Accidental Surrogate

Chapter 132

– Ella Warns Sinclair


“What do you mean, you won’t tell me?” Sinclair rumbles, full of foreboding. He’s glowering down at
me, emitting raw Alpha authority and unflinching disapproval. The idea that anyone would keep me
from him – even me myself – seems to be more than he can handle. Still, I know I have to – if he
comes after me the Prince will kill him. i

I set my jaw trying to look fierce and determined, even though my wolf is whimpering in the face of his
ire. “I won’t! I don’t care what you do or what you say, I’m not going to tell you.”

“Ella, what are you talking about? Why not?” Sinclair demands, his hands tightening reflexively on my
body and then easing when he realizes how tightly he’s holding me.

“I heard the Prince and Lydia talking, they know you won’t give them their ransom. They think you’ll try
to stage a rescue instead, and when you do, they’ll be waiting. It’s all a set up. If you come here they’ll
kill you.” I whisper frantically, knowing this won’t dissuade him, but hoping my explanation will at least
help him understand why I can’t answer his question.

Sinclair’s eyes glow neon green, and he bares his fangs, “So what would you have me do, Ella? Just
leave you as his prisoner?” Before I can conjure any kind of response, he continues, “Not fucking likely,

“I don’t have the answers.” I moan, leaning into him in hopes that he’ll calm down.

Unfortunately he knows what I’m about, and keeps me at arm’s length, “I just know that rescue is not
an option. I’m not going to let anyone else die for me – especially not you!” My throat is itching, my
voice thick with emotion as I look up at my mate. “I can’t lose you, Dominic.”

“Sweetheart, if I know there’s an ambush waiting I can prepare for it.” Sinclair reasons, sounding
gentler now. I think my upset has calmed his own temper, because he tucks my head under his chin
and begins stroking my spine in long, soothing strokes. “I know you’re scared and you probably feel
horribly guilty about your guards, but their deaths were the most honorable kind for a warrior. They
joined my ranks because they wanted to defend the pack at all costs.”

“You didn’t see them.” I hiccup, “it wasn’t – they thought they’d failed. They died believing they hadn’t
done their jobs, that they hadn’t protected me.”

He tsks, pressing his lips to my hair. “They will be remembered as heroes, Ella. They fought until the
very end, even when the odds were so stacked against them that they knew they couldn’t win.”

“But I don’t want you to die too!” I cry. “I need you, the united packs need you.”

“Shhh, I have no plans of dying anytime soon.” Sinclair promises, caressing the curve of my belly. “But
you need to tell me where you are so we can make a plan… so we can avoid that at all costs.Did you
overhear Damon and Lydia because you’re in the Palace?”

I stubbornly shake my head. “I’ve made up my mind, Dominic.” I insist. “I’m better off in captivity than I
would be if we lost you. Fear of you is the only thing keeping them from hurting me.”

Sinclair growls low and deep, brushing his thumb over the bruise on my cheek. “Is this what you call

I lean my face into his hand, nuzzling and nibble his palm, “it’s not so bad.” I insist, “A few bruises are
nothing in the grand scheme.”

He grumbles, ‘They’re something to me, and he’s threatening to do much worse if I don’t end my
campaign in the next 24 hours. We don’t have time to waste.”

“I’m sure he threatened to kill me, but even Damon isn’t that foolish. As long as you’re out there making
life difficult for them, they’ll need to keep me as leverage.” I reason, hoping that I’m right.

‘That’s not a change I’m willing to take, Ella.” Sinclair counters firmly. “And even if you are right, I can’t
help you through this pregnancy if we’re separated. You’re already high risk, being a prisoner could
make your condition even worse and endanger the baby.”

He’s using the baby against me. I realize, admiring his sly strategy. He knows I’ll let myself suffer, but
the idea of our pup being harmed… I emit a pitiful moan, hating how right he is. ‘There has to be
another way. Maybe I can escape on my own.” The

Prince’s threats ring in my mind, but I’m smart enough not to repeat these things to my mate. I know in
my heart that if anyone is going to put themselves at risk, it should be me. The possibility of my baby’s
death is too painful to contemplate, and my inner mama bear lashes out at the thought with primal
rage. Still, Sinclair is the one who has to rule, he’s the one responsible for protecting millions of shifters
and humans alike.

‘That’s an idea.” Sinclair is watching me with narrowed eyes, and too late I realize he’s still got one
hand on my tummy, no doubt channeling my feelings through the baby.

“But what aren’t you saying, trouble? What aren’t you telling me?” I summon a growl, hating his
perceptiveness. “Look, if I try to escape and I’m caught, they might rough me up a bit, but they won’t kill
me.” I assert, convinced the Princewouldn’t give up such a powerful bargaining chip – or perhaps
praying that I’m right, since I’m not willing to endanger Sinclair. “I’ll be able to try again. But if you try to
rescue me and they get the better of you, they’ll kill you. The risk is less if I try to do this on my own.”

Sinclair fumes, and his fists clench and unclench on my body. “Listen to me, now. We only have a few
more hours to work this out, and one way or another, you need to tell me where you are. I’m not saying

I’m going to ride in there on a white horse to save you, but I can’t find solutions if I don’t know the

I peek up at him sulkily, feeling a ferocious desperation to keep him safe no matter what. “What time
exactly do you have to give your answer? Are you meeting him in person?” I question, thinking that if I
try to escape when the Prince is out of the house with all his guards, I might actually be able to

“Why?” Sinclair demands, his voice like gravel.

“Because I’m trying to figure this out.” I reply vaguely, knowing he’s getting more and more frustrated
with me by the minute.

‘Tell me where you are and I’ll help you.” He repeats forcefully, practically shaking with the effort it’s
taking to control his wolf. ‘This is not the time to test me, little one.”

“No.” I repeat stubbornly, not able to meet his eyes. “I’ve made up my mind, Dominic. I’m not going to
tell you.”

Sinclair’s hand clamps around my nape with unrelenting force, pulling my reluctant gaze up to his own.
“Let’s get one thing straight, beautiful. You are not going to keep sacrificing yourself to protect the
people around you – you’ve given up enough in your life and it is my job to make sure you never have
to do that ever again. I couldn’t prevent you from doing it with the guards, but I’ll be damned if I’m going
to let you do it for me.” There’s something feral in his emerald eyes, a wildness I’ve never before

“I’m hate to do this, but you’re really not giving me another choice.”

At first I don’t have the first clue what he means, but the next thing I know, a wave of ruthless
dominance slams into me, nearly bending my body in two with the force of his power. I gasp in shock,
not understanding, “I – What are you doing to me?”

‘This is the authority I hold over other wolves.” He growls unapologetically, “I don’t enjoy using it against
my mate, but I will if I have to. Now tell me where you are.” He commands mercilessly.

To my shock and horror I feel the words rising up inside my throat, balancing on the tip of my tongue. I
fight with all my strength, amazed and devastated that he might steal the words from my lips without
my permission. I always knew Sinclair was powerful, but I’ve never felt the full force of his dominance
before. I didn’t realize he could force someone to do something against their will, with only a few words.

“No!” I plead, tears streaming down my cheeks. “Please… don’t make me, they’ll kill you.”

‘Tell me.” He says again, and to my misery, the force of his order only increases. I’m a begging,
blubbering mess, but Sinclair doesn’t relent. I hate him for doing this to me, for making me say the
words that might send him to his grave, but I can’t help myself.I’m powerless to stop him.

I feel my mouth opening, and then the words are spilling out.

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