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Accidental Surrogate For Alpha Novel Free -Chapter 49


“Is this…?” I trail off, unable to find the right words.

“I thought if we’re going to pretend to be together, we ought to do it right.” Sinclair smiles, his obvious
pleasure at my reaction taking the sting out of his words. This isn’t because he feels anything for me,
but he’s happy that I like the gift – and that’s worth something, right?

“It’s beautiful,” I sigh, “But I feel… I haven’t gotten anything for you, Dominic.”

His dark brow furrows, and the next thing I know, he’s turning me towards the mirror at my back. His
reflection towers over mine, so dark and sexy in his black dress shirt and trousers. His size and
strength are so daunting, and his skin vibrant bronze next to my porcelain complexion and slender
limbs. I’m wearing deep purple tonight, and his hand finds my tummy with practiced ease. “How can
you say that?” He demands, gentle but fierce, his lips moving against the shell of my ear as his eyes
pierce me through the glass. “Ella, you’re giving me everything.”

My own hand slides to the place where our baby rests, stopping just above his. However a moment
later his palm is over mine, pulling our hands just over my belly button. “I wish you could feel what I do.”
He tells me solemnly. “You’ll understand when he quickens, when you can feel his movement and
moods.” For the first time, the mirror Sinclair pulls his gaze from mine, but only so the real man can turn
his head to look at me in reality. My heart stops beating as I turn my face to his, eager to hear what he
has to share about our baby. “You’re his whole world – he’s never happier than when he hears your

“Really?” I squeak, tears flooding my eyes.

“Really.” Sinclair confirms, and I’m surprised and impressed to see there isn’t even the smallest hint of
jealousy in his expression. “Everything I care about, is right here.” He continues, tugging me back

against him a little, in a way that makes my delusional mind think that he might be talking about me as
well as the baby. “You are making all my dreams come true.”

I’m shaking my head, tears flowing freely now. “Don’t you get it?” I ask hoarsely. “You gave me a
miracle too.” I remind him. “It doesn’t seem fair that you should get me so many other gifts too.”

“Then it’s a good thing you aren’t in charge.” Sinclair chuckles, kissing my neck just where it connects
with my shoulder and finally turning me back around. He wipes away my tears and slides the ring onto
my finger. “Now everyone will know that we’re taking vows before the Goddess.”

Sniffling and trying to get myself back under control, I ask. “But I thought the mating ceremony was just
an excuse for, Roger?”

Sinclair shakes his head. “As I said, it’s time to make it official. Now come on, we’re going to be late.”

I’m in such a whirlwind of emotion as he guides me out the door that I can barely think straight.
Sometimes I feel like Sinclair are going around in emotional circles, getting carried away with
excitement and joy about the baby and then pulling back when reality sets in. Still, I’ll be damned if I
know how to escape the maelstrom – let alone how I got in it in the first place. My brain is scrambling to
figure out what this all means, what’s changed and why this is coming up now. Part of me wonders if it
was my rejection the other day, however I don’t really have a chance to think it over, because the next
thing I know we’re heading into the oldest part of the city.

It’s a glittering maze of frozen canals, and I can see hundreds of vendors set up on the ice. I’d love to
go down and explore them, but ice skating has always been for rich people – not the likes of me.

“In another hour the canals will be full of people for the procession.” Sinclair tells me as we look down
on the wintry scene. “The processions will start here and weave through the old town until dawn,
putting up greenery and decorations to transform the city for the holiday and giving gifts to the

“That’s so lovely.” I express genuinely. I’ve never known a holiday as magical as the solstice, and it’s
only just beginning. “But if it doesn’t start for an hour, then why did we come so early? You said we
were going to be late!”

“I padded the time a bit – I thought we could take advantage of the peace and quiet and skate a little.”
Sinclair suggests, keeping one arm protectively looped around my shoulders.

“But I don’t know how to skate.” I whisper nervously, “And what about the baby – is it safe?”

Sinclair shakes his head, as if I should know better than to ask such a silly question. “I won’t let you fall,

Strangely enough, I believe him. I believe he’s fast and strong enough to keep this promise, and I know
he means it with every fiber of his being. He’s as good as his word too. Before long I’m zooming around
the rink, unable to stop smiling. Sinclair has stayed glued to my side all night long, never letting me out
of arm’s reach and holding my hand more often than not. Of course, the more confident I become, the
less I want to be leashed to him, and I find myself taking every opportunity to get far enough away to
test my wings.

Shifters are constantly approaching him, saying hello, congratulating us on the baby or commenting on
the campaign. The media also starts to arrive after someone tips them off about our early arrival, and
it’s as Sinclair shakes hands with a constituent that I begin to skate away.

Naturally I don’t make it five feet before her catches me. “Not so fast, you.” He scolds warmly.

“I swear it’s like you have eyes in the back of your head.” I complain.

“My wolf has special Ella radar.” He jokes. ‘So you just keep on trying to get away, trouble. I’ll catch you
every time.”

I stick my tongue out at him, and flames burst to life in his vibrant eyes. “Are you sassing me, little

My heart pulses when he calls me his mate, even though I know it’s only for our audience. “So what if I
am?” I challenge.

“Is that really how you let your woman speak to you?” A new voice drawls behind us.

Sinclair’s expression goes very hard, but he doesn’t look the least bit surprised to see the Prince
hovering over my shoulder. I instinctively lean closer to Sinclair, remembering what he told me about
the other man’s desperation to take the crown.

“A true Alpha isn’t threatened by strong she-wolves.” Sinclair growls, emphasizing the first part of his
sentence in a way which makes me think they’ve debated what makes a “true” alpha before.

“There’s strength and then there’s insolence.” The Prince replies snidely. “And everyone knows that a
wolf who doesn’t discipline his mate properly isn’t fit to lead.”

“You and I have very different ideas of discipline.” Sinclair rumbles. For the first time I realize that we’re
drawing a crowd.

“If your mate thinks it’s appropriate to challenge you in public.” The Prince scoffs, “Then I don’t think
you know the meaning of the word at all.”

“My mate feels safe enough to test her limits with me no matter where we are.” Sinclair bites back.
“That’s a far better sign of a caring Alpha than one who’s Luna cowers away from him in fear.”

The Prince’s face scrunched up with obvious fury, but he glances at the reporters around us and clearly
bites his tongue. “Then again, you aren’t true mates yet. You haven’t even claimed her yet.”

There’s a sudden rash of murmuring through the crowd. I look up at Sinclair in shock. How did the
Prince know? And why doesn’t Sinclair look surprised? In fact, Sinclair looks positively triumphant, as if
he’d been hoping this would happen when the argument began. “Well thank you for giving me the
opportunity to announce the date of our mating ceremony, your Highness.”

The Prince blanches, and I feel my own confusion grow. What on earth is happening? I’m trying to keep
my emotions off my face, even managing to smile up at Sinclair when he beams down at me.

“Ella and I will be mated one month after we welcome our son.

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