Accidental Surrogate

Chapter 119


The next thing I know, Sinclair is prowling forward across the room, backing me

towards the bed. He seems barely human, barely in control of his wolf – but I

understand now why he hasn’t sought more comfort from me. I’d gotten so used to his

sultry innuendos and dark promises that I forgot how serious these matters truly are to

wolves. But now I see the truth. I pushed him, forced him to admit things he was trying

to shield me from, then challenged his authority, demanded that he let me do my job.

My inner wolf is a veritable basket case. She’s both excited and intimidated, thrilled

and daunted, eager to please and utterly defiant about the idea of submitting to

anyone – even Sinclair. For weeks now she’s been begging for Sinclair’s mark, and

now that the ridiculous creature is about to get it –

she wants to play hard to get.

The backs of my knees collide with the bed, and Sinclair lifts me as though I weigh

nothing, tossing me back into the plush comfort of my nest.

I scramble onto my hands and knees, baring my teeth at the bossy wolf and emitting a

soft growl. I don’t appreciate him messing up the safe cocoon I created for our pup,

and though something deep down inside of me is quivering with appreciation for his

dominance, I don’t care for his high-handed behavior.

Sinclair unslings the towel still wrapped around his waist, an ominous chuckle on his

lips. “Such a fierce little mate.” He observes, his eyes hooded with desire. “Have you

already forgotten how desperate you’ve been to bare my mark?”

I narrow my eyes as he crawls onto the bed, climbing over the overabundance of

pillows and blankets. He lashes out and catches my ankle, deftly sliding my legs out

from under me and pulling me towards him over the mattress. I yelp in surprise, but

the next thing I know I’m on my back with Sinclair looming

over me, blissfully naked. My eyes scan his chiseled form: from his glorious bronze

skin, which glistens in the low light; to his devilishly handsome face; and all the way

down to the huge, hard member between his legs.

Suddenly I find myself stretching out so he can appreciate my curves, shifting and

writhing against the silken sheets. It’s as if the mere sight of this man was able to steal

my sanity, to make me forget my resolve to make him work for his prize.

“There she is.” Sinclair croons, extending a single claw and dragging it down the front

of my top, only deep enough to tear the thin fabric without touching my delicate flesh.

“All fire and feistiness until you get a peek of something you like.” I gasp, feeling

another flash of indignance even as heat pools low in my belly. His claws eviscerate

my sweatpants as well, and now I’m naked before him.

His ravenous gaze travels every inch of my exposed skin, and his pupils dilate with

unbridled lust. “I have to say I know the feeling.” He croons.

It should be a crime to be so gorgeous.”

His compliments make me preen and show off even more. I don’t understand why I’m

behaving this way, but my wolf is calling the shots now. I rise up onto my knees,

sliding my hands up his bare chest and nibbling his pecs. I planned on kissing him

once I reached his mouth, fantasized about dragging him down to the bed and making

him forget his own name.

Then one of Sinclair’s powerful fists forms a handhold in my hair, and he tilts my head

back, holding me captive. His free hand trails down to the curve of my belly, settling

over our pup. “Im not going to claim you, Ella.” He rumbles, sternly and a needy whine

escapes my lips. Sinclair’s lips graze mine as he speaks, his eyes boring into my

oWn, absorbing every ounce of my frustration and desire. “But I am going to take you

up on your offer.” He informs me huskily. “Im going to take control, Ella. And if you test

me, I will treat you exactly how I would treat any other naughty she- wolf.” He

proclaims, softening his tone but not his hold. “I need you to promise you’ll tell me if I

cross a line.”

“And if I said you already have?” I challenge, not meaning a word of it, but wanting to

see how far I can push him.

“Then Id remind you that I can smell your arousal.” Sinclair purrs, sliding the hand on

my tummy between my legs. His thick fingers immediately sink into the wetness

soaking my cleft, and I can barely restrain my moan of delight.”

And your mischief,” Sinclair adds, knocking his nose against mine, “and your fear.”

I snap my teeth at him, feeling wilder and more fearless than I can ever remember

being. Sinclair only chuckles, removing his fingers from my aching s3x – despite my

outrage. “So that’s the way it’s going to be, hmm?”

It wouldn’t be true control if you didn’t have to take it. My wolf answers in my head,

apparently not quite ballsy enough to speak to Sinclair directly.

Seriously? I demand. You brazen little – Hey, don’t slut shame me. She answers

indignantly. There’s nothing wrong with knowing what you want and going after it.

Excuse me, but do you actually know what you want? I silently scoff. One moment

you’re provoking him and the next you’re writhing around under him like a cat in heat.

Hey, don’t call me a cat – that’s offensive. She snipes. Besides, It’s all part of the

game, silly.I can practically hear her rolling her eyes. You’ll see. He needs this, and so

do I.

That’s easy for you to say. I complain. You’re writing checks but my ass is the one who

has to cash them.

Don’t act like you were some shrinking violet before you found out about me, she

accuses. You were getting yourself in trouble long before you knew your true nature.

Forcing myself back into the present, I realize that Dominic has been watching the

emotions flitting across my face, waiting for me to respond.

Amusement is clear in his wolfish smirk, but he doesn’t show me any mercy. “What’s

the matter, baby? Your wolf giving you trouble?” His strong hands are moving over my

naked form, caressing me almost reverently, even as he taunts me.

This time my wolf does respond for me, “No, I’ve simply changed my mind.” I reply

with a sniff. “I don’t want your mark anymore. I think I’ll go out and try to find a different

mate instead. One who’s not afraid to claim what’s his.”

Horror floods me as I realize what I’ve just said, and suddenly Sinclair’s hands are

anything but reverent. He rotates his neck as if he’s having to physically force his

instincts down, and when he returns his gaze to me, he looks absolutely lethal. “

Well in that case, I’ll just have to make sure you can’t get away.”

Sinclair pounces, and the next thing I know, I’m flat on my back on the bed. His mouth

crashes into mine, and from then on the only sounds I make are whimpers and

moans. I know this is just the beginning. I know I pushed Sinclair so far that he’s going

to find some diabolically sexy way of punishing me, and Goddess help me, but I can’t

wait. I slide my arms and legs around him, holding his body to mine as he steals kiss

after kiss. When my lips are swollen and red, he moves on, kissing, licking and

nipping his way over my jaw and down my neck.

I rock my hips into his, thinking how incredibly easy it would be to slide myself onto his

hardness right now. After all, there’s nothing between our bodies anymore, and my

slickness is already coating his thick shaft from all our grinding. I try to lift my hips high

enough to hook his tip inside my channel, but Sinclair realizes what I’m doing and

clamps his hands around my hips, forcing them back down.

Sinclair shakes his head, sounding amused but aļso as though he’s barely clinging to

his own self- control. “Such a bad girl.” He admonishes, leaving the soft spot behind

my ear. Sinclair’s fangs graze my sensitive earlobe, followed shortly by the deep

vibrations of his voice. “Tell me, sweet Ella. Has anyone ever tied you up?”

With those simple words, the entire world is wrenched right out from under me. I’m no

longer safe in my nest with Sinclair. I’m twenty years and a hundred miles away,

forced back into a past I never wanted to revisit.

I must have gone completely stiff in his arms, because Sinclair’s steady weight lifts

away from me, and his worried face appears above me.

Sweetheart, what is it?” I push him away, sitting up and heaving in panicked breaths

as the blood rushes in my ears. The room around me has disappeared, replaced by

the wretched halls of the orphanage. I’m shaking from head to toe, and no matter

what I do, I can’t seem to get enough air to breathe.

“Fuck,” Sinclair curses under his breath, and I feel his strong arms wrapping around

me. “Ella, it’s okay. You’re safe.”

I clamp my eyes shut, trying to banish the sights and smells assaulting my mind, the

memories I’ve tried so hard to forget. Sinclair hesitantly shifts me into his lap, rocking

me back and forth. He repeats the same words over and over again. “You’re safe.

I’m here”

It takes some time but eventually I believe him. I come hurtling back down to earth at

the speed of a meteor, crashing into a crater of despair. Still Sinclair doesn’t stop

telling me that I’m safe and that he loves me. I cling to him like a liferaft, praying that

this solace will never cease, but knowing it must. There’s no avoiding it now. When I’m

calm enough I’m going to have to explain – and that’s the very last thing I want to do.

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