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Accidental Surrogate For Alpha Novel Free -Chapter 102


Sinclair calls soon after the news about the Princess breaks, explaining that he’ll probably be stuck at
the office until late this evening as a result. He was relieved to hear that Henry and Roger were at the
house with me, and made me promise to call him if I need anything.

The three of us spent the afternoon discussing ideal qualities to look for in a potential second-chance
mate for Sinclair, which proved surprisingly difficult. Apparently Sinclair had a few serious girlfriends in
high school before Lydia came along, then a few more who were more akin to distractions while she
continued to date Roger. There hasn’t been anyone since they divorced, which is why he apparently
always got photographed with different women – because he never wanted to lead anyone on with
second dates when he knew it wasn’t going to go anywhere.

Combined, this meant that his only serious interests amounted to boyhood daliances, his evil fated
mate, and me – a human he can’t ever be with. Try making a dating profile out of that.

I wish there was some way I could just become a wolf. I think, standing in front of the bathroom mirror
and staring at my reflection, just because it’s an excuse to be on my feet. In horror movies all
werewolves have to do is bite a human, then they’re changed forever. I know all that isn’t real, but part
of me still wishes it could be.

I’d love to transform. My inner voice agrees wistfully. To be free to lope through the forest under the full

Can you imagine what it would feel like to be so powerful? I reply, relieved that we’re on the same page
for once. I’ve never felt powerful in my life. It would be nice to know what that’s like… at least once.

We’re powerful in at least one way. My conscience proclaims, ever the optimist when I’m trying to feel
down on myself. We made a baby. We’re growing Sinclair’s pup. If that’s not power, what is?

“You okay Ella?” Roger’s voice floats through the door, and I push away my thoughts.

Pulling my gaze from my reflection, I swing the door open, eyeing the waiting wolf indignantly. “You
know just because I’m on bed rest, it doesn’t mean I can’t stand up every now and then.”

“And if I know my brother, his response would be that stalling and making up reasons to stay upright
every time you have an excuse to be on your feet is cheating.” Roger replies, flashing me a grin.

I narrow my eyes at him. That’s exactly what Sinclair would say, but whereas Sinclair’s scolding has the
power to make me shake in my boots, Roger’s just irks me. “Well, Dominic isn’t here.” I remind him,
turning my nose up.

“Oh really?” A deep voice sounds from the doorway, and I jolt slightly, turning to find Sinclair watching
us with raised brows.

“You’re home!” I exclaim, glancing at the clock. It’s already ten PM, but I barely noticed how quickly the
night passed.

“I am.” Sinclair confirms, prowling forward with lethal grace. “And from the sounds of it, not a moment
too soon.”

I willingly melt into his arms when he reaches for me, lifting my feet off the ground as I’m enveloped in
a warm hug. “I was only up for a minute.” I tell him, breathing in his scent.

Sinclair trails kisses over my hair, “Now why don’t I believe you?” He inquires, his amused voice a low
rumble in my ear.

“Because you’re a suspicious ogre who assumes the worst of people?” I suggest, batting my lashes at
him and adopting an innocent tone as I add, “even the mother of your child.”

The big Alpha chuckles, “Of course, it has nothing to do with the fact that you’re a bundle of pure

Before I can respond, we’re given a much-needed reminder that we aren’t alone. “I think it’s time for us
to go, Roger.” Henry observes, eyeing us with a guarded expression. “Dominic, walk us out?”

“Of course.” He deposits me on the couch with a warning to stay put until he returns. I know I should do
as he says, but at the same time, I’m impossibly curious about what Henry might have to say to Sinclair
after our visit today. Is this something about the Princess’s death? Is he angry with us for keeping the
secret about my identity for so long? Was he merely being kind when he told me he didn’t care if I was

As stealthily as I can, I rise from the couch and tiptoe to the door, pressing my ear against the wood
and straining to hear the hushed conversation in the entryway.

“What news about the Princess?” Roger asks, his voice slightly muffled by the distance and the
shuffling of donning shoes and coats.

“Nothing yet, but I don’t think this was some accident. The timing is too suspicious.” Sinclair replies

“You don’t think the Prince would have hurt her to help his campaign, surely?” Henry inquires, sounding

“I wouldn’t put anything past him, Goddess knows he’s beaten her bloody more than a few times over
the years… but I don’t know. It feels awfully cunning for his miniscule brains.” Sinclair assesses.

“I agree.” Roger confirms. “So far I haven’t seen him come up with anything more creative than hiring
thugs to try to take out the competition.”

“Well, we’ll see what the autopsy says, and I’ll try to get some of my own investigators to look into it as
well.” Sinclair shares. “How were things here?”

There’s a tense silence, and then Henry’s voice rises, sounding more authoritative than I’ve ever heard
it. “Well you have much bigger problems than the Prince.” He bites, “Do you have any idea what this
game of yours is doing to that poor girl?”

“Of course I do.” Sinclair replies sharply, his own voice growing harsh. “And it upsets me more than you
could imagine.”

“What were you thinking, asking her to get involved in our politics?” Henry scolds, sounding furious.
“And don’t you tell me it was her idea, she thought she was going to lose her baby. Besides, you knew
how dangerous this was going to be from the beginning – she didn’t!”

“I also know that without her, I would lose the election.” Sinclair growls back. “I know I don’t need to
remind you what the Prince will do to her if he wins – he’s already trying to kill them and he’s come
damn close a few times without an army behind him. Besides, you’re the one who taught me my duty
comes first. I couldn’t very well put one person over the well-being of the entire realm, no matter how
much I care about her.”

“If you’d told me the truth we could have found another way – a she-wolf who could fake a relationship
and a pregnancy so Ella could stay hidden.” Henry combats, and I’m amazed to realize that he’s taking
my side over his own son’s. He’s defending me, even though I’m just some random human. As touched
as I am, I also feel a nearly irresistible compulsion to defend Sinclair. I don’t like the fact that Henry is
blaming him for all our problems, he already blames himself enough.

Without thinking, I push through the door and join them in the entryway. Henry and Roger blink in
surprise, but Sinclair narrows his eyes at me. “You’re getting stealthier by the day, little one.”

I ignore him, defiantly crossing to stand between him and his father. “I appreciate you standing up for
me Henry, but this isn’t all Dominic’s fault. It was my idea, and I wouldn’t take no for an answer. I put
myself in this situation with full agency and I don’t regret it.” I continue, looking up at the hulking Alpha
behind me. “Yes, I’m stressed and overwhelmed and hormonal, but I’ve survived much worse than this.
You have no idea what my life has been, and this is the safest and most secure I’ve ever felt.”

“Ella, you don’t have to do this,” Sinclair tries to say.

“I know that.” I assure him. “And I’m not saying any of this for your sake – I’m saying it because it’s
true. I’m an adult, I made my own decision. I know it’s hard to remember that when I’m crying like a
baby, but you have to understand that even being free to cry is something I’ve never had before. I’ve
always had to do everything myself, I never had the luxury of falling to pieces, I never had anyone to
comfort me. It sounds backwards, but the fact that I’m a mess rather than just repressing everything is
progress. It’s a good thing, and that’s all down to you, Dominic.”

I can see that he’s recalling my behavior after the attacks at the club and the Wild Hunt, that he can
sense the truth in my words. He softens slightly, and I hear Henry sigh behind us. “I’m happy to hear
that, Ella.” The elder man begins carefully. “You’re right, I didn’t know. But I still don’t like this.”

“None of us like it, Dad.” This time it’s Roger who’s speaking. “But we all have to make the best with
what we have, and we can’t go back now. There’s no space for could’ve, should’ve, would’ves. We just
have to keep moving forward together.”

Henry nods. “You’re right. I’m sorry I gave you a hard time, Dominic. I know you wouldn’t do anything to
hurt Ella or the baby.”

“Thanks Dad.” Dominic leans down to hug him. “I’ll call you tomorrow. For now, my little human and I
need to have a talk about the meaning of bed rest.”

“Good luck Ella.” Henry and Roger laugh, exiting the house and leaving me with one very large, very
unamused wolf.

“Well, trouble?” Sinclair asks, crossing his arms over his chest. “What do you have to say for yourself?”

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