Accidental Surrogate

Chapter 124

– Lydia Gives Advice

3rd Person “Another rogue attack?” Lydia scoffed, circling the Prince as he studied his plans for the
invasion, “haven’t you attempted enough to realize they aren’t going to work?” ‘This one is different.”
The Prince groused in reply. Tm not just targeting

Sinclair’s bitch or a few tourists. The entire pack will be in shambles and Dominic will be held

A moment later the emergency sirens began blaring through the city, and the Prince surged to his feet,
“What! No! How did he find out?”

Lydia swore under her breath, “because he keeps spies in the neutral territories, just like you do – just
like all the Alpha’s do.” She promptly crossed the floor and snatched up the television remote, flipping
to the news where an emergency bulletin was dominating the screen.

An anxious reporter read off a teleprompter, his voice full of urgency.” Moon Valley is facing imminent
attack from rogue actors. Take shelter in your home or at your nearest designated safety point. Alpha
Sinclair has ordered an immediate lockdown until the “all clear” chime can be rung. Pack enforcers are
on their way to meet the threat and hopefully force back the rogues before they can breach the city, but
extreme caution is advised for all citizens. The human mayor has been informed and is instituting a city
shut down under the guise of a gas leak…”

The reporter carried on in the background as Lydia turned back to the Prince, annoyance dominating
her features. “How much time is there before the attack?”

“They won’t reach the city for another three hours at least, if they make it into the territory at all.” The
Prince explained, overflowing with agitated energy.

“Where are they striking?” Lydia pressed, her mind racing for a solution to this crisis.

“Their scouts have identified half a dozen stretches along the border with the least patrols and easiest
access.” He shared, pressing a button on the underside of his desk to summon his beta.

“That’s exactly where Dominic will go.” Lydia gritted out. ‘They should be targeting more mid-level
outposts.” “But they’ll have a harder time breaching those.” The Prince argued obstinately.

“Yes, but they might actually get through with a few losses. The way you’ve organized this, all the
reinforcements are going to meet them head on and they won’t actually be able to get into the city!”
Lydia exclaimed, losing her patience with the man’s stupidity.

“Well it’s too late to change plans now, so I don’t know what you expect me to do!” Prince Damon
exploded, equally sick of the bossy she-wolf’s criticism. He paced back and forth, dragging his hands
through his hair in frustration. “He’ll be out there fighting with them… the self-righteous bastard…” He
mused after a moment. “I could send some of my own enforcers under the guise of helping fend off the
attack. With enough men, they might be able to kill him and frame the rogues.”

Lydia’s heart fluttered nervously. She wanted to destroy Sinclair, but he was still her fated mate. The
idea of his death made her wolf writhe inside her chest, still, she might have gotten over that. She
couldn’t get over the idiocy. “It will never work. Even if they were strong enough to overpower him, he’ll
have an entire army at his back.

Besides,” She pointed to the television, where the bulletin still flashed violently on the screen. ‘They’re
calling for able-bodied wolves to join the fight, which means there will be dozens of witnesses even if
you do somehow manage to succeed!” ‘Then I’ll go after his whore!” The Prince lashed out, slamming
his fist into his desk. “He won’t be there to protect her this time!”

Lydia shook her head, “She’ll be in a safe house. Besides, haven’t you learned you lesson by now?
Think of your own situation, if she dies he only looks more sympathetic.” “But he won’t have an heir.”

The Prince insisted.

“But people know he’s not sterile now – he can make another.” Lydia explained. “Look, you can’t defeat
him. Every time you try, he manages to outmaneuver you. You can’t overpower him because he’s too
strong. You can’t outsmart him because he’s too clever. And you can’t out charm him. Look at
everything that has already happened.”

Lydia gestured to the television again, as camera footage of Sinclair leading a charge of wolves to the
border played across the screen, looking like scenes from some high-octane action movie. The
Prince’s beta finally entered as they watched the video, his mouth set in a hard line as he assessed the

“What are your orders, sir?” He asked hesitantly, seeing the obvious jealousy and rage on the other
mans face.

The Prince looked to Lydia, who he was coming to hate for her intelligence, but whom he also realized
he needed. When the campaign was over he’d cut her down to size, but for the time being he needed
her on his side.” Your ratings are at an all time high and he’s still beating you.” Lydia reminded him,
trying not to think about how powerful

Sinclair looked on the screen and keep her attention on the matter at hand.

“So what? What am I supposed to do?” The prince thundered, not needing this reminder.

“If you can’t beat him, the only option available is to force him to step down. Make him take himself out
of the running.” Lydia advised slyly, clearly pleased with herself.

“How?” The beta inquired curiously.

“You weren’t wrong about his weakness.” Lydia answered coolly, thoroughly enjoying making these
powerful wolves stew. ‘You’ve just been going about it the wrong way.” “I don’t understand.” The Prince
growled, losing his patience.

Lydia rolled her eyes. “Use Ella. Don’t kill her, hold her hostage and make the ransom he steps down,
he’ll never see her again, you’ll do terrible things to her.”

The Prince paused, liking the sounds of this – particularly the opportunity to have

Sinclair’s beautiful mate at his mercy. “What makes you think he won’t give her up?

The self-righteous bastard might sacrifice her for the greater good, and that’s assuming I can even get
my hands on her.” ‘Trust me, I was married to the man for more than a decade. He’s not as much of a
goody two shoes as you think. He’s extremely possessive and he won’t be able to help himself – his
wolf will get the better of him. Either he’ll give up the throne or he’ll try to stage a rescue. Either way,
you’ll win.” Lydia shrugged.

“How do I win if he stages a rescue?” The Prince demanded sharply.

‘You make it a trap.” Linda answered, thinking that it wouldn’t be very hard to arrange with someone in
possession of a brain behind the wheel.” Assemble enough forces to overpower him, ensure he has to
go in alone, and don’t leave anything to chance.”

“It’s not a bad idea.” The beta approved. “We need to stop trying to fight him and just play dirty – shoot
him with a tranquilizer and kill him while he’s unconscious.” “That’s a coward’s move.” The Prince
countered fiercely.

“Maybe, but it’s also the only way you’ll ever kill him.” Lydia responded, becoming more and more
immune to the idea of Sinclair’s death the more they discussed it.

After all, he rejected her publicly, he humiliated her, chose that little bitch over her.

“Fine. Let’s say we can make all that happen – we still need to get to Ella and you just said she’ll be in
a safe house.” The Prince reasoned.

“She will, until the ‘all clear” is given.” Lydia answered with a diabolical smile. “But

Sinclair isn’t the only one who can give the “all clear.” She reminded him. As Prince,

Damon also had the power to raise alarms and call off the danger, though he had never before needed
to do so.

The Prince’s eyes lit up, if I can make the city think the attack is over, they’d all come out of hiding
before it’s actually safe. The attack could still work – and Ella will return to the pack house.”

“And she’ll barely have any guards because they’ll all still be out fighting.” Lydia nodded smugly. ‘This is
the best chance you’re going to get to take her.”

“We’ll have to wait a while, if we call the all clear too soon, they won’t believe it.”

The beta warned.

“And the news coverage?” The Prince asked. “Won’t people be able to see the danger isn’t passed?” “It
doesn’t matter if some of the pack don’t come out, the one who really matters is Ella, and I know for a
fact that all of Dominic’s safe house are off the grid.

They have no technology, nothing that might be used to trace the location.” Lydia replied smoothly,
more than a little pleased with her own cunning.

A terrible smile stretched across the Prince’s face as he observed the calculating she wolf. ’You might
be of some used to me yet.” He informed her arrogantly.

Lydia smirked. “Just you wait. Before this is over you’ll be wondering how you ever survived without

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