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Accidental Surrogate For Alpha Novel Chapter 112


“Sometimes it amazes me that I can even be with you this way.” I tell Sinclair, nuzzling his shoulder.
We’re still in his bed, and I’m not fully recovered from our conversation yet. I’m beginning to think a
hypnotist might truly be necessary in order to open the doors to my past, but for right now I’m merely
thrilled to revel in the heady glow of our love nest. “I learned to trust Mike with my body – but I could
never tell him any of this… then again, he wouldn’t have wanted to know.”

Sinclair purrs, “Well if you hadn’t already figured it out, I think it’s fair to say you’ve made a serious
upgrade from that weasel.”

“Oh I know it.” I reply, my head whirling with emotions. I still feel a bit fragile, but I’m also aching to feel
close to Sinclair. I need to feel his steady strength, and I want to stop dwelling in the past. I want to
make new memories with this man – good memories to replace all the bad ones hanging over my
head. “You are better in every way, Dominic.” I tell him in a sultry tone, moving to straddle his waist.

Sinclair chuckles, running his hands up my thighs and underneath the hem of my night dress, settling
on my hips “Are you trying to seduce me, trouble?”

“I’m just curious to see if reality can live up to my dreams.” I shrug, trying not to feel too embarrassed
by my brazen behavior. “You know, that was the first time I’ve ever had an orgasm I didn’t give myself.”

“Oh really?” His pupils dilate, black pools slowly eating up his emerald irises. “You really weren’t
kidding about Mike’s shortcomings.”

I bite my lip and shake my head, lowering my body to his until the tips of my breasts graze his muscular
chest. “And I haven’t even experienced it for real yet.”

Sinclair groans, his fists compulsively squeezing my bare skin. “Baby, we’ve been over this. If we start
this, I won’t be able to stop.”

“Start what?” I inquire innocently, kissing his neck as I deftly unbutton his shirt. Inch after inch of his
contoured abs appear, dusted with a swath of dark hair. I slide my palms over the hard planes, pushing
the fabric of his clothing out of the way. I nibble his jaw and lean up to press my lips to his, but before I
succeed I find myself flipped onto my back. Suddenly the massive Alpha is hovering over me, his eyes
glowing with untamed desire.

“Ella, we can’t.” He insists, but the words are dragged out of him in a ragged growl. “If I claim you it
might wake your wolf.”

That was a mistake. The moment he mentions claiming me, the little voice in my head goes wild, Oh
yes, please. My wolf begs. I need to be his. I need his mark.

She’s not the only one; suddenly all I can think about is Sinclair sinking his teeth into that special spot. I
need to feel that one-ness with him, the white light which burst in my soul at the height of our shared
dream. I was already turned on, but now my desire skyrockets. I’m going wild with need for him, and all
other thoughts have disappeared.

Make him claim us! I’ll go crazy if he doesn’t.

“But we don’t know that it will. There’s only a chance, right?” I suggest. It’s not that I don’t care about
the risk to my baby, it’s simply that this need has knocked all the logic out of my head. “The doctor was
only guessing – no one really knows how this all works.” I press, reaching for him again. Sinclair
promptly catches my wrists and pins them above my head. I’m completely immobilized, which I would
have expected to frighten me or trigger a panic attack, instead it fills me with a sense of utter safety. I
peek up at him from beneath my lashes, “don’t you want to?”

“Goddess Ella, I already want to claim you so badly it’s killing me.” He rumbles, sounding as though
he’s barely hanging onto his control. “Please don’t make this harder than it has to be. The risks are too
great.” His sharp eyes are piercing straight through me, and his raw power is washing over me in
waves, urging me to submit even as it fuels my lust. “Make no mistake, I can’t wait for your wolf to
emerge, but not at the cost of the baby.”

My lower lip begins to quiver as I realize I’m truly playing with fire. No, not the baby. We can’t hurt the
baby. My wolf insists, sounding more conflicted than I’ve ever heard her. Rafe, my Rafe. The horrible
thing is that, as guilty as I feel about potentially endangering my unborn child, I’m still positively
squirming with need.

“I don’t want to hurt him either.” I tell Sinclair, my voice a mere squeak.

“I know, little one.” Sinclair assures me, “I never thought you did. It’s just your instincts. I’m afraid that
dream was a blessing and a curse – we know what you are now, but your wolf is also fighting harder to
come out now that she’s tasted freedom. She’s going to push us both, Ella.”

“So what do we do?” I ask anxiously. “How do I keep her at bay?”

A low growl sounds in my head, and I realize the predator in question does not appreciate this
suggestion. Oh hush. I scold her, you’re not helping things.

“I’ll help you.” Sinclair promises, flashing his fangs at me in a way that’s both ravenous and reassuring.
“I’ll give you the relief you need, and if your wolf pushes me to claim her, I’ll remind her who’s in charge
here.” His dark promise sends a delicious shiver down my spine, but Sinclair is still speaking low in my
ear. “It’s the most natural thing in the world that she wants my mark, but it’s my mark to give, not hers
to take.”

I writhe in his arms, whimpering pitifully. When I speak, it’s as if the voice in my head is speaking out of
my own mouth. “But I want it.”

“And I’ll give it to you when the time is right, mate.” Sinclair purrs, his husky tones vibrating through my
body with utmost authority. This isn’t the first time I’ve felt as though I’m speaking directly to his wolf,
but it is the first time I’ve experienced my own inner animal taking over in response.

I arch my back, pressing up against him, and wind my legs around his waist, rocking my hips up
towards his hardness. He growls, but I extend my neck, showing off the slender column and all but
begging for his bite. I don’t even recognize myself in this moment: I’m feral and wanton, and I don’t
even care.

“Keep it up, Ella.” He warns, shackling both of my wrists in one of his large hands so that the other can
glide down and close over my undulating bottom. “And you’re going to get yourself a punishment
instead of a reward.”

The creature inside me isn’t sure which she would prefer. I remember how incredible it felt to be
dominated so completely by Sinclair. Another mystery explained: of course I enjoyed him taking control
that way – since it’s exactly what she-wolves need from their mates. Still, right now the word reward is
far more tempting. Sinclair has made it clear he isn’t going to cave, so I can keep pushing him and earn
another demonstration of his power, or I can just let him make me feel good.

Sinclair’s expression softens as he watches me deliberate, but only just. “You’re going to have plenty of
chances to rebel in the future, mate. Tonight, let’s just be together.”

“You’re really going to make me wait until after the baby arrives?” I clarify, sounding horrified. “When
my body will be a disaster zone and we’ll be completely sleep-deprived, not to mention have a kingdom
to run?”

“We’ll manage it, Ella. You’ll see.” Sinclair vows, softening his hold on my body, and pressing a
lingering kiss to my lips.

When we part I can only gaze up at him with liquid eyes. “And in the meantime?” I ask hopefully,
thinking again of his promised reward. Please let that mean he’s going to touch me!

He chuckles, glancing at the bedding around us. “In the meantime, you’re not the only one who wants
to see if reality lives up to dreams.” He rears up, stripping off my flimsy night dress and sliding my body
up onto the pillows. “I think it’s long past time that I taste you again.” As he settles between my legs,
hooking his arms beneath my thighs and lowering his mouth to my aching clit, he pauses to give me a
final, wolfish grin. “Try not to get too wild, my love – we wouldn’t want to destroy the nest.”

At first I think he’s exaggerating, after all – if he’s only going to pleasure me and we’re not actually
going to make love – how rambunctious can things get? But in the end he proved me wrong – we had
to remake the nest.


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