Accidental Surrogate

Chapter 152

– Check Up

I never imagined being in exile would look like this.

King Gabriel’s palace is the most extravagant display of luxury I’ve ever seen, and it’s not as if I’m a
stranger to mansions and palaces. That thought alone is enough to send me reeling… who would have
ever dreamed that poor orphan Ella would end up rubbing elbows with the most important figures in the
land, or have the social capital to become a political threat?

As we exit the cars and enter the building, I can only stare around myself in awe. The wealth here
makes the wealth back on my home continent look like nothing, and the air seems to vibrate with the
energy of the strange crystals which form the city. We get a brief tour of the palace, and then we’re
escorted up to a sprawling suite of rooms, even more expansive than the master suite in Sinclair’s

However the size of the space isn’t what leaves me dumbstruck, it’s the feeling that we’re suddenly
deep in the alpine forests of my home. The walls are all comprised of giant screens, each one
displaying a live feed of some dense woodland – or so it seems. Even the ceiling displays a realistic
view of the sky, a light dappled canopy which projects actual rays of sunlight down to the floor. Tucked
in the farthest corner of the room is a large, round bed with sheer curtains around the edges. Blankets
and pillows are waiting to be piled into a nest, and I feel as though I’m in one of my shared dreams with

His arms slide around my waist, and his lips graze my ear. “Do you like it?” All of a sudden I realize that
he instructed the King to have our rooms prepared this way, to give me a safe space while we’re in

I can’t help myself. I turn and climb into his arms, not satisfied with a simple hug and instead scrabbling
up his huge body as if it were a tree. I wrap my arms and legs around my mate, rewarded with a low

purr. “We’re going to find a way back home, Ella. I promise.”

“I know.” I tell him honestly. “I trust you.”

I realize that Gabriel has stepped outside, leaving us alone. I tilt my face up to Sinclair’s, finding his
gaze already on me. It’s so intense, so heated, and I couldn’t escape it even if I wanted to. He claims
my lips in a deep kiss, and only the sound of a knock on the door tears us apart.

The doctor who enters is warm and gentle as he greets us, showing no small amount of sympathy for
our plight. Still it takes quite a bit of cajoling to make me leave my mate’s arms, and only concern for
my baby convinces me to leave him. The physician takes my blood pressure and vitals, and sits
patiently as we explain the story of my suppressed wolf and traumatic shift. Sinclair stays by my side
throughout the examination, and when they wheel in an ultrasound machine and Rafe’s tiny, three
dimensional image appears on the screen, I begin to cry for no other reason than how much I love him.

The physician then draws my blood, to the soundtrack of Sinclair’s grumpy growls, and there’s only one
final set of tests to run when a guard sticks his head into the room. “Alpha, they’ve arrived.”

Sinclair nods in acknowledgement, but I perk up with excitement. “Who’s arrived?” I inquire eagerly.
“Cora and Henry and Roger?”

‘They’ll still be here after your check up, trouble.” Sinclair declares, massaging my nape.

“But I want to go see them.” I insist, trying to squirm free of Sinclair’s firm hold and the doctor’s gloved
fingers. “I have to make sure they’re okay.” Ever since my wolf woke up I’ve been feeling even more
protective of my family than usual. Cora might trigger the strongest response, but my inner canine has
also claimed Henry and Roger as part of her pack and there won’t be any dissuading her.

Sinclair emits a warning growl, sending a shiver down my spine. His strong hands hold me in place,
and I shoot him a sullen look as the doctor continues poking and prodding me. When I settle out of

nothing more than sulky acknowledgement that I can’t out-muscle these men, Sinclair leans down to
kiss my cheek. I jerk away from him, baring my fangs with an insolent snarl, and Sinclair only arches a
foreboding brow before claiming my mouth instead.

In my head I feel a wave of dominance, followed by the dark rumble of his wolf, behave, sweet mate.

Bite me. My own wolf replies, speaking before I have a chance to consider the wisdom of these words.

Gladly. Sinclair replies, nipping his claiming mark where my neck meets my shoulders. My wolf
immediately lights up from the inside out, and the doctor gives us a quelling look. “I can’t very well
perform a cardiac stress test when you’re making her heart race like that, Alpha.”

“Don’t look at me.” Sinclair remarks, his eyes glowing. “She’s the one challenging her mate.” My little
imp. He adds silently, for my benefit alone.

Rolling his eyes, the doctor finishes his tests, gradually rising to his feet as he puts up his equipment.
“Well, I think you’re safe to return to most of your normal activities, Ella.” He instructs, holding up a
staying hand when I immediately jump up with excitement. “I don’t want you doing anything strenuous,
especially not when you’ve been through so much, but I think waking your wolf has helped your
condition. All that said, the first moment you start to feel faint, palpitations, spots in your vision or any of
the other symptoms you experienced when your original doctor gave this order, you need to contact me

“Is there anything I can do to support her?” Sinclair asks, and I feel a silent wave of anxiety from his

“Just continue giving her wolf what she needs. Protect her, care for her, but don’t spoil her if she’s
challenging you – the challenge is a sign she needs you to make her feel as if you have everything
under control.” He advises.

‘Thank you.” Sinclair professes, shaking his hand and escorting him out of the room.

I’m already out of bed and readjusting my clothes when he turns back, and I quickly bound over the
floor. “Let’s go!” I demand.

Sinclair chuckles and hooks an arm around my body, slowing me down even when I grumble at the
pace. Still, mere minutes later we’re in the entrance hall and my beautiful sister is running into my open
arms, followed shortly by Roger and Henry. “Cora!” I exclaim, squeezing her tight. “How are you, are
you okay?”

Cora is crying into my neck, her shoulders shaking beneath my hands. “I’m so glad you’re here.” She
sniffles, letting me rock her back and forth. ’This is all so crazy – one moment everything was fine and
then… and then…why is this happening?”

“I know.” I croon, turning worried eyes to my mate. He’s greeting his family with hugs and hushed
words, grim expressions on their faces. But Cora is still weeping and hiccuping, waiting for me to
answer her. “I’m sorry, I never wanted you to get mixed up in all of this.”

“How long are we going to have to stay here?” She asks, reminding me so much of the little girl who
used to crawl into my bed when she had a nightmare that my heart positively aches.

“I don’t know.” I confess, kissing her hair. “But it will be okay. I’m just so glad you’re here and your safe.
Was it hard getting out of the city.”

Cora shakes her head, pulling away from me at last and wiping her eyes.” Roger came for me before
the news even broke, but we weren’t sure if you got out until Dominic sent word. I was so afraid that
you weren’t going to escape.”

I’m safe.” I assure her, framing her face in my hands. “We’re both safe. That’s all that matters.”

Even as I say the words I look back to Sinclair, who is once again shielding his feelings from me.
Despite what I tell my sister, I know I’m lying. Our safety isn’t all that matters – because the millions of
people we left behind are probably suffering untold terrors at this very moment. I can only imagine how
heavy the burden Sinclair feels for being here when his pack remains under the Prince’s thumb. At the
same time, I feel how necessary our escape was. Sinclair can’t help anyone if he’s dead, and nor can I.

When he looks over at me, I can sense the anger, worry and fear rolling off of his body, even as he tries
to shield me from it. I realize that while Sinclair might have been the one asking how to support me as a
mother mere minutes ago, I have to do the same for him. My job is to support my mate in the darkest
day of his career as Alpha, and though he might not want me to do so, I decide right then and there
that I’m not going to give him a choice.

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