Accidental Surrogate

Chapter 146

– Press Conference


Dominic, I’m scared. I confess, speaking through our bond. It hadn’t been easy to convince him to let
me join the press conference, since I’m technically still supposed to be on bed rest. My blood pressure
was still too high when we checked it this afternoon, but it remains to be seen whether that’s because
of my condition or the stress of the pack finding out about our lies. I’ve been hoping that the
preeclampsia was just a side effect of my wolf being trapped, but what good will that do if our lives fall
apart the moment she’s freed?

I know, baby. Sinclair purrs, rubbing my back. Butl’ve got you. I’m going to take care of you no matter
what happens.

I nuzzle his chest, finding that spot where his scent is the strongest and pressing my nose to it. I
breathe in his wonderful scent, taking comfort in his presence and powerful embrace. I know. I tell him,
my wolf rising to the surface and taking control of my words, cuz I have the strongest mate in the whole
wide world… so handsome, so powerful and caring.

Sinclair’s warm chuckle fills my head, and for one blissful moment, I forget why I was upset in the first
place. Sinclair is like a ray of sunshine on the darkest day, and that sensation only gets stronger the
deeper our connection grows. I am still falling for this man, I realize with surprise.

Despite the fact that I keep thinking I couldn’t possibly fall any deeper in love with him, my heart
continues to prove me wrong. It seems like every time I think I’ve reached the bottom of the well, it falls
away and introduces me to a new layer of complexity and emotion.

Silly mate, Sinclair murmurs, and I realize I’ve been unintentionally projecting my thoughts at him
again. I feel myself beginning to blush, but when I look up at him, there’s only profound understanding

on his rugged features. Don’t you realize there is no limit – no end to this bond? We’re going to keep
falling harder and deeper every day together, and we have a lifetime to learn all the different ways we
can adore each other.

My heart melts as his words hit home, and I squeeze his middle tightly. It probably feels like nothing to
him, but I’m using all my strength. I want him to feel the sheer force of my appreciation for him, and he
doesn’t leave me hanging. I feel it, trouble. Don’t worry. If I were an outsider observing us right now, I’d
probably think we were silly – drunk on our own romance… and maybe we are, but I can’t bring myself
to care because I’m not on the outside looking in. This is my life and I’ll be damned if I’m going to deny
myself this joy – not when I’ve worked so hard and been through so much to reach this place.

The baby flutters in my womb, and his own happiness in response to our lovey dovey exchange fills me
with hope and optimism. We can get through this. I decide, taking strength from my pup and his father.
I don’t even have to worry about explaining my train of thought to Sinclair, because I’m sure he’s felt
every step of my feelings journey through our bond. This press conference is just another bump in the
road, if we can survive rogue attacks and kidnappings, we can survive a few reporters.

I pull back when Sinclair doesn’t respond. I can still feel his outpouring of love, but I realize I can’t
sense how he’s feeling about the imminent conference. Dominic? I ask hesitantly. Am I wrong? Does
he think his campaign won’t be able to recover from this?

We’re going to fight. He tells me, implying his doubts without actually admitting them. If they want to
take down our campaign, we’re not going to make it easy for them… and no matter what happens, we’ll
get through it. I’ll keep you safe Ella.

I feel myself tremble with unease, despite my faith in my mate. If he’s anxious enough to hide it from
me, we must be in more trouble than I realized. Hugo walks in, his grave expression only increasing my
worry. “It’s time.”

A sea of reporters spans out in front of us, cameras rolling, recorders held aloft and pens poised to
write down every word we speak. As far as I know, no one knows why we’ve called this conference, so
right now the tension in the room is limited to Sinclair, Hugo and I. My mate’s arm is secured around my
waist, his hand splayed over my belly as I lean into his side.

‘Thank you all for coming out today.” Sinclair begins, nodding to the various media figures. “Ella and I
have an announcement to make, as well as a confession. It pains me to tell you that we haven’t been
completely honest about Ella’s past, because the truth is that when we met and fell in love, her wolf
was dormant.” Muttering explodes throughout the room, and a number of hands shoot into the air. Still,
Sinclair continues in the same steady tone.

“We’re not sure how it was able to stay suppressed for so long, only that she was surrendered by her
parents to a human orphanage here in moon valley when she was just a baby.” The shockwaves
Sinclair’s words send throughout the room are visible and visceral, and I recall the details he shared
with me about the value of shifter children in their society – the neglect such an act would be. “My
incredible mate suffered greatly in the hands of the abusive system, forming her own pseudo pack at a
young age, and constantly sacrificing herself to protect the other children from harm.”

Sinclair pauses to kiss my temple, apparently unable to speak about my childhood traumas without
offering me affection. For the first time I’m able to feel his wolf’s fury and vicarious pain for the things I
went through, and I’m astonished by the scale and severity of his feelings about it all. I can’t help but
nuzzle his shoulder, earning myself another kiss. The press all seem too thrown off guard to know what
to do, but a few appreciative murmurs reach my ears.

“Ella has always been an Alpha female without ever realizing it, and when we met her wolf finally
started to emerge. Until very recently, we believed that it wouldn’t be possible to wake her wolf without
harming our baby, so we decided to wait until after our son arrives to attempt it.” Sinclair explains, his
voice as deep as I’ve ever heard it. I know what’s coming next, and I can only hope that it will pay off.

“I’ve been greatly concerned about Ella’s safety throughout this campaign and with good reason – my
brave Luna has survived multiple attacks orchestrated by the opposition, becoming a target after the
news of her pregnancy was released.” Every hand in the room is now up, and our rabid audience is
running out of patience. Sinclair has to raise his voice over the volley of questions in order to be heard.
“Most recently, the rogue attack on the city was designed and carried out by Prince Damon. It started
as an attempt to make me look weak, and was later used as a distraction so that the Prince could
kidnap Ella and hold her hostage. The Prince rang the all- clear notification early to bring Ella out of
hiding, then intercepted her when she attempted to return home – killing all but one of her guards in the

Every reporter in the room is shouting now, but Sinclair growls with pure Alpha authority and they
quickly pipe down. “I will answer questions once I’ve completed my statement.” He appeases them.
‘The Prince attempted to force me to end my campaign to be King as ransom for my mate, but he
underestimated Ella. She escaped her captivity only to find herself alone and unprotected in the
mountains North of the valley, with no way to reach me. When I finally found her she was frostbitten
and near death, having waited until the last possible moment to try to save herself by waking her wolf.
She took a sacred herb provided to us by pack elders just before I arrived, and went through her first
shift thinking we’d lost our son.

Fortunately this was not the case, and are pup is safe and sound, continuing to grow stronger in his
mother’s womb.” i

“My public silence since the rogue attack was caused by my mate’s kidnap, then getting her through
the shift, and finally claiming her the way we’ve both been dreaming about for so long. I realize the
things I’m telling you are shocking, and I can only offer my deepest apologies for my dishonesty. I
assure you that I would never have lied to you if I felt I had a choice.

These last months have been incredibly difficult for Ella and I, and though we are overjoyed to finally be
bonded mates, we couldn’t in good conscience continue to let you believe a lie that was no longer

necessary, or to remain in the dark about the kind of ruler Prince Damon would be.”

He gazes around at the stunned audience with the air of a predator about to pounce, and I have to fight
back the urge to smile. “I’m pleased to report that we finally have proof of his crimes, so my question
for you is whether you’d like to move on to questions – or would you like to see the evidence against

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