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Accidental Surrogate For Alpha Novel Free -Chapter 80


“What!” Sinclair roars through the phone receiver, his deep voice full of such rage and aggression that it
makes me flinch. I’ve just told him about every horrible moment of my conversation with my former
employer – though now it’s probably more accurate to think of her as my blackmailer.

I’ll have to change her contact information in my phone to reflect her new title – I can even assign her
an ominous ringtone. I fight down the urge to laugh at this insane thought, wondering why my brain
always twists the darkest moments of my life into humor. There is nothing funny about this situation.

“I don’t know what to do.” I whimper. “I don’t care what she says about me–” I’m interrupted by a low
snarl, Sinclair’s wolf’s wordless insistence that he cares even if I don’t. “but if she sells this story then
everyone will realize I’m human.”

“I’ll kill her.” He rumbles, overflowing with menace. “She won’t find it so easy to speak such filth when
her head is no longer connected to her body.”

“You can’t!” I object, still feeling as though he’s missing the point. “That will only call more attention to
her – there will be an investigation into her life and eventually they’ll want to interview me. My identity is
bound to get out if that happens. Also, you know – murder is wrong, Dominic.”

“She threatened you.” He growls, as if I’ve forgotten. “And there won’t be an investigation if I make it
look like an accident. You’d be amazed how many car accidents result in decapitations.”

“Blackmail hardly warrants an execution, and you can’t go around ripping the heads off everyone who
is mean to me.” I insist, overwhelmed that this surreal conversation is actually occurring. “You’re
supposed to be setting a good example for our son.”

“The example I’ll be setting is how to protect one’s mate from vile, conniving, despicable, foul–”

“Dominic!” I interrupt, raising my voice over his increasing volatile grumbling. “She has children who
love her – she may not deserve their love, but if you kill her, they’ll suffer. Jake and Millie don’t deserve

“They’d probably be better off without her.” Sinclair suggests sullenly, his voice shifting then, as if a new
idea is occurring to him. “We could even take them in – adopt them. I know you miss them… just think,
we could have three children instead of one.”

“Oh really, are you going to kill their father too?” I inquire waspishly, shaking my head.

“That depends.” Sinclair replies hopefully, “would you be okay with that?”


“I don’t think I really appreciated how bloodthirsty shifters are about their families until now.” I tell Cora
a little while later. “The ridiculous wolf actually thought he could win me over to his plan by waving
those precious babies under my nose. It was like trying to talk a hungry jackal out of his dinner.”

“I mean he wasn’t completely off base.” Cora jokes, “if it was possible to convince you, bribing you with
children is probably how I’d go about it too.”

“Well I told him that he wasn’t allowed to rip any heads off under any circumstances.” I counter.

Cora snorts, “I bet he took that really well.”

“Oh he grumbled and complained, but he got over it.” I laugh, leaving out the part where he threatened
to come home and ‘spank my sassy bottom’ until I agreed to his violent plan. That is not the sort of
detail I want my sister to know.

“So what’s he going to do?” My sister inquires curiously, sitting across from me in the same parlor
where my blackmailer threatened me two hours ago. I called her and asked her to come over after

getting off the phone with Sinclair, in desperate need of some moral support.

“He told me not to worry and that he’d take care of it.” I sigh. “I doubt he’ll pay her, but if he can get
Mike to turn himself in to the police, he can probably convince her not to make good on her promise.”

“Are you okay with that?” Cora wonders aloud, “I wouldn’t think you’d be comfortable trusting someone
else with something so important.”

“I trust Dominic.” I admit, blushing shyly. Cora understands better than anyone what a momentous
statement this is for me. She knows I’ve always had to rely on myself, and that I’ve never felt safe
relying on anyone else because of far too many bad experiences. “Honestly I felt better just talking to
him about it. I know he’ll fix this, and my only concern is that he’ll lose his temper and go overboard
protecting us.”

The baby kicks softly, as if he agrees. “Quick, come here!” I exclaim, waving Cora over. She does, and
I pull her palm to my belly. The baby is still now, so I murmur encouragement at my tummy. “Come on
Rafe, say hello to your Aunt Cora.”

At the sound of his name, the pup complies, and Cora and I both squeal. She hugs me tightly then,
“You’re glowing you know that? I’ve never seen you so happy – and correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t
think it’s just becoming a Mom.”

“You’re not wrong.” I confess, grinning despite myself. “I am happy, even with all the danger and the
drama. I didn’t know it was possible to feel this way.”

Cora shakes her head, eyes shining. “God you should see your smile, Elle. I swear I could kiss

I’m amazed to feel a stab of jealousy when she mentions kissing Sinclair, even though I know it’s only
an expression. “You don’t think it’s completely deranged?” I ask shyly. “I mean rogues keep popping up

and trying to kill me, and a horrible heartless woman is blackmailing me. It seems crazy to be happy in
spite of all that.”

“Ella,” She says seriously, leaning forward with her elbows on her knees. “Do you really think it’s crazy,
or do you just feel like you don’t deserve to be happy?”

Her words cut me to the core, and I find myself staring at my hands. I ponder her question for a few
seconds, shrugging. “I mean, do I deserve it? Not fishing for compliments, not feeling sorry for myself –
but what have I done in my life to deserve so much prosperity? In a few months I could be as good as a
Queen, even if it is only temporary.”

“Ella, the rich and powerful don’t end up that way because of merit!” Cora argues. “How many of the
people running the world actually worked to get where they are? Everyone deserves to be happy… well
maybe not the Prince or your old boss, but you do! You might not have done anything remarkable yet,
but you’ve also never hurt anyone! You’ve never ruined lives for your own selfish promotion.”

“I haven’t been a complete saint.” I remind her. “I mean I’ve stolen and broken laws, I’m lying to millions
of people even as we speak.”

“You stole when we were children. You broke laws to survive and to keep me alive, to protect the other
orphans. You’ve taken care of people your whole life and you kept doing it for work because you love it
so much. And you’re lying to people so that you can protect them from a monster. You’re still taking
care of people now, and you’re risking your life to do it. Trust me Ella, you deserve all the prosperity
and all the happiness in the world.”

I peek over at my sister, my throat scratching with unshed tears. Looking at her beloved face, I find the
strength to ask a question I’ve been too afraid to ask until now. “What if I can’t do it?”

“Do what, be queen?” She clarifies, her brow furrowed.

“Or any of it? I mean I’m just a human – every day I learn about something else I had no idea existed.
And after the baby comes I’m going to lose its scent. What if I can’t keep up the act? Or what if I can,
but I make some horrible mistake because of my ignorance? I’m going to be responsible for so many
people, what if I screw up and someone gets hurt as a result?” I question, swiping at my lashes to keep
the tears from falling.

“You’re not in this alone, Ella.” Cora murmurs. “Dominic is going to be helping you every step of the
way, and so are his people – so will I, in any way I can. You don’t have to bear all the responsibility
yourself anymore – those days are over.”

I hiccup, nodding and trying to get my breathing under control. “Thank you.” I sniffle. “I needed to hear

Just then a creak sounds on the other side of the door, and I realize we aren’t alone. I quickly cross the
floor, pulling the door open before our eavesdropper can get away. I suppose this is payback for my
own spying the other day, but I’m horrified when I realize who was listening.

It’s Roger, and he’s just heard every single word of my conversation.

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