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Accidental Surrogate For Alpha Novel Free -Chapter 97

“Well, I guess that settles that.” I muse, staring at the image dominating the narrow screen of my smart
phone. Granted, it was sent by the woman I saved as “Satan’s Mistress” in my contacts and is centered
right below the photo of Lydia and Sinclair in bed together, but there’s no mistaking the sight of a
positive pregnancy test.

I’ve taken enough home tests in my life to understand what the two pink lines filling the small results
window mean – they’re the sight I wished for a thousand times but never saw.

I’m trying to keep the pain and disappointment out of my voice so that Sinclair won’t know how upset I
am, though I don’t know why I bother. It seems he can read me like a book, even at the best of times.

Whether he can sense it or not, I’m devastated to know Lydia is pregnant, that her scheme worked.
Even though this solves some of our problems, I hate to think that she’s getting rewarded for her
duplicity, and I despise the idea of Sinclair starting a family with anyone else – even if it’s in my baby’s
best interest.

“Not yet it doesn’t.” Sinclair replies, his big body still wrapped around me in our bed. “Not until I know
the test is real, and even then – it might not be my pup. I wouldn’t put anything past Lydia at this point.”

“So you have to go see her?” I guess, fighting the strange but increasingly familiar urge to growl.

“Yes.” He confirms, not sounding any more excited about it than I am. He shifts my body beneath his,
balancing his weight on his elbows. “I’ll go by her hotel on my lunch break.”

“Are you sure that’s a good idea?” I question, sliding my hands over his muscular chest. “What if she
tries to drug you again, or pull some other kind of trick?”

“She succeeded last time because she bribed a waitress to put something in my drink.” He reminds
me, sharing the details we learned after his guards investigated the staff at the bar he’d visited that

fateful night. “I didn’t know she was anywhere in the vicinity, or I would have been much more careful.
I’m not going to let my guard down with her.”

“Fine,” I huff, “but if she lays a hand on you I’m going to rip her head off.” I remark, already fantasizing
about doing just that.

“Oh I see,” Sinclair answers, a teasing note in his voice. “So you can rip peoples heads off but I can’t?”

“Yes.” I reply primly, “because in my case it’s just a fantasy, in yours it’s an actual possibility.”

Sinclair chuckles, nuzzling my neck and pausing to nibble the spot where it meets my shoulder. “I bet
you could rip off some heads if you really wanted to.” He states, sounding as if the idea pleases him
very much. “You should have seen yourself trying to go after the driver who hit me.”

“Well I guess we’ll never know, because you didn’t let me avenge you.” I grumble sullenly.

“Poor, mistreated Ella.” Sinclair croons, shifting to dip his tongue into the hollow of my clavicle. “Not
allowed out of bed, not allowed to slaughter your enemies. What did you ever do to deserve such

“You tell me, you’re the one holding the keys to my jail cell.” I challenge, arching my chest in a blatant
attempt to encourage him downward. Unfortunately – or fortunately I suppose, he has enough restraint
to resist.

“I promise I’ll take you anywhere you want to go just as soon as the doctor clears you, sweetheart.”
Sinclair promises, lifting his head from my body.

“What ever happened to that driver anyway?” I ask, realizing that I was so distracted by my medical
condition and Lydia’s scheming that I almost forgot about our would-be murderer.

“We can talk about that later.” Sinclair announces, “I have a few other updates for you, but there isn’t
time now.”

I slide my knees up so I can tangle our legs together. I know he’s getting ready to scent mark me,
which means he’s also getting ready to leave for the day. However, being stuck on best rest has made
me a bit clingy, since I can’t see Sinclair except for the times he’s home.

When he feels my legs wrapping around his own, Sinclair chuckles darkly, sparing one of his hands to
stroke the length of my leg. “You trying to stop me from leaving, trouble?” He asks, pausing to massage
the muscles in my calf.

“Of course not.” I lie, adopting an innocent expression. “I just like feeling close to you.”

“Mmm, I like being close to you too.” Sinclair professes warmly, kissing my pulse point. “Now be a good
girl and let me scent mark you.”

Wanting to stall him, to keep him in bed with me forever, I inquire. “Dominic, if I’m on bed rest then why
do you need to scent mark me? I’m not going to be seeing anyone.”

His eyes flash with emerald light, and I know his wolf has risen to my challenge. “We don’t know that
for sure, what if some other wolf comes sniffing around the manor?”

“How would they get past all your guards?” I pose, narrowing my eyes with suspicion.

“Mmm, you can never trust wolves.” He declares, his fangs extending in a predatory grin.

“Says the hungry wolf in my bed.” I laugh, trying not to squirm as he drags those fangs over my ear

“What’s wrong, little human, are you worried I might gobble you up?” Sinclair teases, his voice a low
rumble that makes my insides turn to jelly.

“I’m just wondering why I need to smell like you just to lie in bed all day.” I answer, trying to sound

“Because you always need to smell like me.” Sinclair insists, raking his dark gaze over my body with
relish. “You’re mine whether you’re in public or private.”

I positively quiver when he claims me for his own, and though my inner feminist wants to be outraged, I
can’t deny how delicious it feels to be wanted this way – especially by a man such as Sinclair. “Why is it
I feel like I’m talking to your wolf right now, rather than you?” I joke, knowing full well that this is exactly
the case. From the moment I challenged him about scent marking, his inner animal rose to the surface,
pushing the logical man I’ve come to adore into the backseat.

“Baby, my wolf and I are one in the same.” Sinclair reasons, even as he pulls off my night dress and
begins to rub his body against mine.

“Maybe, but it’s very obvious when he’s in control. You start acting like a treasure-obsessed dragon
who’s mistaken me for some sparkly trinket.”

Sinclair rumbles in protest, pausing to look down at me with a foreboding expression. “How dare you,
you’re so much more than some trinket or trophy, Ella.”

“You know what I mean.” I laugh, rolling my eyes.

“I do,” He concedes, eyes glittering. “but the real question is why you’re delaying something you need
just as badly as I do.”

The terrible thing is that he’s right. I’m trying to delay the scent marking because I know he’ll leave
once it’s over, but I do need him to mark me. I need to feel his claim on me, to feel the proof that I
belong to Dominic Sinclair.

The bigger the baby grows, the sharper my senses become. I can smell Sinclair now, the way only a
shifter can. It’s not like with humans, whose aromas are combinations of body odors, soaps and
colognes that linger on the skin. Wolf scents are so much deeper than that; powerful essences that
exude from the pores and bear strange and mysterious magics. Sinclair’s is all balsam and warm,
spiced honey, plus a heady, masculine musk all his own.

I can feel when the strength of his scent fades from my body after a long time apart, and it makes me
feel oddly incomplete – like I’m suddenly missing a piece of myself. There’s also a primal part of me
which wants to ensure he doesn’t go to see his mate – the she-wolf who’s carrying another one of his
babies – without claiming me first.

I’m already fighting a great conflagration of jealousy at the idea that she’s carrying his child. I want to
destroy her, I want to smother him with my own scent before he goes to her, to stake my claim on him
so Lydia knows that he’s mine no matter what she does.

Suddenly I find myself doing just that. As soon as the thought occurs to me, I find myself rubbing my
body all over his, aggressively wriggling against him, determined to cover every inch of his skin in my
own essence. Of course, this is much harder for me than it is for Sinclair.

He’s so large that he can easily wrap himself around me and cover my whole body. I, on the other
hand, have to take extra care to ensure I haven’t missed a spot. I don’t understand what’s come over
me, it’s like I’ve been possessed by some wild spirit which won’t rest until this man bears my mark–
then again, much of pregnancy feels this way. I don’t have any control over what my body does these

Sinclair is purring and chuckling at once, both pleased and amused by my wolfish behavior. I pause,
shooting him a suspicious glare, “Are you laughing at me?

Sinclair grins. “I like seeing you like this. So possessive – so much ferocity in such a tiny package.” His
hands are stroking my sides, exploring the curves of my naked body in a sensual dance that is fanning
the flames already consuming me. “It’s adorable, and incredibly sexy.”

I can feel myself flushing. I can also feel a very familiar and dangerous heat pooling in my belly. If we
keep this up, we’re going to start kissing, and if we start kissing… well, I’m not sure how much longer
either of us can hold ourselves back from one another. This thought is enough to finally cool my
overheated blood – we’ve agreed to be friends, not to overcomplicate things.

I slump back down onto the bed, throwing my arm over my eyes so I can’t see Sinclair’s handsome
face or rock hard body. “You should go.” I sigh, trying to be strong. “This is getting out of hand.”

There’s a long beat of silence, but when Sinclair speaks again I know he must have reigned in his own
desires, recognizing the slippery slope we were headed down. “I’m sorry, Ella.” His weight lifts from the
bed, and I feel his soft lips graze mine, “I’ll call you as soon as I’ve seen Lydia. And if you can promise
to try and be less irresistible, I’ll promise not to go telling you how much you turn me on. Deal?”

I can’t help but laugh, moving my arm so I can see his sultry smile, “deal.”

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