haven’t been
giving her what she needs, have I?” I inquire, still warming the fleshy canvas soon to suffer my itching
palm’s punishment.

Ella looks up at me with wide eyes, “I’m sorry, I promise I’ll be good!”

However her wolf has other thoughts about this. Speak for yourself, why should we follow his rules if
he’s not even going to enforce them.

Would you shut up! Ella tells her wolf, either not realizing or not caring that I can hear this too. You’re
only making things worse.

The saucy canine shrugs with disinterest, and I know my instincts were right. Her wolf needs this as
badly as my own. “Mmm, I think we might have to make this a nightly routine.” I suggest, mostly joking
because I want to see her reaction. “With such a naughty wolf at the helm, you’re going to need all the
correction I can provide.”

Ella’s jaw drops, but her thighs clench together, trying to ease the ache at their center. You wouldn’t

“Mm-hmm.” I observe, slipping up her night dress and slowly pulling down her panties. When I see the
pool of wetness soaking the cloth, I purr with satisfaction. “I can see how distasteful you find this idea.”

When her own scent reaches her nose, Ella presses her hands over her blushing face. “You shouldn’t
tease me! I don’t even know what’s happening to me.”

“It’s okay baby, because I do.” I promise, raising my hand to deliver the first of many swats. ‘This is the
way of wolves, it’s only natural that you crave it.”

Ella jerks and cries out when the first spank lands, but her arousal spikes with her adrenaline as if the
two are tethered. By the tenth spank she’s begging me for mercy, with the twentieth she’s lashing out
and calling me names, fighting like a hellcat. By the thirtieth she slumps over my legs, crying pitifully
even as the well of shared desire between us is all but overflowing.

When it’s over I slip my hand between her legs, my fingers sinking into her wetness. I can’t help but
bring my fingers to my lips and suck her sweet honey from the digits. “Such a delicious, mate.” My wolf
croons, hovering at the surface of my skin. Ella moans with embarrassment but rocks her hips into my
hand as my fingers return to her center. It barely takes anything to make her come, she’s already so
turned on. “Good girl.” I praise her, continuing to stroke her tight sheath as she comes down from her
high. ‘Think you can take some more?”

Ella shudders and nods, and I slide my legs out from under her. I move behind her and pull her up onto
her knees. I free my hard member and drive myself to the hilt in my mate with a single thrust, making
her cry out with the sensation of being so deeply impaled at the same time as my hips collide with her
red bottom.

I take her fast and hard, eventually pulling her back up to my chest so that I strum her clit and sink my
fangs into my mark as we both cry out in ecstasy. I spill myself into her body, as she clenches and
clamps around me, tears streaming down her cheeks at the overwhelming sensations.

Afterwards, when her tiny body is tucked against mine and my hand rests on her pregnant belly, our
son rolls around in her womb, pressing his hands and feet against the wall of her uterus in ways that
make her gasp and murmur with something between surprise and discomfort. I suppose he was roused
by our activity, but when I reach through the bond all I sense from the pup is tranquility. He likes it when
his Mommy is so euphoric and content, and he likes feeling my touch.

I know Ella can feel it too, and as she regains the ability to speak, she turns her head over her
shoulder. She grins up at me, overflowing with love and triumph. “I knew I could get you to come to

“Oh,” I beam in return. “Is that what this was? Did you pull one over on me, trouble?” I tease, tapping
her red bottom.

Ella hisses and pulls away, her cheeks flushing crimson. “Well, not the way I planned to.” She admits
sheepishly. “But it worked all the same.”

“Such a clever, sly little mate.” I praise her, knowing that while she may not have been expecting this
particular outcome, but appreciating that she’s right. If she hadn’t come to get me I would still be sitting
out in the living area watching that horrible footage. I need my rest to win this war, and my beloved Ella
found a way to make sure I got some sleep. My last thought before I fall asleep – is how lost I would be
without her, and how fucking grateful I am that I don’t ever have to be without her again.

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