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Accidental Surrogate For Alpha Novel Free -Chapter 109


“What do you mean she’s not a wolf?” The elder to whom Sinclair brought me to meet looks vaguely
familiar, and I’m sure I’ve met him at some event or another. Still, I’m in such a daze with all this new
information, that I can barely keep up. I feel like my brain isn’t working properly anymore. I feel slow
and stupid, but Sinclair is beside me every step of the way, being patient and loving, scowling every
time I suggest there’s anything wrong with my mind.

Now this elder is looking at us with barely contained horror, and I can only burrow deeper into Sinclair’s
arms. I’m in his lap again, though again isn’t really correct – since he hasn’t put me down once. I’m
technically still on bedrest, but I’m not complaining. I feel safe when I’m in his embrace, and I need that
security now more than ever. “She is, but it’s dormant. We only just found out.” Sinclair sighs, scrubbing
a hand over his face. He slowly shares our story with the older man, all the way from the beginning.

With every word out of Sinclair’s mouth, the elder pales a little further. When he’s finally caught up, he
glowers. “You should have come to me the moment she conceived. I could have told you no human
could bear a shifter child. You young pups,” He shakes his head in exasperation. “You think you know

“I’m hardly a pup.” Sinclair responds dryly, though he doesn’t truly seem bothered.

The elder looks down his nose at him. “I’d already been roaming this world a hundred years by the time
you were born, boy. I might not have your power, but I possess wisdoms you could only dream about.”
My eyes widen when I hear him share his age. I knew that shifters lived longer than humans, but I
didn’t realize it was this long. The man in front of me only looks about seventy.

“That’s why we’re here now, Adolpho.” Sinclair answers smoothly. “I didn’t come before because I
thought protecting the secret was too important.” His hand trails to my tummy, setting over the small
bump of our pup. “I just wanted them to be safe.”

Adolpho softens slightly, observing our closeness. “Aye, I know how it is. Breeding is an emotional time
for mothers and fathers both.” He wags his finger, “You can be forgiven for protecting your mate, but
the deception is another matter.” He’s on his feet and pacing, again proving how remarkably spry he is
for a 135-year-old. “Do you have any idea what you’ve risked here? If this gets out, your campaign will
be over. The pack loves Ella, they’re obsessed with your romance, if they think this has all been a lie –
it will be a betrayal of the worst kind.”

“My campaign was already going to be over before Ella came along. The only reason I’m winning is
because of her.” Sinclair responds fiercely. “I don’t like lying to the pack either, but I was between a
rock and a hard place of the worst kind.”

“The Alpha council aren’t fools. If it truly looked like the Prince was going to win, they would have come
to your aid.” Adolpho suggests tiredly.

“Neither the people nor the council were going to put a bachelor on the throne – especially not one they
believed was sterile.” Sinclair insists, “We’re in this situation because King Xavier died without an heir –
they want stability for the crown… and they’re right to.”

“Still, we could have found another way.” Adolpho insists, sounding resigned now. Like Henry, he
seems to be wishing for a solution that doesn’t exist – another way to have handled this, though no
other options are presenting themselves.

“If you want someone to blame, you can blame me.” I interject. “It was my idea. I thought I could help
Dominic win, and I was afraid for my baby if he didn’t… I was afraid for everyone.”

“You were protecting the pack before you even realized it.” Sinclair praises, kissing my cheek. “And the
way I see it, this is what the Goddess intended. The fact that Ella appeared and conceived my child
right when I needed her most? That this baby might save the united packs from a cruel, blood-thirsty
tyrant? If that isn’t fate, I don’t know what is.”

“Maybe.” The elder acknowledges, “or maybe it was the design of someone else. You said yourself that
someone powerful was involved in switching the sperm samples, and now that you have this piece of
the puzzle?” He surmises, gesturing to me. “Whoever it was must have known Ella wasn’t truly a
human. And the fact that she was sent to that bank, right when your deposit was made–”

“What do you mean, sent?” I interrupt. “I went there because my sister is a scientist at the lab. My
boyfriend –”

“My dear, the reason you couldn’t get pregnant with your boyfriend is because he was human and you
are not.” The elder answers, almost as if he read my thoughts. “It also means that human medications
are unlikely to have damaged your body whatsoever.”

“But the doctor told me–” I begin to object, trailing off as I recall the horrible conversation that started all
this, that sent me running home to discover Mike’s deception. The doctor who told me that I had to
conceive immediately – that very day – even though I know better than to believe such a thing. I’d been
so shocked and frightened I hadn’t questioned it, but is anything ever truly that cut and dry when it
comes to fertility? “Oh my Goddess, I’ve been so stupid.”

Adolpho offers me a small nod, watching my expression. “Let me guess, was this the first time you’d
seen this specialist?”

“Yes,” I gulp, “my usual doctor was sick and so another physician stepped in.”

“And your sister – did she examine you?” He presses.

“No.” I shake my head, feeling dizzy now. “She just looked at the report.”

“Wait,” Sinclair interrupts, in a tone that makes my stomach drop. Oh Goddess, what has he figured
out? I don’t think I can handle any more surprises. “If her body wasn’t actually damaged… are you
saying that Ella might be able to have more children?”

I freeze in place, looking to the older man with something between fear and hope. Everything is
changing so quickly, I’m not sure how many more surprises I can handle – good or bad. “A shifter
physician would have to examine her for sure, but I can’t see any reason why not.” The elder observes.

I can hardly breathe. Sinclair is hugging and kissing me, and then his hands are on my face, wiping
away tears I hadn’t realized I’ve been shedding. “I can’t believe this.” I murmur, looking up at him,
needing to draw on his strength. “It’s too much.”

“I know.” He assures me, purring softly. “It’s okay, we don’t have to talk about it now.”

“But we do! We have to find that doctor.” I realize abruptly. “If you’re suggesting that they knew what I
really was, and that they sent me running to Cora knowing that Dominic’s sample was at her lab… I
mean, it’s all too crazy to be true. Who could possibly know so much, predict so much?”

“I suspect Dominic is right in part – the Goddess did play a hand in this. But she didn’t do it alone.”
Adolpho agrees. “More importantly Ella, if the people responsible for this knew you were a wolf, it
means they know who you really are.”

“Then, you don’t have any idea about what her true identity might be?” Sinclair inquires, watching the
elder closely.

Adolpho extends a hand to me, and I clamber out of Sinclair’s lap, going to stand in front of the old
wolf. His gaze sweeps over me, his eyes lingering on my own gold irises and strawberry blonde hair.
“Her fur, in the dream?” He inquires.

“The same color as her hair, except for a splash of white at the tip of her tail and on her belly.” Sinclair
answers, sounding reverent as he describes my wolf

Adolpho smells me then, and I try not to move or squirm. He shakes his head in defeat.“There is
something there… it’s familiar, but I can’t place it. A rare smell for a wolf in these parts. I expect it will
be easier to tell once your wolf wakes completely.”

“Do you know a way to make that happen?” I inquire anxiously, “other than Dominic claiming me, or
giving birth?”

Adolpho nods, “give me a minute.”

When he returns a few minutes later, he’s carrying a small ceramic box, painted with mysterious
patterns I don’t recognize, but which seem strangely familiar. He slides the lid open, revealing a
collection of dried flowers. “Our people have used these herbs for centuries in rituals to the Goddess,
they’re meant to trigger a transcendent journey, a way to get in touch with your innermost spirit. If
anything can reconnect you to your wolf, it will be them – but I think the doctor was right to advise you
to wait until the pup arrives.”

I accept the box gingerly, and Adolpho continues. “It should only take a few. Wait, but keep it close…
you might need them in an emergency, whether your baby is ready to be born or not.”

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