Accidental Surrogate

Chapter 144


When I wake, my body is filled with the most exquisite soreness.

My hand immediately leaps to my neck, where Sinclair’s mark is seared into my skin. Being claimed
was the most intense experience of my life, and it feels remarkably as though Sinclair and

I are no longer separate people, but two halves of the same whole. His big body is wrapped around me
as he dozes, and I’m amazed to realize I can sense his inner Wolf’s pride and satisfaction even while
he rests.

I can’t really explain how the bond feels. In some way it’s like my bond with the baby, except instead of
flashes of hazy emotion I can constantly sense Sinclair’s feelings, in a deep form of empathy that is
confusing and overwhelming at times. Our hearts beat in perfect sync now, and I know we can
communicate telepathically when we choose, even though we haven’t had the chance to test this
particular gift. So far we haven’t done anything but make love. In fact my new mate woke me up three
times during the night to take me again, and my poor sex is so swollen and sensitive that I’m afraid of
Sinclair waking up and lavishing more attention on my exhausted body.

I try to sneak out of bed while he sleeps, but his powerful arms tighten around me, and then there’s a
low rumble in my ear. “And just where do you think you’re going?”

“Just to the bathroom.” I lie, realizing at once that this is a mistake. If I can sense Sinclair’s feelings
then he can certainly sense mine.

“Tsk, tsk,” He clucks, rolling me onto my back and looming above me. His voice is stern but there’s only
love, amusement and desire in his eyes. As soon as I see these emotions, I feel them as well, blended

with my own and yet entirely distinct.

Lying to your new mate already, trouble?” Sinclair teases, caressing my cheek. “And trying to sneak
away from me?”

“I thought you’d try to be intimate if I woke you.” I explain, only slightly sulky.

“Be intimate?” Sinclair repeats, a devilish glint in his emerald eyes. “You mean you thought I’d try to rut
your sweet pussy again.” I blush and shiver, certain I’ll never get used to hearing him speak this way. It
scandalizes me and turns me on all at once, and I know that’s why he does it. If only I could hide my
reaction from him – but that’s more impossible than ever now. “Well was I wrong?” I demand
indignantly. “I’m too sore to take any more of your wolf’s affection, Dominic.”

Sinclair’s brow furrows and he sits up completely, ” Baby, why didn’t you say so?” He moves between
my legs and gently rumbles when I try to clench them shut. “Come on, let me see, sweetheart.”

I don’t trust the sly wolf’s intentions, and when I try to sense his emotions through our bond in order to
decipher whether or not this is a trick or genuine concern, I realize I can’t. “How are you doing that?” I
inquire curiously, more than a little intrigued to realize there might be a way to shield my feelings from
my mate.

“You can learn to withhold some things from your mate, but it takes practice.” Sinclair answers huskily,
prying apart my thighs with no trouble at all. “Though I’m not sure I want to tell you how.” He adds

I clamp my hand over my center, my suspicions raised. “And why are you hiding your feelings from me
now?” I inquire, now convinced this is all just a scheme.

A rush of worry assails me, and I relax slightly. “It’s an old habit.” Sinclair shares reluctantly, “It’s not in
my nature to let others feel my anxiety, especially not my mate.” He tenderly pulls my hand away so he

can examine my abused flesh, purring sympathetically and crooning when he sees how red and
swollen I am. “Poor little wolf.”

He murmurs, carefully spreading my lips so he can take a closer look, “I’ve been too rough with you,
haven’t I?”

No! My wolf exclaims, and Sinclair’s masculine smirk tells me I’ve just managed to successfully
communicate telepathically. I roll my eyes at the silly canine, who loves his dominance too much to risk
him going easy on us. So I sassily add, This is just what happens when you try to shove a battering
ram into a keyhole.

Sinclair chuckles, his hot breath fluttering over my exposed skin. Poor, mistreated mate. His voice
sounds in my head, cursed with an Alpha too well endowed for your little body to take. Amusement is
heavy in his voice, and he arches a brow at me as he continues. Though I didn’t hear you complaining
when you were coming all over me last night.

I giggle despite myself, because he’s right and both know it. I 1love how small and delicate I feel beside
Sinclair, even if those values are misplaced by the human society that raised me, and I’ve certainly
enjoyed myself with him in bed. My thoughts are interrupted when Sinclair moves his mouth
dangerously close to my body. Here angel, let me kiss it better.

Alarms go off in my brain, but then it’s too late.

Sinclair’s talented tongue swipes up the length of my sex, lapping up the wetness accumulated at my
entrance and flicking over the tiny bundle of nerves at the apex of my mound. “Dominic no- ohhh.” I
exclaim, sighing as a fresh wave of heat consumes me. A moment ago I thought my clit might fall off if
Sinclair touched it, but the pain he invokes is edged with a deep pleasure I don’t understand. I abruptly
realize that the worry he’d shared with me is long gone, replaced only with cunning and triumph.

With his mouth occupied, my mate continues using our mind link. The sound of his dark laughter fills
my head, soon followed by the words, I wasn’t lying about sharing my worries, but perhaps I left out the
fact that you can also learn to project things that aren’t there, or only reveal some feelings while
keeping others hidden.

I’m panting as he continues laving affection over my sex, my fingers tangled in his hair as confused,
needy whimpers are dragged from my lips. Still, his words manage to penetrate the haze of lust and
disorientation consuming my mind, and I feel a burst of relief. I’m immensely glad to know that I’lI still
be able to surprise and trick my mate, just as he’s done to me now.

Another rumbling laugh sounds in my thoughts, You’ve got a long way to go before you’ll be able to pull
one over on me, mate. But I’d be lying if I said I’m not excited to see you try.

You just want an excuse to spank me again. I answer, trying and failing to sound offended by the idea.

Sinclair pauses his ministrations to look up at me, his eyes glinting with lethal hunger. Damned straight.

When Sinclair is finished having his wicked way with me, I leap out of bed and pull on my robe, putting
as much distance between myself and the bed as possible. Sinclair blinks, realizing I’m no longer
sprawled like a ragdoll over his chest, before narrowing his eyes at me, “I don’t recall giving you
permission to leave my arms, little one.”

“You stay away from me.” I order, pointing at him and trying to sound firm. “My body is off limits until it’s
had a chance to recover, is that clear?”

Sinclair smirks, and I realize I’ve essentially managed to challenge him. He rises from the bed and
begins prowling towards me. “Is that so?”

“Dominic, I’m serious.” I say earnestly. “Im exhausted. I haven’t gotten out of bed all day and I already
need a nap. Think of the baby.” I encourage, knowing that if this doesn’t work, nothing will.

Sinclair searches my face, then softens visibly. He reaches for me, and I hesitantly go to him. “Im sorry,
my love.” He purrs, snuggling me close. “My wolf just finds it difficult not to get carried away with you.
Have a lie down and I’ll bring you something to eat.”

My stomach growls right on cue, and I detect a pulse of guilt from Sinclair. He feels like he’s been
neglecting me, and as pleased as I am to know my body is safe from another onslaught of lust, I can’t
stand this. I send every bit of denial in my heart straight back at him. “Dominic, I can’t thank you
enough for everything you’ve done for me these last few days. You saved my life again, you took care
of me through the worst day of my entire life – the worst emotional and physical pain I’ve ever known.
You forgave me even when we thought I’d killed our baby.” I continue, my voice breaking as I recall that
pain. “You’ve done the exact opposite of neglecting me.” I proclaim passionately, “I love you so much,
and I’ve been in such heaven the last 24 hours, I just need a break.”

Sinclair cuddles me closer. “Thank you, sweetheart,” He professes tenderly. “But there’s one thing we
need to get straight. I love our pup more than life itself, but if I had to choose to save one of you over
the other, it wouldn’t even be a question for me. We can make another baby, but I can’t make another

My heart feels full to bursting, and some of the guilt that has been gnawing at me since I was forced to
make that terrible decision fades away. I realize that I’d been so afraid of losing Sinclair for trying to
save my own life, especially after we’d started out our relationship deeply opposed over my
consideration of an abortion. Something cracks open inside of me, and the next thing I know Im crying
out all the pain and fear – the trauma of everything I’ve just survived and the joy as well. Sinclair purrs
and rocks me in the safe cradle of my nest, and I realize he’s crying too. The last few days have been a
gauntlet for us both, and we desperately need the catharsis.

Unfortunately, our healing is cut short when Hugo walks in a little while later, a grim expression on his
face. “We’ve got a problem.”

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