Accidental Surrogate

Accidental Surrogate For Alpha Novel Free -Chapter 74


As soon as the Prince catches sight of Sinclair and I, his eyes flash with obvious rage. I can tell he’s
surprised to see us here, though he must have known I survived the hunt. When none of his rogues
returned to confirm my death, he would have immediately realized what happened. Still, I’m sure he
expected Sinclair to do exactly what he just suggested, and keep me home at all costs.

Despite his fury, the Prince quickly covers his emotions and stalks toward us. I can feel Sinclair
vibrating with dangerous energy, and I lean into him, letting him feel my warmth and breathe in my
scent. He’s making low grumbly sounds, though not the kind he often makes when he’s kissing or scent
marking me, which let me know his wolf is pleased. These are very different: sharp and vicious, hinting
at barely contained aggression.

“It’s okay.” I whisper. “He can’t do anything here.”

“I’ll kill him.” Sinclair snarls under his breath. “You need to leave, before this gets ugly.”

I can tell Sinclair is no longer in control and I know his wolf is urging him to protect the baby even if it
costs him the campaign. Of course, killing the Prince would get rid of the competition, but I don’t think it
would comprise very good optics for a future King. I don’t understand enough about shifter society to
know for sure, but my instincts are telling me that a death match on one of the most sacred days of the
year is a bad idea.

“I’m not going anywhere.” I answer firmly, digging in my heels.

“Ella, I wasn’t asking.” Sinclair snaps, pinning me with his most intimidating gaze.

The fine hairs on the back of my neck stand on end, and I feel the sudden urge to cower before the
predator towering over me, but I can’t bring a pup into the world without Sinclair, and I’m not going to

risk him being thrown in jail or exiled. “You can threaten me and punish me however you like.” I remark
coolly, pretending that my knees haven’t completely turned to jelly. “But I promised not to leave your
side, and I meant it.”

Sinclair’s powerful arm squeezes my waist, pulling me even closer against him even though our bodies
were already flush. He drops his lips to my ear. “This is not the time to test me, little human.”

Before I can respond, the Prince appears in front of us. Acting on instinct, I start to pull away from
Sinclair, forcing him to pull me back and keep his hands occupied holding me in place, rather than
ripping the Prince to shreds. “Happy Solstice, Dominic,” The Prince greets, before turning his wolfish
gaze to me. “Ella. You’re looking very well.”

Another growl rends the air between us, but I move directly in front of Sinclair, making a human barrier
between the wolves with my body. I lean my back into Sinclair’s chest, encouraging him to wrap his
arms around me and rest his palms over the baby. “Thank you.” I smile, trying to sound genuine.
“We’re so pleased to be here – though I’m afraid our masks didn’t do much to disguise us.” I laugh

Sinclair is muttering a steady litany of threats in my my head, using his connection with the baby to
make his voice echo in my mind. He compliments me even as he promises to punish me for my
interference, and I reach back to run my fingers through his silky hair, soothing him even though I’m
making myself the target of his outrage. You’re in so much trouble, you magnificent, fearless little
angel. What are you thinking?

“Ah well, it’s hard to go incognito when you’re as famous as you two.” The Prince grins, creating a
conniving, cruel expression. “It seems like I can’t open the newspaper these days without seeing you
two staring back at me.”

I shrug gently, an audience is forming around us, drawn in by the magnetic pull of watching two
competing alphas. “It’s amazing isn’t it? You’d think people would have gotten bored of us by now.”

You’re too clever for your own good. Dominic is saying, making it very difficult for me to focus on the
Prince’s response. I need to make him pay for what he did. I need to kill him.

“Well there’s no accounting for taste – especially among commoners.” The Prince is snidely remarking.

“Forgive me,” I answer boldly, speaking loudly enough for our onlookers to hear. “But weren’t you a
commoner until your father became King? It seems awfully callous to write off so many people just
because they haven’t been as lucky as you. After all, that’s why you’re in this position – isn’t it? Luck?”
A stark murmur works through the crowd around us

When we get home I’m going to put you right back over my knee and this time I’m not going to let you
get away without coming at least three times, you brilliant, impossible creature. At this point I press one
of my stiletto’s onto Sinclair’s foot, needing him to shut up before I become so aroused that the entire
room can smell my desire. Of course, he only responds with a low chuckle. That might work if you
weighed more than a field mouse, little one. But that’s okay – I won’t forget that you tried to stomp on
me again.

“What interesting ideas your mate has, Dominic.” The Prince comments, looking over my head to
speak to Sinclair with barely containged rage. He obviously hates being shown up in public, but he’s in
the same position as Sinclair, trapped by convention. “I wonder if you might release her for a dance? I’d
be very curious to speak with her further.”

“I don’t think so.” Sinclair growls, before I can respond. “Ella is struggling with morning sickness, too
much spinning on the dance floor might trigger it.”

Sighing, I tilt my face up to his, urging him to lower his ear to my mouth. I’m wishing I could speak to
him through the baby, the way he does with me, but I also know that the more intimate we appear for

the media, the better the reports will seem. “It’s okay.” I insist. “He won’t hurt me with you watching.”

No. He responds immediately. You’re mine, he can’t have you – even for a dance.

“Dominic, he underestimates me. He thinks I’m a dumb commoner, I might be able to get information
from him he wouldn’t admit to you.” I reason. “And it would look good to the council. I doubt they want it
to appear like theres a risk of civil war between the Alphas.”

I hate this. Sinclair complains in my head. I need you to be safe. I need him to be dead.

“You need to win. The baby and I need you to win, and you can’t do that if we make a scene here.” I

Goddess, damn it! The next thing I know, Sinclair has spun me to face him. His mouth claims mine with
urgent need, drawing a whimper from my lips as I open for his questing tongue. I’m sure the Prince is
still standing behind us, impotently waiting for us to reach a decision. We pay him no mind. Instead I let
Sinclair ravish me for all to see, stealing kiss after kiss from my swollen mouth and nibbling my neck
before he releases me. I’ll be right here. If you need me, just send me a look, and I’ll be there.

“I promise.” I confirm, “I’ll ask for help if I need it.”

You better! Sinclair claims once last kiss before letting me go, glaring at the Prince over my head.
“Make it quick.”

I turn and accept the Prince’s outstretched hand, shaking off Sinclair when he doesn’t immediately
release me. Gradually he does, though I can see him in my periphery, following our progress as we
move onto the dance floor.

“Dominic is very protective of you.” The Prince observes, glancing at the wolf currently stalking us.

“Aren’t you protective of your mate?” I reply. “I thought all Alphas were that way – all true Alphas that

The Prince’s wolf glows in his eyes, and I know I’ve struck a chord. I’m not sure where I found the
courage to question his dominance. Maybe it’s the baby, or maybe Sinclair is rubbing off on me – either
way it’s difficult to be afraid of the Prince when I spend all my time with a man who is ten times more

“Hmph.” The Prince murmurs, barely containing his ire. “I suppose.”

We move through the dance for a few moments, and I try not to pay attention to Sinclair. I try to focus
on the steps and not make a fool of myself, but I’m painfully conscious of the emerald eyes glued to my

“You know – I had my investigators look into you.” The Prince declares abruptly, as if he’s talking about
running an errang rather than invading my privacy

“Did you?” I counter, making an effort to sound nonchalant. However the little voice in my head is
struggling not to panic. If his investigators searched for me in the Bloodbane pack, they won’t have
found anything. And if they searched for me here, they might have discovered my true identity. “And tell
me, what did you find?”

“Well, it’s the strangest thing.” The Prince replies, suddenly looking like a hunter going in for the kill.
“They didn’t find anything. Not a single thing.”

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