Accidental Surrogate

Chapter 142



At first I think Sinclair is angry, but then his lips part in a lethal grin and a growling laugh vibrates in his
chest. He slides his hand over my cheek and around my nape, tangling his fingers in my wet hair. “Do
you know what it means, to top from the bottom, little wolf?” He inquires ominously, his thumb
massaging my neck in steady circles.

“No.” I reply, shifting nervously from foot to foot.

His demeanor is so predatory, so foreboding, ànd I know I’ve miscalculated in my attempt to hurry him

“It’s when you try to get your own way by provoking or manipulating me, using reverse psychology.” He
explains darkly, “It’s an attempt to take control from your Alpha, your mate, without them realizing
you’re doing it.” Sinclair prowls forward, and I instinctively retreat, moving backwards until my back
collides with the tile wall. My heart hammers in my chest, and Sinclair rumbles with satisfaction as he
watches me try to cope with his dominance. “I was willing to let you get away with making me come too
soon because I knowhow hard it’s been on your generous heart to always be on the receiving end in
the bedroom, but your mischievous wolf needs to know she can’t trick me into doing things her way.”

“And h-how are you going to teach her?” I ask nervously, a shiver racing down my spine when his
green eyes flash with some unnamed emotion.

“Well, I was planning on taking things slowly but making it as fun for you as possible.” Sinclair shares,
sliding his knee between my thighs. “Now I think I might just drag it out, make you work for your
pleasure. What do you think about that?”

I”m tempted to roll over and simply accept my defeat, but my traitorous wolf rankles at his suggestion, I
can feel her rising up inside of me, and I revel over how different it is to exist in this body now that I’m
sharing it with a full-fledged wolf. In the past my inner voice has been a comfort or friend, and more
rècently a conundrum, now I feel like she’s at the wheel and I’m merely along for the ride. “I think that’s
a terrible idea.” I hear myself reply, my voice decidedly sullen. “I shouldn’t have to wait at all when I’ve
already been without your mark for so long.”

Sinclair chuckles, reaching behind his body to shut off the shower tap. He sweeps my feet off the
ground, carrying me out of the shower and not bothering to dry me off befòre unceremoniously tossing
me into my nest. I hiss and bare my fangs at him for the offense, but all this does is cause Sinclair to
roll me over and pepper my bottom with swift spanks, holding me in place with a hand on the small of
my back. I howl and protest, but he doesn’t listen.

Despite myself, I can feel heat pooling between my legs, and there’s something so satisfying about
feeling Sinclair take me in hand this way. I blame my wolf – the ridiculous creature loves his dominance
in a way I don’t quite understand, but she and I are one now. I find my hand trying to sneak down
between my legs as he punishes me a jolt of utter rapture pulsing through me when my fingers connect
with my clit.

Realizing what I’m doing, Sinclair flips me onto my back. “I thought I told you that your pleasure
belongs to me, mate.” He rumbles, seizing my hand and sliding my fingers into his mouth, licking the
wetness from my skin. “I see I’m going to have to take things up a notch.”

Sinclair pins my hands on either side of my head, “

Tell me now, baby. Will you be okay if I restrain you?”

Unlike before, his phrasing doesn’t trigger my past. Instead it sends my foolish wolf into a fresh fit of
rebellion. “I’d like to see you try.” I challenge, wriggling against his hold.

Before I know it, my wrists and ankles are cinched to the four corners of the bed, and I’m spread-eagle
on the mattress, immobile and completely vulnerable. For a second I start to panic, but the moment
Sinclair hears my he art rate increase, he rests his palm on my belly and leans over me so I can see
his face. “You’re okay, trouble. I’m right here. I’ve got you.”

My wolf settles, knowing she’s safe in her mate’s hands, and I submit myself to Sinclair’s retribution.
“So lovely.” He observes, petting my swollen sex. “So slick and sensitive.” His thumb works tight circles
on my clit as he leans down to tease my nipple with his tongue, and I lift my hips to meet his touch,
biting back my needy moan. I’m already so turned on from the shower and his spanking, so it doesn’t
take long before I’m teetering on the edge of an orgasm. Unfortunately Sinclair is so tuned in to my
body’s cues that he senses my imminent peak, and pulls back at the last moment.

I cry out in frustration when his stimulation disappears, whining into the air and glaring at my mate.I
know he’s planning on doing the same thing over and over again, but this knowledge only makes me
more defiant. Sinclair lowers his lips to mine, stealing a kiss as he croons, “Such a fierce little wolf.” I
nip his lower lip, hard enough to draw blood, and he swats my neglected cleft, obviously not the least
bit concerned with the crimson liquid pooling at the corner of his mouth.

Over the next hour, he manages to repeat the same tortuous pattern over and over again. Using his
hands and mouth he brings me to the very edge of ecstasy before pulling back at the last second,
léaving me disappointed and desperate. I arch into his touch wherever it’s offered, eventually begging
him for the release he withholds. Still he doesn’t give in, continuing his relentless pleasure campaign
until I have no more defiance to wield against him.

Only when my eyes are full of tears and my vicious snarls have turned to whimpering moans does he
untie my hands and feet from the bed. He rolls onto his back and encourages me to sit astride him.
Finally free to climb atop him and seek my own pleasure, I balk at Sinclair’s massive size. I’m not sure

if I can take him all, but Sinclair sits up, cupping my face in his hands and stealing breathless kisses
from my lips. “You’re in control, baby just this first time.” He intimates gruffly.

But I only have so much control. If you don’t act soon, I’m going to take you whether you’re ready or
Being ready isn’t the problem, I think wryly. I’m so ready I could scream. The true issue is whether I can
handle such a man, but I suppose the only option I have is to try. I carefully center the flared head of
Sinclair’s cock at my entrance, certain that I’m going to come to pieces the moment he’s inside me.

It doesn’t actually happen that quickly, because it’s Mo easy feat cramming his girthy length into my
tight tunnel. Still, as soon as my hips settle against his, Sinclair rocks up into my heat, rubbing his cock
head against that special spot inside me and setting off fireworks in my body. All of a sudden the last
hour of stimulation crashes over me in a stunning haze of lust and I detonate around him.

“That’s it.” Sinclair encourages, beyond caring about anything other than our mutual release. “

Such a good girl, coming all over my cock.” I toss my head back and cry out as he lifts my hips and
begins thrusting into me at a relentless pace, even though I’m the one on top. It doesn’t take much to
send me over the edge again, and Sinclair’s deep voice and dirty words only egg me on.

“Fuck, you’re so tight, baby.” He purrs. “I could stay here forever. Night and day.” Sinclair kisses his
way down my neck, and all I can do is hang on for dear life. “Perfect, just like that, gorgeous.”

I lose track of how many times I climax, but Sinclair has certainly broken his own record. At what feels
like the end of an eternity, he grazes his fang over the spot where my neck meets my shoulder and
sinks them in deep. I scream as a bright, white light takes over my vision, blinding me figuratively and
literally. Love, fate and pure magic intertwine, consuming us both as our bond cements. Before I can
think better of it, I sink my own fangs into the muscles of Sinclair’s pec, staking my own claim as surely
as he’s staked his own.

In the delirious aftermath, I can only float in Sinclair’s protective embrace, finally feeling complete after
so many years of searching. All in all, this feels like a new beginning for us, and even if it isn’t, surely
becoming mates in every sense of the word gives us a connection that can never be broken. We’re a
true team now, and that has to be an advantage in the upcoming campaign.. right?

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