Accidental Surrogate

Accidental Surrogate For Alpha Novel Free -Chapter 46


I’m watching Ella retreat, wishing I could read her complex mind as easily as I can read her body
language. My wolf is angry with me for upsetting her, but I’m not sure what I did wrong. She liked
kissing me, there’s no doubt about that. I also don’t know why she would ever think I’m the casual type
– because I’m anything but. Still, she seemed to be telling the truth when she said she didn’t want
more. What am I supposed to do with that information?

Ella is clearly feeling off-kilter, and it’s my responsibility to center her – but if she won’t tell me why
she’s feeling agitated, how am I supposed to help her? I know exactly what I would do if she was a
she-wolf, but I don’t know if a human would react the same way. My wolf wants me to try – he’s
completely convinced that Ella is like any other out-of-sorts mate, who just needs a firm hand to remind
her who’s in charge so she’ll share her worries with us. After all, she made me promise to communicate
more – shouldn’t that go both ways?

I’m so caught up in my head I almost don’t realize that the Prince is approaching me, a knowing smirk
dominating his features. “I remember those days,” He remarks. “When you first meet your mate and
you can’t keep your hands off each other – when you miss them even though they’ve only left the room
for a moment. It’s a wonder you haven’t marked her yet.”

My blood begins to boil so quickly that I’ve barely processed his words before my wolf is clawing at the
surface of my skin. The only person who knows that Ella hasn’t been marked is Roger… if the Prince
knows too, it’s because my brother told him.

I’m not surprised by Roger’s betrayal. He’s had it out for me since day one, and his heroics with the
rogues was always highly suspect. It was much too convenient that he happened to turn up just in the
knick of time when Ella needed him that fateful night, and his overtures of friendship in the time since

have been completely out of character. For a moment I wondered if he truly did have a soft spot for the
human – if anyone is capable of thawing his frozen heart, it’s my Ella, but now the truth is clear.

More importantly, the crown and the Kingdom are on the line. If people think something is off with Ella
and I they’ll lose confidence in my ability to lead. We have to appear strong and united to pull this off,
and Goddess forbid if anyone begins to suspect we aren’t truly mated, it could ruin everything. There’s
no doubt in my mind that the Prince will use this information as ammunition against me in the campaign
unless I can convince him it would be a mistake to make it public. If he believes it will backfire on him,
he won’t share it, and the only way I know how to make him think this is by marking Ella and showing
him the evidence, or selling the same lie I told my brother.

The former option is more tempting than I’d like to admit. My wolf is already urging me to mark Ella
despite the fact that she’s human and it’s impossible for her to be my mate. He wants her, and he
doesn’t seem to care about any of the difficulties or details. Already, I hear his voice growling mine,
every time I lay eyes on her. But it can’t happen, I’d never be able to mark her without damaging her
delicate flesh. For all I know the force of the bite could permanently injure her.

“You know I pride myself on self-control.” I finally answer the Prince, shaking myself from my thoughts.
“We’re waiting until our mating ceremony.”

The Prince scoffs, “Self control, or lack of passion? Not a good sign for an Alpha. If your mate isn’t
taking the edge off, how stable will you be to govern?”

“One thing you don’t ever have to worry about with Ella and I, is passion.” I tell him, my voice imbued
with abject honesty. I don’t need to have bedded Ella to know we aren’t lacking in that area. She
overflows with both sweet submission and fiery passion, and I can’t imagine a more perfect fit for my
own desires. Sometimes I feel guilty for comparing her to Lydia– but they’re so different I can’t help
myself. Lydia was skilled but always distant in bed. She let me dominate her physically, but never gave
herself over emotionally – creating a cavern of distance between us long before she left.

Ella on the other hand… I already know that were she to give herself to me, she would give herself
completely – she wouldn’t be able to help herself. She throws herself, body and soul, into everything
she does – leading with her heart. The challenge with her is convincing her to take the leap. I can see
how skittish she is after Mike’s mistreatment, and who knows what other traumas she’s survived. It’s
clear she doesn’t take the decision to jump into relationships lightly… I wonder if that’s why she’s
behaving the way she is tonight? Does she truly not want anything from me romantically? Is it purely
physical for her and she’s just not interested in being with someone without an emotional connection?
Or does she feel as strongly as I do, but holds herself back out of fear or uncertainty?

“I presume you’ve already set a date for the mating ceremony, then?” The Prince prompts me, seeming
more than a little peeved that he isn’t holding my full attention.

“Of course.” Now this time I am lying. We’ve made no such arrangements, making up the story solely
for Roger’s sake.

“But not before the wild hunt, I take it?” He guesses, even cockier now, “You really think you can get
through the night without marking her?”

“As I said, self control.” I repeat, though in truth I’m very worried about this. I’d started to warn Ella
before she rushed away, but the Prince’s mocking makes me more determined than ever to hold out.
“We’ll be mated exactly one month after our pup is due – at the summer solstice.”

“An auspicious day.” The Prince nods, looking pissed. He knows as well as I do that royal mating
ceremonies are not to be taken lightly, and are often planned around major holidays when the
Goddess’s magic – and our own – is strongest. The fact that I named this date implies that I’m already
assuming I’ll win the campaign and that Ella and I will have no problems delivering the Kingdom its heir.
Besides, the pack will eat up the idea of a Royal Wedding far more eagerly than they would a private
ceremony for a contender. Some people might vote for me just for the occasion alone – of course that’s
not how I want to win, but this is life or death – I can’t afford to be noble.

“You must be sure of your victory.” The Prince continues, his tone much too smug for my liking. It’s
obvious he’s just trying to push back at my own power play, but there’s something about his smirk that
makes me worry his confidence isn’t all a bluff.

“It will be an important day for my family whether I win the campaign or not.” I shrug. “Only the
Goddess knows what the future will hold in that regard, but I know my mating day with Ella will be one
for the ages, King or not.”

The Prince laughs humorlessly. “That’s one way of looking at it.”

“Do you have another?” I bite, before I can stop myself.

“In my opinion a true Alpha makes his own destiny.” The Prince answers ominously.

My spine stiffens as I think about my father. Is the Prince alluding to his attack? To his own father
claiming the throne by eliminating the competition through any means possible? Is he confirming that
he has plans to pull a similar act of aggression to keep me from winning? Taking credit for the attack on
Ella? Of course he’s always been my number one suspect, but it’s one thing to believe this without
proof, and another entirely to have a confession rubbed in your face. Surely he’s not so stupid to do
such a thing.

“Well as an Alpha with actual experience leading a pack,” I cut, leaving the rest of my sentence obvious
but unsaid: rather than lazing around while my Daddy does all the hard work for me. “I can tell you that
it’s not that simple. You might be surprised at the unexpected twists life throws at you.”

“Spoken like a man who’s prepared to lose.” He snaps in an undertone.

I arch my brow. “Haven’t you been paying attention? I can’t lose– I lead the strongest pack on the
continent, I have an incredible mate and my first pup on the way.” I offer him a wide smile bound to

infuriate him. “In my book that’s a win – no matter what else happens.”

It’s both the truth, and a misdirect. I do feel as though I have everything I need personally – but I’m not
in this campaign for myself. I don’t want the power for personal gain, I have to take it in order to protect
shifter-kind and the human world from the Prince’s tyranny. If he succeeds we’ll likely be headed for a
civil war and abuses unlike anything we’ve seen before. And I can’t let that happen at any cost.

It’s time I buy a ring. Ella and I can’t keep pretending she’s already marked – by morning everyone in
the Kingdom will know she isn’t, which means we’re going to have to go through with the mating
ceremony even if the rest of our relationship is a sham. I might not be able to really mark her – but I
can sure as hell marry her.

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