Accidental Surrogate

Chapter 151

– Exile


The journey to the hidden territories was swift once we reached the coast.

We boarded a small plane and ascended into the heavens at top speed, and I swear Sinclair didn’t
relax until we were cruising at 30,000 feet. I didn’t realize how tense he’d been even after we left Moon
Valley, until we were out of danger and his muscles finally unwound.

The flight took more than six hours, though I slept most of the way. When we finally landed Sinclair
gently untangled our bodies, which instantly woke me. I emit a sleepy moan, looking up at him blearily.
“Are we there?”

“Yes,” He confirms, leaning over to cup my cheek. “But stay here until I can make sure it’s safe, okay?”

Without another word, he disappears out the door with his men, descending the small staircase leading
down to the tarmac. I lurch to my feet, moving to the windows to look outside. My first glimpse of the
hidden territories takes my breath away; the horizon is dominated by a glittering lake, framed beneath
the towering peaks of snow-capped mountains. At the center of the lake, looking as though it’s floating
on the water, is an opulent city which is only visible at certain angles. The rest of the time it looks like
nothing more than a ball of light.

Eager to get out and explore, I quickly spy my mate, prowling around the area with Hugo and our
guards to make sure no danger is hiding just out of sight. In the distance I can also see a line of shiny
cars waiting for us, and I roll my eyes. Overprotective wolves.

I emerge from the plane and breathe in the foreign air, my newly awakened senses assailed by strange
and unfamiliar scents. I cradle my belly in my arms, feeling a wave of curiosity from my pup. Rafe may

not know what’s going on, but he knows I’m feeling alight with interest. “Are you ready, my darling?” I
ask him, “We’re going on an adventure.” He flutters in my womb, and I feel thoroughly encouraged.

I don’t even get to the end of the platform before Sinclair turns and sees me. A wave of disapproval
assails me, and then his voice sounds in my head. I told you to stay put.

What, so you can protect me from all this fresh air and the beautiful landscapes? I sass in reply, taking
the first step down the stairway. Sinclair bounds to my side in an instant, scooping me up and growling
deep in his chest. “Naughty mate, you have no idea what dangers could be awaiting us.”

“Oh, like the bath snakes you once warned me about?” I ask archly, finding it impossible not to smile at
the memory.

‘That was a joke. This isn’t.” Sinclair grimaces. ‘We’re in unknown territory now – quite literally. Don’t
ask me to take your safety for granted because I won’t do it, Ella.”

‘We have to feel safe somewhere, Dominic.” I reply gently, stroking his jaw. “Otherwise we’ll drive
ourselves crazy with worry.”

‘The only place I ever feel you’re safe is when you’re in my arms.” Sinclair shares, and suddenly I
understand why he’s always touching me. It’s not only for affection, but his own comfort as well.

‘Then what on earth were you doing leaving me alone in a plane?” I tease, nuzzling my face against his

My mate shakes his head with an indulgent purr, “how we ever thought you were human, I’ll never
know.” Sinclair remarks dryly. “Only she-wolves can manage to be so insolent and so sweet at once.”

I giggle as he carries me down the steps, belatedly realizing that we probably left the secrets of my
past behind and out of reach. Of course, thoughts of my past only make me think of my sister, “When

will Cora arrive?” 1

“Soon.” Sinclair promises, kissing my brow. ‘They were coming from the shadow pack.” I don’t need
more explanation. When we fled we took different paths for the sake of safety, and Roger, Henry and
Cora had gone east while we’d gone west. It makes sense that the others had a longer journey.

As Sinclair carries me towards the line of cars, the back door to the middle vehicle opens, and then a
distinguished looking man emerges. He’s probably five or six years older than Sinclair, and thus a
decade older than me, but he welcomes us with a wide smile and open arms. “Dorn!”

“Gabriel!” Sinclair replies, flashing his fangs but showing no aggression. He puts me down only long
enough to embrace the other man, then promptly tucks me under his arm. ‘This is my mate, Ella. Ella,
this is King Gabriel Montclair of Vanara.”

My eyes widen when I hear this man is royalty, but then again my mate was almost a king as well. I
extend my hand to him, “Pleasure to meet you.”

Gabriel clasps both of his hands around mine. “It’s an honor.” He replies warmly, a somber note
entering his expression as he looks back and forth between us. “I’m so sorry for all you’ve been

“Why? You didn’t do it.” I quip, before I can think better of it.

Gabriel’s tender expression cracks, and then he’s throwing his head back with laughter. “Well I see why
you picked her, Dorn.” He expresses to Sinclair, even though the mood has been permanently
dampened. “But I do feel for you. It’s all over the news and I can’t believe it. How one man could take
out the entire Alpha council, all the betas. It’s unthinkable.”

“Well he didn’t do it on his own, or honorably,” Sinclair grumbles. By now I’ve been caught up on all the
developments regarding the Prince’s coup, and I know these wolves consider the use of poison a

cowardly, disgraceful tactic. “Still, it is hard to fathom.” He agrees, squeezing me a bit more tightly. “But
we’re here now, and we can only move forward.”

“Damn right.” Gabriel confirms, gripping my mate’s shoulder. “Come on, we’ve got a welcome party
awaiting you.”

I dig in my heels. “But what about Cora and Henry?” I ask anxiously. “What about Roger?”

“A couple of the cars will stay behind to collect your family once they arrive.” The King announces,
surprising me. He certainly seems very clued in to our affairs. Though I suppose this should be the
case, since he’s made all the arrangements.

I’m still not convinced, and though Sinclair could easily sweep me along against my will, he turns to me
and rests a hand on my tummy. “We need to get settled and find you a doctor. As soon as the others
arrive we’ll meet them.”

“Why a doctor?” I demand indignantly, feeling defiant for reasons I don’t understand.

Of course, Sinclair doesn’t seem to have any issues understanding. He simply purrs and shifts nearer.
“You haven’t been examined since your wolf woke, and we’ve been through a lot. You need a check

“But Rafe is fine.” I insist, notching my chin up.

“He might be, but I want to know about you.” Sinclair murmurs in a firm tone. “Don’t you want to find out
if you can come off bed rest?”

I peek up at him from beneath my lashes, sulking even though he’s right – or perhaps because he is.
“Yes.” I murmur sullenly.

Sinclair rumbles out a knowing laugh, sweeping my legs back up into his arms. ‘That’s what I thought.”

Sinclair gives me the window seat in the car so that I can stare out at my new surroundings, marveling
at the incredible lands which turn everything I believed I knew about the world upside down. Sinclair
has been here before, and he’s more concerned with talking logistics with the King, so he simply
strokes my spine as I turn my whole body to the glass and gaze out in awe. It’s beyond surreal. Once
upon a time I suppose people had to travel in order to know what the rest of the world looked like, but
with modern technology I thought I’d seen photos and videos of just about every corner of our planet.
Now I’m learning I was very wrong.

“What do you think, trouble?” Sinclair asks as the Alpha’s come to a pause in their conversation.

We’re currently speeding over a mirrored bridge which makes it feel as if we’re driving right across the
surface of the lake, and the closer we get to the city, I realize why it seemed to glow: It’s a city made
entirely of glass. It reminds me of the intricate ice sculptures I’ve seen at winter fairs, when artists
create entire worlds out of the beautiful but impractical substance.” It’s incredible.” I breathe. “I’ve never
seen anything like it… but how is it possible? I would have thought glass was too fragile for such
complex structures.”

“Ah, but it’s not glass.” King Gabriel corrects with a wry smile. “It’s a rare crystal found only on this
continent – called Vanarium. It’s stronger even than diamonds, and conducts energy so that the city
powers itself without any need for polluting fuels or alternative energies.”

“Amazing.” I murmur, my heart skipping a beat as we finally enter the gates of the city. The cars wind
through glittering, peaceful streets which are so clean I feel I could eat off the pavement without
complaint. All the people turn and wave as we pass, and I wonder if the King’s vehicles are different
enough from the common peoples to be so obvious. I’m surprised when I see some shifters in their wolf
forms, who gallop alongside the car by way of greeting. They all look so happy, but I can’t help feeling
as though something is missing here.

‘There are no forests.” I realize after a moment.

“Not all wolves are forest dwellers.” Sinclair explains, “each pack has their own element – the Vanarans
draw strength from water and prefer wide open spaces.”

“Oh.” I deflate a little, and Sinclair gives me a squeeze. “Don’t worry, little wolf. We’ll find you some
trees to frolic in.”

“Actually, we have different biomes set up around the city for wolves who immigrate here from around
the world. And at the palace we can turn your rooms into a miniature Moon Valley, if you like.”

“Where is your palace?” I inquire with interest.

Gabriel gives me a wide smile and points at something through the center of the front windshield.

I follow the direction of his finger, and feel my jaw drop in astonishment…

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