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Once it became clear that Lydia wasn’t going to be the solution to our problems, I decided it was time
to call in some backup. I trust Sinclair to take finding a new Luna seriously, but I also know he doesn’t
have the time. Between running the pack, the campaign, and taking care of me, there’s no room in his
life to go out hunting for a mate. I, on the other hand, have nothing but time. Bed rest sounds like a
nice, relaxing time, but all it really means is that the world is falling apart around me and I’m not allowed
to do anything but lie around and get fat.

So I invite Roger and Henry over for a visit, with two main objectives in mind. First, it’s long past time
that I come clean to Sinclair’s father about my true identity. Second, if anyone can be trusted to help
me wingwoman the father of my child, it’s his father and his brother.

I persuade one of my faithful guards to carry me downstairs just before lunchtime, settling in the main
sitting room in anticipation of my visitors. Roger and Henry arrive shortly afterwards, walking – or in
Henry’s case, wheeling – in with wide smiles on their faces. I start to get up, but they both immediately
protest. “No, don’t move, we’ll come to you.” Roger promises.

“Poor darling,” Henry commiserates beside him, “we ought to get you some wheels so you can be
mobile even on bed rest.”

I hug them both, laughing at Henry’s suggestion. “I’d like that, but somehow I think your son would think
it’s too much excitement.”

“You may have a point there.” The older man concedes with a knowing look, “I do lead a very exciting
life – rolling around an empty house all day, just waiting for my friends to retire so I can have a social
life outside of evening poker games.”

“Henry!” I exclaim, sitting up in excitement. “I can’t believe I didn’t think of this before – if we’re both
stuck at home all day, we might as well spend the time together! I need company, you need company,
and Sinclair would probably love the idea of me having another babysitter – the bossy bastard.”

Roger laughs, and Henry is smiling, but it’s a hesitant look, as if he doesn’t want to get his hopes up.
“Oh now, I’m sure you don’t want to spend all day long with an old man.”

“Henry, I would love to spend more time with you – I mean, full disclosure: I’m so bored and restless
that I’d probably take the company of a serial killer about now, but you are a much more preferable
alternative.” I declare wryly.

They both chuckle, “You hear that dad? You beat out the homicidal maniacs!” Roger congratulates him.

Henry is looking less uncertain now, and his smile is verging on a beam. “Really?”

“Of course!” I insist, only hesitating when I remember the reason I’ve asked him over today. “That is…
assuming you want to spend time with me.”

“Ella, of course I want to! How could you think I wouldn’t want to get to know my new daughter better?
Don’t you know fathers exist to spoil their pups and grandpups?” Henry offers gamely. The smile slips
from my face at his words, and suddenly I’m fighting back tears. Henry looks confused for a moment,
before a guilty expression identical to the one Sinclair sometimes dons takes over his features. “Oh
Ella, I’m sorry, I wasn’t thinking.”

“No, it’s not that.” I sniffle, knowing he assumes I’m hurt because I’m an orphan and don’t have any
experience with fathers. “It’s just that… no one’s ever wanted to claim me as their child before, and you
just did it like it was the most natural thing in the world.”

“Ella that’s a good thing.” Roger offers gently, reaching out to squeeze my hand.

“No,” I argue, shaking my head and burying my face in my hands. “I don’t deserve your kindness. I’ve
been lying to you, we both have.”

Henry wheels forward, resting his palm on my shoulder. “Oh now, come on dearheart, I’m sure it’s not
all that bad.”

“But it is! He knows!” I exclaim, gesturing to Roger and crying, “I’m a fraud!”

Roger’s eyes widen with alarm, clearly baffled by my sudden outburst of emotion, and completely out of
his depth. Henry, on the other hand, rolls his eyes at his son and wraps his arms around me,
encouraging me to lean my head on his shoulder. I surrender, leaning into him and letting his shirt
collar soak up my hopeless tears.

“There now,” Henry murmurs, patting my hair, “why don’t you tell me what all this is about.”

Little by little the story pours out of me, in between hiccups and sobs – with small assists from Roger
along the way. “There, you see?” I moan when it’s all over. “It’s all been a lie.”

Of course, Henry is too much like his son to let me wallow in my misery. He continues fussing over me
and rubbing my back, and for the first time in my life, I feel the way I can only imagine it feels to be held
by a parent – by a father. Of course, this only makes me cry harder. “Poor little mother, it’s no wonder
you’re under so much stress. You’ve been making yourself sick over all this haven’t you?”

“Uh-huh,” I nod pitifully. “And I haven’t even told you about Lydia yet.”

When I get through the most recent chapter of our saga, they’re both swearing, and I can barely catch
my breath. “That’s why I asked you both over today, I wanted you to help me find a Luna for Dominic,
since he doesn’t have the time to search for himself… that is, assuming you can still stand the sight of

“Ella, you listen to me now.” Henry instructs, sounding more stern than I’ve ever heard him. “You’re
going to be my daughter whether you marry my son or not – and it doesn’t matter one bit that you’re
human. You’re giving me a grandpup, and that makes you family forever.”

I pull away from him slightly, tears streaming down my cheeks, “you mean you don’t hate me?”

“Of course not!” He admonishes. “I couldn’t if I tried. You didn’t ask for any of this to happen, Ella.
You’re just doing the best you can and for what it’s worth, your best has been phenomenal.”

“He’s right, Ella.” Roger agrees. “You’re doing incredible. And of course we’ll help you find a Luna for

“Really?” I squeak.

“Of course.” Roger begins, “we’ll do whatever we can to help, even–”

Before he can finish his sentence, one of the guards walks in, an anxious look on his face. “I’m sorry,
but you need to see this.” He picks up the television remote from the coffee table, pressing a button
that opens a sliding panel above the fireplace and reveals a big screen TV. The screen flickers to life,
and the guard quickly switches the channel to the leading shifter news station.

A picture of the Prince and his wife is dominating the screen, with a bold headline reading: Princess
Found Dead in the Royal Palace.

The reporter is speaking in a low even tone, reporting on the brief details available at this early stage.
“The Princess was found unresponsive in her bathroom earlier this morning, after she failed to appear
for a scheduled campaign event. Her cause of death has not yet been identified, but an autopsy will be
conducted to determine whether or not foul play was involved. The Palace has not released an official

statement about her passing, other than to request time for the Royal Family to grieve this tragedy in

“Well I guess that solves the problem of the women’s event and the rogue attack.” Roger observes

“I… what does this mean?” I ask, my voice still husky from all the crying.

“It’s not good.” Henry answers gruffly. “He just went from an abusive tyrant to a grieving, single father.”

“So… even though he won’t have a Luna anymore, this could help him in the campaign?” I surmise,
hating that there might be a double standard like this.

“He already has his heir and a spare.” Roger reminds me. “That ensures his wolf is well grounded and
balanced even if he doesn’t have a mate.”

“But I thought Lunas were supposed to lead the she-wolves of a pack, won’t he need one eventually?” I

“Not necessarily.” Henry frowns. “It’s different with you and Dominic, because as long as the mother of
his pup is alive, she’ll be expected to lead – unless we find someone to take your place. But the pack
won’t fault the Prince for being a widower.”

“So basically you’re telling me that as bad as things already were… they just got worse?” I assess.

“Yes, Ella.” Henry confirms gravely. “I’m afraid so.”

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