Accidental Surrogate

Chapter 140


“This isn’t fair.” I complain, sitting naked in the back of the limo, glaring at Sinclair. “You said you would
claim me if I shifted.”

“Greedy mate.” He teases, kissing the soft spot behind my ear. “I didn’t say I would do it in the middle
of the forest.”

He hadn’t, but I was still very displeased when – instead of ravishing me the moment I finished the
painful but brief shift back into being a human – he pulled me to my feet and strolled back to the waiting
cars and guards. “I don’t see why not.” I grumble, “I like the forest.”

“Because we’d be too exposed in the forest, I wouldn’t be able to really enjoy myself because I’d be too
on my guard.” He answers in a low rumble. “And it’s our first real time together, I’m not going to make
love to you up against a tree.”

“Then how are you going to do it?” I ask, peeking up at him and discovering his eyes already glue to
my sulking features. “In the back of a limo, maybe?” I suggest, stroking his muscular thigh and batting
my lashes.

“No, you naughty thing.” He chuckles, pulling me a little closer, even though we’re already flush. He
pauses to claim my lips, then trails kisses over my jaw until his warm breath is fluttering over my ear.
“I’m going to take you home and lay you out on my bed–”

“My nest.” I correct him, not caring for this mischaracterization.

Sinclair emits a wordless rumble, heavy with amusement. “Fine then. In your nest. I’ll lay you out like
my own personal feast, and then I’m going to kiss every last inch of your lovely body before I even

consider touching your sweet pussy.” He declares, his deep voice turning my entire body into liquid fire.
“And when you’re so desperate and needy that you’re all but begging for relief, I’m going to make a
home between your legs and absolutely gorge myself on your honey. I’m going to make you come so
many times that you think you can’t take any more pleasure… and then I’m going to prove you wrong.”

His big hands trail over my naked body as he speaks, stroking and caressing me with such intense
focus that I feel like I’m the only thing in the world… in his world. Suddenly I understand why he hadn’t
wanted to do this in the forest, where he has to worry about safety or privacy, where he can’t disappear
into the moment. “And every time you beg me to go faster, I’m just going to go slower.” He continues
darkly, sending delicious shivers down my spine. No one has ever spoken to me this way, and there’s
something about it that feels so forbidden that I can’t help but feel even more turned on. “And when I
finally drive my cock into you, and stretch your tight little sex until you’re full to bursting, I’ll let my wolf
take over.”

Oh Goddess, I think, my body flushed and smoldering simply from listening to him speak. Is it possible
to climax from words alone?

“I’m going to take you so fiercely, so ruthlessly, that your own wolf is going to come to absolute pieces.”
Sinclair states huskily. “I’m going to possess you so completely that you won’t even feel whole again
unless I’m inside you.” I shudder and he purrs, cupping my breast and brushing his thumb over my
beaded nipple. “That’s right, gorgeous. I’m going to make you crave me as wildly as I crave you, and
only when I’ve brought you to another climax on my cock, when I’ve gotten so lost in your beautiful
body that I won’t be able to hold back any longer – will I claim you.”

Sinclair drops his head to the spot where my neck meets my shoulder, grazing his teeth over my
sensitive skin. He closes his fangs over my flesh, applying gentle pressure, and my wolf begins howling
with need. How can a man touching such an innocent spot cause so much pleasure? So much desire?

I whine aloud when he releases me, and an amused rumble accompanies his next words. “I’ll bring you
back to the edge and sink my fangs deep. I’ll claim you as my one and only mate for the rest of our
lives… the force of the bond will scare you, but you won’t have to worry because I’ll be right there,
holding you tight.” He promises, filling me with an entirely different kind of warmth. “It will send us both
into the fucking stratosphere, and when it’s over we’ll sleep for a while, but then we’re going to wake up
and do it over, and over, and over again.”

I’m nothing more than a puddle in his arms at this point, and the smug Alpha knows it. When I look up
at him his wolf is glowing in his eyes, and even though he’s turned my brain to mush, I can’t help but
notice that I’m not the only one who’s gotten excited by his dirty talk.

He’s as naked as I am, and I have to fight not to gape at the size of him. Surely he hadn’t been that big
in our dream? Either way my wolf is preening with the pride of knowing his desire is for me and me
alone. I have the strongest impulse to reach out and take his hardness in my hand, and my mouth
positively waters. “And will I finally be allowed to… to touch you?” I inquire shyly, not brave enough to
use the same blunt terms he does.

“If you ask very nicely, and you tell me exactly what you want to do.” He replies, pressing his mouth to
mine and nipping my plump lower lip.

My heart skips a beat as I realize he wants me to speak as he is, to be explicit about my desire and
shrug off my inhibitions. I want so badly to give him pleasure, especially after all these weeks of
receiving his selfless affection and not being able to return it. Still, I’ve never spoken about sex this way
– even with Mike. At best he would ask if I was in the mood, then lie on top of me for a few minutes
before groaning out his release and patting my bottom to reward me for a job well done. In hindsight I
hate that I was such a doormat with him, but I didn’t know what sex could be like until I met Sinclair.

The car pulls to a stop in front of the house before I can conjure a reply, and Sinclair wraps me up in a
robe before donning one himself, and carrying me inside. He bounds up the stairs to his bedroom, then

sweeps into the bathroom and sets me on the ground. “Bath or shower?” He asks, pulling off my robe.

“What? But I thought…” I stammer, thinking of his promises in the car.

“Are you so eager to get your nest dirty?” Sinclair inquires, quirking his lip and gesturing to the conifer
needles and streaks of mud on our legs. I forgot we’d been romping through the forest as our wolves,
and even the snow couldn’t keep the dirt away entirely.

“No!” I immediately object, despising the very idea. I try to focus on his first question, but the thought of
a bath raises images in my mind, fuzzy memories of being held down as Sinclair tried to warm my
frostbitten fingers and toes.

“Dominic,” I murmur, for the first time coming out of the joyful haze that has consumed me since
realizing my baby survived the shift. I’m quickly recalling everything my mate did for me in the last few
days and worse, I remember the horrible things I said to him in that episode, and horror washes over
me. “I’m so sorry for the things I said when you were trying to help me, I didn’t mean them, I–”

“Later.” Dominic presses a finger to my lips, stroking my hip with his free hand. “We have all the time in
the world to talk about it, Ella. And that’s the last thing I want to do right now.”

I nod, gulping down my welling emotions. “Shower.” I decide, more determined than ever to show my
mate the same generosity he showed me.

We wash ourselves quickly, or perhaps I should say we wash each other quickly. Sinclair insisted on
cleaning me himself, and it’s no surprise when his attention gets sidetracked, his powerful hands taking
detours to my breasts and between my legs as he extracts fevered kisses from my lips. I eagerly do the
same to him, and he kneels in front of me, kissing my belly and breasts as I try to clean his shoulders,
face and hair. Of course, when I try to pull the same trick he did and reach for his hardness, he catches
my wrist. “Ask me, baby.” He rumbles sensuously.

My eyes widen with alarm, and my cheeks flush with color. I can’t! I can’t talk about these things the
way he does… Can I?

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