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Accidental Surrogate For Alpha Novel Free -Chapter 130


I’d been ready to storm the Royal Palace when I learned the Prince had taken Ella, and if I had been
sure of her location, I would have already done it. It would be the very definition of hubris to imprison
her within his own home, though I don’t put anything past the Prince. More importantly, my mate and
my pup’s lives hang in the balance, and I can’t be too careful.

After I calmed down enough to stop envisioning all the ways I’d like to maim the other man, I had Hugo
call in my best warriors, even though they’ve only just come off the battlefield. Next to Gabriel, Sean
and the rest of the slaughtered team, the chosen men are the best fighters I can assemble at my back
– and I have no doubt I’m going to need them. When they arrived I was still too rabid to conjure actual
words, so Hugo explained the situation to them. I watch the horror and outrage spread across their
weary faces and I’m touched when – one by one – they all stand and promise me their allegiance in the
fight ahead.

I didn’t even have to ask, and a tiny part of me had been afraid they would view the assault on my mate
as a reflection of my own weakness. It was bad enough that the Prince was able to find enough rogues
to take on the city, and now this? What kind of Alpha can’t even protect his mate? I feel like an utter
failure for not keeping Ella and Rafe safe, for not considering that the royal family might declare the
danger passed in order to target my mate.

My wolf hasn’t stopped howling in my head, in between bursts of deadly snarls and pitiful whines, he
simply howls and howls as if he’s hoping her own wolf might hear him telepathically. He’s drowning in
his pain, but I’m drowning in my guilt. I promised she would always be safe and I couldn’t do it.
Goddess only know what they’re doing to her at this very moment.

My father is here too – he came at Roger’s request after we arrived home, and I’m grateful for his
steady presence. My own wolf might be on the verge of going completely berserk, but I know my father

will talk me down if I start to truly lose it. He must think I’m nearing that point, because he wheels over
and rests his hand over mine. “Whatever you’re thinking, stop. Beating yourself up about this won’t help
anything.” He frowns sympathetically, letting me know he understands even though he’s not going to
condone my wallowing. “Ella needs your strength, not your self-pity.”

I nod, appreciating his calm reminder. Feeling sorry for myself won’t fix anything. “I’ve already called
the Prince’s beta.” Hugo is explaining to the men. “They’ve asked for a meeting, and we agreed to let
them set the time if we set the place. We won’t release the location until fifteen minutes before the

“What’s the plan once we’re there?” The biggest wolf in the group asks. “Are they bringing her along?”

“Unlikely.” Hugo sighs, “This is just to collect intelligence. They’re probably going to request a ransom,
and we need to try and glean as much information as we possibly can in the meantime. Everybody
needs to be observing every detail possible – the words he uses, the way he organizes his own guards.
Watch their facial expressions as the Alpha’s speak, try to pick up on any ticks or body language that
might hint at a clue to her location or their plans.”

“When is the meet?” The same guard inquires, nodding along with the instructions.

“It’s in half an hour, which means we only have a little while to prepare. I know it’s soon, but we didn’t
want to give them any time to scheme further or try to figure out the destination in advance. It means
we don’t have time to set up an ambush as well, which is unfortunately a concession we had to make.”

“But we can call for backup.” Another wolf suggests, “I bet you they’ll do exactly the same thing once
they know where it is.”

“We will, but this is a very delicate situation. In all likelihood they’ve set up some kind of contingency in
the event that the Prince doesn’t return from the meeting or they take too long before checking in. Your
Luna’s life is at stake – we can’t be too careful.” Hugo explains.

I step forward, pleased to see how eager my men are to help. “I appreciate your dedication and your
bravery tonight. We’ve already been through hell in the last few hours, and I want to make sure that
everyone here is up to another fight if things come to a head. This isn’t the time to play the hero – if
you’re too exhausted, injured or simply unable to be at your best, tell me now. I don’t want any more
unnecessary bloodshed.”

The first man steps forward, a hard look on his face. “All do respect, Alpha, but Gabriel trained me, he
was one of the best fighters I’ve ever seen, and he saved my life more than once over the years. That
cowardly bastard probably had to outnumber them five to one just to take him out. And targeting a
breeding she-wolf is as low as it gets. I won’t step a toe out of line, but I’d be lying if I said I’m not
hoping he’ll give us a reason to cut him down where he stands.”

“I agree.” The wolf beside him nods, “We all want to make him pay, and we’ll be damned if we’re going
to let you go in there alone.”

“Thank you.” I profess earnestly, feeling genuinely touched by their support. “Now let’s move out.”

By the time the Prince arrives at the meeting point half an hour later, I’ve got more than a hundred
wolves spread out around the periphery of the scene, just waiting to move in or track the Prince after
he leaves. When Damon enters, sniffing at our surroundings – a deserted warehouse in the old
industrial district – I can’t stop myself from prowling forward with lethal intent.

“Where is she?” I thunder, feeling as though my wolf is clawing at my skin, actually spilling my blood in
his desperation to get out.”

“Uh, uh, uh,” The prince mocks, waggling his finger at me. “If anything happens to me, I guarantee
you’ll never see her again.”

“What the hell are you up to?” I change course, my gaze flitting to the bastion of guards at his back.
He’s got about a dozen men around him, but I know his guards are second-rate fighters compared to

my own men.

It would be so easy. My wolf suggests hungrily. He could be dead in an instant, and then we could hold
his men hostage and torture them until they tell us where she is.

The Prince is eyeing me closely, undoubtedly reading my bloodthirsty thoughts. “You should know I’ve
arranged to check in with your mate’s guards every fifteen minutes like clockwork. If they don’t receive
my call – they’ll kill her and your unborn whelp.”

I silently curse. We figured something like this would happen, but it’s still fucking inconvenient. “I see
you’ve been taking pointers from my ex-wife.” I remark harshly, hoping to piss him off enough to put a
dent in their alliance. “I didn’t think you had it in you to take a woman’s advice… then again, when she’s
ten times smarter than you are, you’d be a fool not to. Still, it’s a bit embarrassing – don’t you think?”

Damon’s face flushes with color, and his jaw clenches tight. “I admit she’s a tiresome creature, but
even I have to admit she’s had a few good ideas… like this one.”

“And what was her brilliant idea? To distract me with the rogues, to make me look like a fool for losing
my mate?” I inquire, prodding for information more than anything else.

The Prince scowls. “You’re going to give up your campaign, Dominic. Resign, abdicate – whatever you
want to call it. Take yourself out of the running and leave the territory. If you do that, I’ll give your little
mate back and you two can run off in the sunset together.”

“Why should I believe you’d actually return her to me?” I press. My insides have been tied into knots
since this all began, but they clench even tighter now, settling in my stomach like rocks.

“Because I am nothing if not a man of honor.” The Prince replies haughtily, “You have my word that she
will be safe and sound as long as you play by my rules, Dominic.”

“I don’t believe you.” I say sharply, even though I have no intention of agreeing to his ludicrous terms.

“You should, I’ve shown her nothing but kindness so far and I’ll continue to do that.” He shrugs. “I have
nothing against either of you as people – the problem is that you’re in my way.” He growls, his eyes
flashing. “You have always been in my way.”

“How do I know she’s really unharmed? She could be in some dungeon at this very moment, suffering
Goddess only knows what.” I snap. “If I’m going to consider this offer, I want proof of life.”

“Alright.” He shrugs. “Give me 24 hours. We can set another meet. I’ll bring proof of life, and you can
tell me your decision. Just no that if you say no to me – I’ll kill her faster than you can blink.”


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