Accidental Surrogate

Accidental Surrogate For Alpha Novel Free -Chapter 52


At the very last second Ella seems to realize what she’s doing and starts to pull back. Unfortunately for
her, the scent of her arousal is filling the small space where we’re confined, and the desire in her eyes
is so strong I can’t stop myself. I catch her nape before she can move away from me, claiming her lips
in one swift move.

Ella offers me a plaintive little moan then sinks willingly into my arms, sliding her arms around my neck
and pressing her soft body flush to mine. I growl in reply, my wolf chuckling in my head when she
noticeably shivers. She’s so beautifully responsive, my every touch sending ripples of heat through her
small body. It’s only too tempting to continue touching and petting her in new ways, just to see how
she’ll react.

Despite her reluctance or disinterest in getting involved with me, Ella shows no hesitance now. I
suspect our heated conversation pushed her past her inhibitions or worries. She’s too turned on to
think clearly and though I know I shouldn’t take advantage, I’m not a saint. I don’t know any man or wolf
who could deny such a sweet offering – and Goddess is she sweet.

Ella returns my kisses with open fervor, parting her lips for my questing tongue and shifting until she’s
straddling my lap. Before long her swollen center is pressed to my hardness, separated only by my
slacks and her dress. I want to rip the clothes from her body, to expose every inch of her soft skin and
finally fulfill my erotic fantasies about her. I’ve become so pent up with sexual tension lately that I’ve
found myself making lists in my head, noting all the things I’d like to do with the lovely human if she
ever decides to let me into her bed.

It’s practically torture not to escalate our tryst when I know how close I am to making those dreams a
reality, yet at the same time I’m overjoyed to simply have Ella in my arms this way. Her lips are
completely addictive, and I could happily spend hours tasting her this way. Ella, on the other hand,

seems more impatient. She gradually drags her lips from mine and trails them across my jaw and down
my neck, her nimble fingers busying themselves with undoing the buttons on my shirt.

When I realize what she intends I catch her slender wrists. “Take it easy, gorgeous.” I advise, worried
she’ll regret this if I let it continue. “We’re not even home yet.”

Ella grumbles wordlessly, continuing to lick and nibble her way over my body even as I hold her hands
captive. The next thing I know, her little teeth are sinking into my pec – not a nibble or a nip, but a true
bite. It seems my sweet human didn’t care for being refused, and she’s reacting like any she-wolf who’s
mate isn’t giving her what she needs. I fist one of my large hands in the silky strands of her hair, pulling
her off of me before I lose control completely. It takes all my willpower not to throw her onto the seat
and claim her once and for all, but somehow I manage. “Fuck, you can’t do that, Ella.” I grit out.

“Why not?” I look down at her, catching sight of an indignant pout so adorable I have to kiss her again.

“Because only mates bite one another.” I sigh when we part. “It’s incredibly intimate, it carries meanings
you don’t understand.”

“So explain.” She counters, her brow crinkling in confusion.

Huffing out a laugh, I loosen my hold on her long hair, stroking my fingers through the tresses. “I can’t.
It’s a wolf thing. It’s part of our bond, there’s magic that passes between two partners.” I continue. “And
you biting me is like an open invitation for my wolf to claim you. It isn’t easy to hold him back.”

I don’t tell her that this shouldn’t be the case. A simple bite from any random woman certainly wouldn’t
tempt my wolf, even a bite from a lover wouldn’t tempt him unless he wanted to claim her anyway. But
Ella doesn’t know that and I don’t want to overwhelm her. Still, my words have the intended affect, the
idea of my wolf claiming her sobers Ella more quickly than anything else, and the tension between us
lowers to a simmer.

I carefully extract the sweet bundle from my lap, placing her on the seat beside me. The fog of lust is
still covering her eyes, but I can see her slowly coming down from the endorphin high. Her pulse isn’t
racing so fast anymore, and I settle my palm on her belly, feeling our pup. He’s awake and giving off
pulses of happy contentment, no doubt pleased to have us both near. I tenderly stroke Ella’s stomach,
still reveling in our baby’s elusive consciousness. “The pup’s influence is strong – you’re acting more
like a wolf every day.” I observe.

“I’m sorry.” Ella finally confesses, looking truly lost now. “Not just for the bite… for all of it. I don’t know
what came over me.”

“You don’t have to apologize.” I answer. “I like kissing you.”

“But it’s not…” She shakes her head. “I don’t want that.” Ella insists, gazing up at me. “Thank you for
stopping me, I don’t… I’ve never lost control that way. I made such a fuss about us not blurring the
lines of our relationship and then I threw myself at you like that… I really don’t know how it happened.”

I do. I think with amusement. I should have expected as much given Ella’s mischievous streak and the
way she’s been playfully testing me from the beginning, as well as the times she’s very seriously
pushed back at my authority. She needs a firm hand, she craves the kind of care only a strong mate
can provide – and it doesn’t matter one bit that she’s human.

“It’s okay.” I repeat, “And I will always do what I can to make sure we don’t get carried away.” One huge
exception looms in my mind’s eye, and after tonight, I know I can’t put it off any longer. “But Ella, I really
do need to warn you about the wild hunt.”

“How so?” She asks.

“The wild hunt event happens on the second to last night of the festival. It’s a tradition where male
wolves hunt,” I’m careful to put this word in air quotes, just in case she misunderstands, “their mates in
the forest.”

“I know.” She breathes. “Aileen told me all about it. She said I would have to start the hunt, but it was
okay that I couldn’t shift because I’d enter the forest in human form anyway.”

“Yes.” I confirm, wondering if my beta’s wife told her the rest. “And I assume you know what happens
when the she-wolves are caught.”

Ella flushes scarlet. “Aileen said you celebrate by ‘making new wolves’.” As embarrassed as she
seems to be saying these words, the darling human doesn’t seem to be taking it seriously. I understand
why she might not think there’s anything to worry about in our case, but unfortunately that isn’t the

“Right.” I agree again. “But you have to understand that I will be shifted by the time I reach you. My wolf
will be in control, and he’s not as gentle or patient as I am.”

“But you’ll shift back, won’t you?” She inquires, sounding suddenly anxious.

“Yes, but he’ll still be at the forefront, and we’ll have been on the hunt.” I wonder if she comprehends all
the implications of this, then realize she can’t possibly. Only a shifter could understand. I know I have to
be more direct. “That night brings the dawning of the Solstice, when our magic is strongest. Our wolves
will be closer to the surface that day than they are almost any other day of the year. I won’t be myself, I
won’t be able to hold myself back without help from you. My wolf will see the mother of our pup and
want to carry out the ritual – to make love to you. If you encourage me, I won’t be able to stop myself.”

“So I won’t encourage you.” Ella answers, as if the solution is truly that simple.

“It might be harder than you think.” I warn. “The pup is changing your behavior already, and the event is
very heated from the beginning. We can’t let what happened tonight happen at the hunt.”

Ella grimaces, “Okay.” She nods gravely, clearly taking the matter very seriously.

“There’s one more thing.” I add, my mouth forming a hard line.

“Yes?” She prompts me.

“Once I’ve caught up to you, you have to stop running.” I state, hoping the baby’s influence isn’t strong
enough to make her do this. A true she wolf wouldn’t give up until her mate actually pinned her to the
ground, but if it gets that far I don’t think I’ll be able to hold myself back. “If you keep going it will send
my prey drive into override and I will chase you down… It would be a different kind of encouragement,
but every bit as dangerous. So whatever you do – don’t run.”

Ella gulps, “I promise.”

I’m relieved to have this conversation out of the way, to know we’re on the same page. And yet, I saw
how curious Ella became tonight about our ways, and I can see the same curiosity in her now. I just
have to hope that curiosity isn’t so strong that she decides to test me on the night of the hunt. If she
does – we’ll both be in big trouble.

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