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Accidental Surrogate For Alpha Novel Free -Chapter 47


I’m resolved to buy Ella a ring tomorrow, but we still have to get through tonight first.

She was distant on the ride home, sitting across from me in the back of the limo rather than tucked up
against my side the way I prefer. Moreover she didn’t say a word until we got back to the house, and
then her only message was that she wanted to sleep in her own rooms this evening.

“Are you angry with me?” I ask, furrowing my brow in confusion.

“No, I just think a little space would be good for us.” She answers, hugging herself in a clear defensive

Maybe she’s right, I think, though it’s not easy to hear my thoughts with my wolf snarling in protest. I
still haven’t gotten to the bottom of her reluctance to indulge our shared desires, and I don’t want to
press her if she really isn’t interested. Even if she is, I think it would be a mistake to push her too hard
or fast and risk spooking her. “Okay.” I agree eventually. “I’ll notify the guards.”

My wolf is whining like a pup as I stride away from her, and I can’t believe how attached I’ve become to
the sweet human in so short a time. I don’t like letting her out of my sight when I know she’s under
threat, but this is so much more than that. I’ve gotten so used to sleeping with her warm little body
snuggled in my arms or sprawled out on top of me, that I’m not sure I’ll be able to rest without her.

As I prepare for bed, I try to make my wolf settle, but it’s nearly impossible. In the end, I realize I didn’t
scent mark Ella tonight, and if anything will calm my wolf, I imagine that will. I pull on a t-shirt over my
pajama bottoms and set off towards her rooms, knowing precisely how ridiculous I’m being and not
giving a damn.

However when I arrive outside Ella’s rooms I immediately pick up on a strange tension among the
guards. I look around at them curiously, but their stiff postures are only compounded by their refusal to
look me in the eye. A moment later a soft whimper emanates through Ella’s door, and I understand. It’s
not a sound of worry, sadness or fear, but one absolutely dripping with sex. My ears sharpen towards
her door and I hear more sounds: the slight rustle of the bed sheets; the gentle glide of deft fingers
sliding over wet flesh; uneven and excited breathing; and pounding pulse. It’s obvious what Ella is up to
in my absence, and I have to stop myself from groaning aloud.

I silently order the guards away – knowing Ella would be mortified if she realized my men can overhear
her touching herself. My own mind is divided over what to do – I doubt she wants me to hear this either,
though she probably wouldn’t mind if she realized just how open shifters are about sex. Even my men
weren’t embarrassed, simply nervous over my reaction to them being near Ella at an intimate moment.
She might not be my mate, but she is carrying my pup, and that’s a claim every bit as powerful and
sacred to our kind. They know how possessive I am of her, how protective. They probably thought I’d
rip their ears off just for standing in hearing distance. Still it was their duty to guard her, and now it has
to be mine until this private moment has passed.

I’m confident that I’m the least objectionable audience to Ella, considering the intimacies we’ve already
shared. Still, I have to keep telling myself this reminder as time passes. Every time I begin to wonder if
I’m using her protection as an excuse to eavesdrop, I put myself in Ella’s shoes and recall how
humiliated she would feel about so many strangers hearing her in this state. Leaving her unguarded
isn’t an option, so this is the lesser of two evils.

Nonetheless, it’s absolute torture to listen to Ella finding her pleasure this way, because every small
pant and moan fills my head with a thousand explicit images. I can imagine exactly what she’s doing,
and the tiny sounds she emits every now and then egg my wolf on. He’s in a near frenzy, demanding
we go in and put a stop to this immediately. I should be the one pleasuring her, she shouldn’t have to
take matters into her own hands. This is a mate’s job. If she were mine I would march in right now, give

her lush bottom a few swats for not making her needs known to me, then bury my face between her
legs and feast until she’s begging me to stop.

But she isn’t mine. I remind myself furiously, trying not to get so carried away by the fantasy that I give
in. Still, she’s clearly worked up because of the kiss, my wolf reasons, she’s probably thinking of us this
very moment.

We don’t know that. I caution. She didn’t want to get involved, remember? Her current need might be
related or it might be the pregnancy, her hormones, or simply the fact that she’s a living breathing
woman with a healthy libido. Either way, we have no right.

Ella’s quiet ministrations speed up, and I pray we’re near the end of this – I’ve given up all thought of
scent marking her. If I go in there now, I won’t be able to restrain myself or my wolf. I’m hard as a rock
on my slacks, and as soon as Ella’s need for privacy is over, I’ll let the guards return and trust her
safety to them once more. Afterwards I’m going to have a nice cold shower and relieve me cock the
only way I can in my current predicament.

Ella’s delicious murmurs finally crescendo, and I wish I’d pressed her harder about her reluctance to
start something romantic between us. This is only going to get harder as her pregnancy progresses,
and my wolf is quickly running out of patience. I can’t understand his behavior. I’ve had sex with plenty
of she-wolves over the years, and he’s only ever pushed me to claim Lydia, no matter how much I
cared about the women who came before her.

It’s like he doesn’t believe Ella is human – like he refuses to accept that I couldn’t mark Ella even if I
wanted to. And I don’t want to… right? It’s just my wolf going overboard because of the pup.

If only we could mark her somewhere else, He suggests wistfully, completely ignoring my logic. And
don’t even pretend like that idea doesn’t tempt you.

Unfortunately he’s right, but it doesn’t matter how tempting the idea is. Mating marks are so intimate
because they require allowing another wolf to wrap their jaws around your most vulnerable spot. It
would defeat the point to mark Ella somewhere safer.

But just think about how amazing it would feel. My wolf urges.

Again I have to stop myself from groaning out loud. The bastard is right. The last thing I want is to hurt
Ella, but I’m very experienced when it comes to bringing a she-wolf to the peak of pleasure before
sinking my teeth into her. I’m sure I could do the same for her– if only it wasn’t her neck I had to bite.

Goddess, stop it! I internally shout at myself. You’re losing it! This is crazy talk. It’s your cock talking,
not your brain or even your heart. You don’t really want this, and neither does she.

Right on cue, Ella climaxes, a soft keening escaping her lips. My hands close into fists and I grit my
teeth against the intoxicating noise, and it’s only as I drag in a few gasping breaths, suddenly worried I
might actually burst through her door – that I hear my name on her lips. It’s a mere whisper as she
comes down from her high, and I have no choice but to get out of there before it’s too late. I storm past
the guards, waving them back to their posts, and race for my shower.

A little while later I find myself lying awake in bed, my cock hard again despite the release I found in the
shower. Ella is the only thing on my mind, and I’m beginning to wonder if I’ll ever be able to think of
anything else. That might have been the most erotic thing I’ve ever heard, and I didn’t even see it
happening. Does she have any idea what she’s doing to me? How irrational and crazed I’ve become
about her? I barely recognize myself anymore.

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