Accidental Surrogate

Accidental Surrogate For Alpha Novel Free -Chapter 92


Sinclair finally agreed to let the EMTs administer emergency care, though it wasn’t easy. He refused to
let me out of his sight, and though he’d tried to maintain physical contact too, the EMTs eventually
convinced him to let them strap him onto a gurney for transfer to the hospital. I sat beside him in the
ambulance, where he was sprawled on his side, watching me with complete intensity as the EMTs
worked on cutting away his clothes.

I stroked his hair as he stoically suffered through their poking and prodding, so he could feel me safe
and secure beside him. At first I tried to peek over Sinclair’s broad shoulder to see the damage on his
back, but he growled as soon as I broke eye contact, and I decided keeping him calm was more
important than discovering the extent of his injuries.

The ambulance can’t seem to move fast enough, and I’m counting down the moments until we reach
the shifter hospital. I can see how tired Sinclair is, his eyelids keep drooping, only to snap back open
when he realizes he’s falling asleep. I want to help him rest, but I’m also afraid that if he falls asleep he
might not wake back up.

“I’m so sorry, Dominic.” I murmur, unable to hold in my feelings any more.

“Why are you sorry?” He responds, furrowing his brow. “You didn’t do anything wrong.”

“You’re hurt because of me.” I remind him, hiccuping and swiping at my tears with my free hand. “They
wanted me – not you. Why did you do that!”

“Baby, if they could have gotten to me they gladly would have – you’re just an easier target.” He
explains, sounding so steady and sure, even as the EMTs dig into his raw wounds. “And I did it
because you and Rafe are a million times more important than me.”

“But that’s simply not true.” I argue miserably. “You can find another mate and have more babies –” A
warning rumble vibrates in his chest, but I ignore it. “But if something happens to you then the entire
pack, the entire realm would be in danger. I’m replaceable, you’re not.”

“I beg to differ.” Sinclair growls. “And if you keep talking that way you’re going to regret it, little mate.”

The EMTs exchange amused glances, and I can feel the corner of my own mouth twitching. “Are you
really threatening me when you’re tied down?”

“If you think I can’t break out of a few flimsy straps you’re out of your mind, gorgeous.” He answers,
sounding strong and ominous right up until he winces in obvious pain.

“Tsk, stubborn Alpha.” I cluck, still stroking his hair. “Are you in a lot of pain? Be honest.” I add sternly.

“Not nearly as much as I would have been if I’d lost you.” He replies, with utter confidence.

My heart swells, but there’s still a knot of pain and confusion tangled at its center. I’m falling in love with
this man, so of course I want to hear his affectionate endearments, of course I want him to be alright.
But that doesn’t explain away last night. Sweet nothings won’t fix what’s broken between us. I want to
ask him where Lydia fits in all this so badly it hurts, but I can’t do that as long as we have an audience.

That mere thought is enough to give me pause. Does he mean any of the things he’s saying, or is he
just putting on a show for the EMTs? And if he does mean it, then how could he be so cold and
dismissive last night? Why did he sleep with her?

“What are you thinking?” Sinclair asks, furrowing his brow as he takes in my solemn expression.

“I’m just wondering if it’s safe for you to fall asleep.” I lie, using my thumb to smooth out the wrinkles in
his forehead. “You look so tired.”

“He should stay conscious if he can.” The first EMT frowns apologetically. “Just until we know the

Sinclair smiles at me, though it looks more like a grimace. “I already told you I wasn’t taking my eyes off
you, that includes for sleep.”

“We’re almost there.” The second EMT assures me. “He just has to hold on a little longer.”

Of course, when we arrive at the hospital it’s more of the same: Sinclair being impossibly stubborn and
overprotective, even though I’m perfectly fine and he’s the one who looks like he’s been put through a
meat grinder. Once I can see his back, I understand that the entire broad surface was shredded by the
glass of the windshield, and hundreds of tiny shards are still embedded in his skin. The sight is enough
to send me into a fresh fit of tears, and I’m beyond angry with myself for giving into the emotion. I know
me being upset will do nothing but rile Sinclair’s wolf further.

Things reach an unfortunate crescendo when they try and take him for x-rays, because of course I
can’t go with him. They need to assess the internal damage from the blunt force of the crash, and
though the logical part of Sinclair realizes that, the combination of so much danger, my upset, and all
the strangers around us has his wolf in full control. In the end it takes getting every guard in the hospital
to stand watch over me until he comes back from the x-ray, on threat of death if they let anything
happen to me. I told him he was being ridiculous, but of course he didn’t listen.

When he finally returns we end up caught in another disagreement, with him insisting the doctors and
nurses can tend to his back while he’s sitting up so he can keep me in his lap, and those of us who still
have our sanity intact trying to convince him to lie down. It’s a losing battle, and in the end I end up in
the bed with him, his huge body draped over me while he pretends not to feel the pain of dozens of tiny
tweezers digging into his torn flesh to extract all the shards of glass.

I do my best to distract him, kissing his scruffy cheeks and nuzzling his neck, telling him what a
powerful protector he is and guiding his hand to my belly so he can feel the pup.

“I know what you’re doing.” Sinclair chuckles, catching my lips in his the next time I try to graze them
over his jaw. “Such blatant pandering, you ought to be ashamed.” He teases.

“It’s not pandering.” I argue, “At least, not entirely. You saved my life today, you saved the baby – again.
And after I was such a brat to you.”

“You had every right,” He acknowledges, “even if it was a misunderstanding.”

“Misunderstanding how?” I clarify, stiffening slightly. The text message I received the night before was
very clear. “You can’t tell me that wasn’t real, Dominic.”

Sinclair waits until the doctors are finished bandaging his back before he answers. They leave us
alone, promising to bring the x-ray results soon. Once they’re out of hearing distance, he sighs. “Lydia
drugged me, Ella.” He confesses, sounding completely ashamed of himself. “I was at the pub, I noticed
my drink tasted odd and I blacked out. She sent you that text message. The next thing I knew, I was
waking up in her bed.”

“Are you serious?” I demand, sitting up in horror. Of all the possible ways I expected him to explain his
actions, I never dreamed of this possibility.

“I don’t have any idea what happened while I was blacked out and she claims we had sex, but I don’t
know for sure.” Sinclair continues. “But the point is that I haven’t been lying to you. I didn’t intentionally
have sex with her, and I don’t want anything to do with her – now more than ever.”

“Dominic! Why didn’t you tell me?” I cry, outraged that he didn’t say anything sooner. “Why did you let
me keep spiraling that way?”

Sinclair catches me in his crosshairs, giving me such a searing look of incredulity that I begin curling in
on myself. “Oh.” I squeak, realizing that he isn’t the only one who’s been stubborn today. “Because I
wouldn’t let you?”

“I tried to tell you repeatedly.” He confirms, “You wouldn’t hear it.”

“I’m sorry.” I profess, feeling lousy even though the knot in my chest is already beginning to uncoil. “I
just got so worked up.”

“I know.” Sinclair agrees. “With jealousy.”

“I didn’t say that.” I combat, snuggling into his chest. “I can’t believe Lydia did that. What in hell was she
thinking? Surely she didn’t expect that kind of dirty trick to convince you to take her back?”

When Sinclair ignores my continued denial, I know the truth must be worse than I realize. “She was
thinking that if she gets pregnant, I won’t need you anymore.”

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