Accidental Surrogate

Chapter 123

– Rogue Attacks


After Ella shared her story with me, we spent a long time just kissing and cuddling,

talking through our feelings and reaffirming our love. Still, Ella wasn’t entirely soothed.

I could tell she was still beating herself up about her panic attack, no matter how many

times I promised her it was all right

I just want to be able to give you what you need.

Ella moans after a while, sounding as miserable ass ever.

“I don’t need to tie you up, baby. I promise, wondering if I’ll ever be able to convince

her that she’s enough for me exactly as she is. “There are plenty of other things we

can do.”

“But the idea of being tied up with you doesn’t frighten me.” Ella confesses, surprising

me. “I think it was just the way you asked. Because it wasn’t about you and me, it was

about what had been done to me in the past.

I frown, unsure if she’s being completely forthright. “That’s possible.” I agree. “But the

chances are that if the question was that upsetting, feeling it would be worse.”

“Not if I know it’s coming, and not if I’m handcuffed or something. The straps on a

medical table are different.” Ella argues. “I’m not saying I want to try it right this

second or when you’re really stressed. It would probably be better when things are

calmer so that if I do panic it doesn’t ruin everything, but I think I would like to try


“You really don’t have to, Ella.” I assure her “Not for my sake. It should be fun for both

of us, not something you have to endure.”

“I’m not just saying it for you Ella insists. “I don’t like thinking that they still have so

much power over me. Maybe if I can get over that fear by replacing the bad memories

with some good ones I can take my power back.”

I narrow my eyes at the little minx, wondering if this is another tactic to convince me.

Ella knows I’d do anything to help her, and it would certainly be clever to turn the

tables on me this way.

However when I look into her shining eyes, I see only sincerity. “Okay, one day when

things are calmer, we can try” I decide, running my hands over her slick skin. “But if

you give me reason to think you’re just humoring me, you’re going to be in big trouble,


“I’m not” Ella insists indignantly, sitting up and giving me a delectable view of water

dripping down her bare breasts. “I don’t know if it’s my wolf coming out or what, but

the more time that passes, the more I find myself craving your.. well, your dominance.”

She flushes bright red as the words leave her mouth, and I’m relieved to see that all

the heavy emotion of the last hour is starting to fade in favor of flirtation.

“It might be your wolf.” I confirm with a grin, sliding my palms up to cup her sensitive

mounds running my thumbs over the tight buds at their center. Ella shivers and arches

into my hands, delightfully sensitive amidst her raging hormones.

“Or maybe you’ve always been a secret sex friend, and you just needed time to tap

into that part of yourself.”

Ella blinks, dropping her gaze for a moment before looking back up at me in surprise,

as if she’s just realized something. “Do you remember when we first found each other,

and I was confused because I felt like a different person with you? You said I was

becoming the person I was always meant to be, and it just hadn’t been safe for me to

come out of my shell before.”

“Mmm,”I rumble fondly, needing no help to recall our food fight. “As I recall you

thought I was full of it.”

“But you were right.” Ella muses, sliding her arms around my neck. “My wolf

recognized you even before I knew she existed.”

“Are you saying I’m right now too, and you are a sex friend?” I joke, beyond pleased

when her beautiful laugh meets my ears

“only for you. Ella grins, making my inner wolf śwell with pride.

Well you never have to worry about getting my dominance, trouble.” I tease, dragging

her forward for a kiss. “You know exactly how to bring it out”I nip her plump lower lip

and claim her mouth again, the passion always simmering for this incredible woman

surging to a sudden boil. I’m already fantasizing about how I can create the most

pleasure for us both without losing the stranglehold I’m keeping on my mating


when the bedroom door crashes open in the distance

I smell Hugo before I see him, which is the only reason I don’t react more forcefully.

Instead I Simply pull my mouth lips from Ella’s, my wolf going into high alert. If Hugo is

barging in this way it must be an emergency. Ella yelps when my Beta stalks in a

moment later, Ella is hiding her face in my neck, almost as though she thinks Hugo

might not be able to see her if she can’t see him. I offer her a soft purr, but I look up at

my second-in command with instant anxiety, “What’s wrong?

He glances nervously at Ella, but I nod for him to continue. “One of our spies in the

border territories just called in an urgent warning. Apparently a coalition of rogue

wolves is planning a assault on Moon Valley. Their numbers are in the hundreds and

they’re coming at us from all sides. This isn’t just some raid it’s a highly coordinated

attack and you can bet they didn’t organize it on their own.

“When?” I demand sharply, already reaching for a towel. I slide Ella’s body off of mine,

concealing her beneath the bubbles of the deep bath and rising out of the water.

“Tonight.” Hugo sighs in exasperation. “We have maybe two hours to get

reinforcements to our scouts.”

I swear viciously, the borders of Moon Valley extend for hundreds of miles, we don’t

have enough time to re ach our most remote outposts, and those are probably the

ones the rogues will be targeting first. “Call in everyone you can and immediately

deploy those already on duty. Send them to the most vulnerable outposts first, and

make sure everyone is fully briefed. Deploy the warning sirens and release a bulletin

to all the media outlets in the city, order an immediate lockdown and roll out the

emergency helpline for anyone who sights or encounters rogue aggressors. Tell them

to issue reminders on shelter locations, and set closing times for two hours from now

Have the hospitals initiate their own emergency protocols and put out a call to any

willing and able wolves who want to help defend the city, but make the dangers damn

clear. No one under 18.

The words flow from my lips out of pure reflex, and Hugo immediately turns on his

heel to carry out my instructions. When he’s gone, I turn back to Ella, who is looking

up at me with wide eyes. I pluck her out of the bath and wrap her in a towel. “

Listen to me, Ella. Your guards are going to take you to a safe house and it’s critical

that you stay there until the danger has passed. I’ll come for you as soon as I can, but

listen to the guards and don’t set a single foot outside until the all clear orders have

been given. Don’t open the door for anyone, and don’t even think about doing

anything heroic.

If you see an injured child lying in the street, leave them for the guards to help. Do you

understand me?”

Ella furrows her brow, unease flowing off her in waves “But where will you be? What

are you going to be doing?”

“I have to stand with my men.” I explain. “We’re going to need all the help we can get.”

“Fighting, you mean.” Ella clarifies. “You’re going into battle?”

Yes.” I answer simply, knowing I can’t shield her from the truth. “I wish I didn’t have to

leave you, but I can’t let other wolves defend my city without me.”

Ella’s lower lip, still swollen from my kisses, is trembling. “Do you promise that you’ll

come back to me?

“Im not going to let some dirty rogue get the better of me, baby.” Taking her face in my

hands, I continue, “Now give me your word that you’ll do as I’ve asked”I command.

“Go to the safe house, listen to the guards, and wait for me.”

Ella nods shakily, and I pull her into my arms. Our lips collide with sudden desperation as if we’re both
thinking the same thing. Just in case it’s for the last time. Suddenly I realize I never walked Ella through
the contingency plans she requested, like what to do if I’m killed. Unfortunately there’s no time for that
now. Her guards know what to do if the worst happens, and that will have to be enough for the time

“I love you.” I profess, stealing one last kiss. “No matter what.”

“I love you too. Ella answers, tears spilling down her cheeks. “Please be safe, Dominic.”

“Don’t worry, trouble. We’ll be together again before you know it. I answer, but we both know that s not
a promise I can make. Every time I go into battle, I do so knowing it might be the end, but I’ve never

had more of a reason to survive than I do now, and I’ll be damned if I’m going to let this be my last
moment with Ella. I’m going to make it – I have to.

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