Accidental Surrogate

Accidental Surrogate For Alpha Novel Free -Chapter 106


No, I just got out! My wolf rails defiantly. I want to run more! Let me go!

The kisses cease, and now Sinclair’s fangs close around my scruff, applying pressure. I immediately
realize what he’s doing. If he applies enough pressure – especially if he lifts me off the ground – I’ll be
completely immobilized. I said shift!

I don’t want to! You can be a wolf whenever you want – but this is my only chance. I protest fiercely,
snarling as ferociously as I can. Let me go you big bully.

I can tell the games are over now. Sinclair pulls me up, and suddenly I’m hanging from his jaws, my
feet kicking helplessly. Yield Ella! I feel his authoritative growl deep in my bones, and even though I
didn’t agree to surrender, my rebelling limbs suddenly still. I go limp, and when Sinclair returns me to
the ground I roll onto my back, showing him my belly.

Good girl. Sinclair’s huge black wolf gazes down at me, his emerald eyes blazing with unbridled

My wolf whimpers in my head. Why does his praise make me feel so incredible?

Because you’re mine. His gravelly voice answers, and I realize that I’ve spoken aloud again. Mine,
mine, mine.Before I can think more about his statement, Sinclair is groaning in my head, just look at
you, he croons. All rose gold and sass. I know he’s talking about my fur now, which is the same metallic
sheen as my strawberry blonde hair. And your little white tummy. He adds, nuzzling the patch of white
fluff above my navel. Mmm, my pup. My Ella. He sounds like a caveman, but his next words prove his
mind is as sharp as ever. Shift mate, it’s time to finish this.

Finish this? I practically squeak.

Oh yes, Sinclair confirms darkly, his words are so animalistic that I tremble in response. I’m going to
mark and claim you before you can get away again. You’re mine, and the whole world is going to know

All at once, I realize that the Sinclair I know is not in control. This is his wolf talking now, and suddenly I
realize why he warned me not to run from him on the night of the Wild Hunt. The rational part of my
brain understood… at least I thought it did… but it’s one thing to imagine it, and a very different matter
to experience it.

The last time I met his wolf, I hadn’t been able to hear Sinclair’s thoughts. I hadn’t understood how
different the two beings were – though it makes perfect sense that his most primal self would come out
when his inner animal is in charge. Still, I can hardly recognize the Sinclair I’ve come to know and love
in the beast towering over me. Then again, I hardly recognize myself right now. This is all so surreal.

He wants to claim us. My own wolf swoons, yes, yes, yes!

Listen to her, mate. Sinclair orders, she knows what you need.

I shiver with anticipation, but as soon as I contemplate shifting I realize that we have a problem.
Dominic, I don’t know how to shift. I don’t even know how this happened.

Sinclair’s hulking black wolf studies me for a moment, before nodding once in understanding and
determination. Don’t be afraid, sweet one. I’m going to help.

Before I can contemplate what this might mean, a wave of pure Alpha energy washes over me. Sinclair
lifts his muzzle and howls into the night, and my body shudders and jerks, slowly returning to its human
form. I feel a sudden and devastating loss to be back in this skin, but the next thing I know Sinclair is a
man once more. He bends down and scoops me up in his arms, carrying me back towards the bed we
abandoned at the beginning of the dream.

I’m staring at the bed with wide eyes, amazed to think that we’re finally going to be together the way
I’ve been dreaming about for so many months.

Do you have any idea how long I’ve been waiting for this? Sinclair asks huskily, dipping his head close
to mine.

Feeling far braver than I can ever remember being, I grin. Yes, but that’s done now. We don’t have to
wait a moment longer.

His own beam is full of sultry promise. Thank the Goddess.


My heart is hammering against my ribcage as Sinclair lays me down on the plush coverlet, and for the
first time, I realize I’m naked. My night dress must have shredded when I shifted, and though I’ve been
naked with this man dozens of times before, this is… different. It feels so momentous, because I know
this time will be unlike any of the others.

Sinclair towers over me, his heated gaze raking over every inch of my bared flesh as if he’s been
starving for the sight of me. It feels impossibly vulnerable, to be spread out in front of him like a feast to
be devoured. I’ve never known a man who could light me on fire with a single look, but Sinclair
manages it without even trying.

I allow myself to peruse his own form in return. I’ve always avoided this in the past, but now I let my
gaze travel south of the contoured muscles of his abdomen, to the huge, hard length standing at
attention against his navel. I can feel my eyes widen in alarm – I’ve always known that Sinclair is twice
my size, but this just seems like overkill. There is no way that thing will fit inside me.

Then the wolf’s deep laughter is washing over me. A fresh rush of defiance sparks in my chest, and I
briefly consider fleeing, but Sinclair shakes his head, still laughing. “Oh no you dont, you naughty girl.

You’ve surrendered. That means you’re mine to do with as I wish.”

“Tyrant.” I accuse, shooting him a sulky look.

“Little wolf, you haven’t seen anything yet.” He responds ominously. “You’re just lucky I’m not putting
you over my knee for running like that.”

“Oh please, you know you wanted to chase me.” I quip saucily, keenly aware of the way he continues
to survey my body, a lethal glint in his green eyes. It feels incredible to know that I have this power over
him, that his huge member is hard and pulsing just for me. Feeling devious, I shift on the bed,
stretching out my legs and arching my back a bit, showing off my charms. For the first time in a very
long time, I’m enjoying my beauty – and from the low purr Sinclair emits, so is he.

“You trying to tempt me, minx?” He rumbles appreciatively, the corner of his mouth quirking up. “Don’t
you know that isn’t necessary? I need no encouragement to eat you up.”

The sound of his pleasure encourages me, and I bat my lashes, adopting an innocent tone. “You could
have fooled me – you’re taking forever.” I trail my fingers down the valley between my breasts, drawing
his eyes to their path. “You haven’t even touched me yet.”

A fierce growl rips from his chest, and the next thing I know he’s pounced. I suppose it serves me right
for challenging his wolf, but I’m not complaining. He settles in the bed with me, balancing his weight on
his elbows and settling his hips between my spread thighs. Sinclair lowers his head, his lethal grace
belying the crushing force he applies as he slams his mouth into mine.

Any thoughts I had of teasing him further disappear the moment our lips connect. I immediately yield to
his dominance, feeling butterflies that have nothing to do with the baby I’m carrying, explode in my
belly. I give myself to Sinclair freely, parting my lips to let his tongue delve into my mouth.

I wrap my arms around his neck, nibbling on his lower lip and earning a playful growl in return. The
world spins and freezes at once, and all my nerve endings are frayed by the surge of electricity he’s
sending through my veins. When Sinclair tries to draw his lips away I chase them, suddenly incapable
of remembering how to breathe without him.

He tsks and shushes me with stern affection, kissing his way down my body. He pauses to lave the soft
spot behind my ear, and then to suck each of my beaded nipples into his mouth.

I’m not sure if it’s the pregnancy, or if it’s just Sinclair, but I swear I could come from this stimulation
alone. His talented tongue flicks over the hard nubs, sending pulses of desire straight to my core. I
wonder if Sinclair is still able to hear my thoughts, because he sets up camp here and doesn’t move on
until I’m whining and moaning in desperation.

Finally he moves down and hooks his arms beneath my thighs, though he still doesn’t show me mercy.
Instead he nibbles the inside of my thighs, moving closer and closer to my center and drawing away at
the last moment. Seeming to know exactly how badly I need his touch, his own mischievous streak
takes over. “Every time I’ve scented your desire, I’ve dreamed of this.” He informs me, “of tasting the
source. I kept telling myself you couldn’t possibly taste as sweet as you smell, but I can already tell I
was fooling myself.”

“Dominic, please!” I finally beg, feeling close to tears.

“Poor darling, why didn’t you ask sooner?” He teases. I want to reach down and smack him, but before
I can he sucks my needy clit into his mouth, and I explode.

For someone who has never reached orgasm with a partner at all, Sinclair’s skill is overwhelming. He’s
only just touched my most intimate flesh, and I’m already falling to pieces. Maybe it’s just been a long
time coming, and it’s certainly true that my body has been wound tight as a spring amidst the sexual
tension building in our relationship. Still, I’m seeing stars and all I know is that Sinclair is to blame.

The most devastating part is that he doesn’t stop there. I’m still reeling from my release, panting and
trying to push him away from my sensitive skin, when he simply dives deeper. One thick finger enters
me as his tongue continues to devour me, and I can only whimper. “Dominic, it’s too much.”

Another deep chuckle meets my ears, and I know I’m in real trouble. “Sweet, naive mate, we’ve only
just begun.”

At that, a second finger stretches my channel, thrusting and scissoring apart in a movement that tells
me he’s trying to make space for the massive member between his legs. I forget how to breathe, and
when the vibrating motion of Sinclair’s tongue is joined by the crook of his fingers inside of me, I fall
over the edge again, crying out.

“That’s it.” He praises me. “Come for me, Ella. Good girl.”

I barely know my own name by the time he looms above me again, claiming my mouth so that I can
taste my own honey on his tongue. Velvet wrapped steel presses at my entrance, so thick I’m sure it
will never fit, but little by little Sinclair eases his cock into me – proving me wrong.

With endless patience, he rocks into my heat, and too late I realize his thickness wasn’t the true
problem. His length seems endless, and I’m sure I can feel him in my throat. By the time Sinclair has
buried himself in my sheath, I’m a heartbeat away from coming again – though such a thing should be

“Fuck Ella,” Sinclair swears, dropping his head to the crook of my neck. “It’s like you were made for

I disagree, though I don’t say it. Any woman made for Sinclair would surely be closer to his own size.
And though he is so large that I’m fairly certain I’ll be ruined for all other men, I can’t deny how delicious
it feels to be possessed by this powerful Alpha.

Sinclair begins to move, thrusting in and out of my slick heat with a feral energy that might have
frightened me mere weeks ago, but now I simply wrap my legs around his back, urging him deeper. His
pace increases, and his thrusts tilt upward, slamming into that special spot inside me.

I fall over the edge again, and Sinclair purrs, “greedy girl, haven’t you come enough yet?”

I can only whimper, because by now I’ve realized that I’m a complete goner. My body belongs to
Sinclair now, and I’m just along for the ride.

I lose track of time, so consumed in the feelings coursing through me that I can’t even remember my
own name. I know only that I’ll never be the same – in dreams or reality. Sinclair encourages and
praises me every step of the way, even though he must know that no woman can withstand this much
pleasure – at least, no human woman.

His thrust become more and more forceful, and hen I feel his fangs at my throat. He waits until the
moment is perfect, until I’m teetering on the edge of an orgasm stronger than all the others. I’m beside
myself, but he seems completely determined. Just as I topple over the edge, he sinks his canines into
the tender flesh where my neck meets my shoulder, marking me as his own.

White lights burst in my vision, and warmth floods my body. I’m finally complete.

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