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Accidental Surrogate For Alpha Novel Chapter 31

3rd Person

Sinclair was tired of fighting his instincts. Ella was looking up at him with heavy-lidded eyes, the scent
of her arousal heavy in the air. Why was he fighting his desire for her? So she was human – she was
also beautiful, spirited and bright, everything he could want in a woman. It was exhausting trying to rein
in his wolf, and he was tired of denying himself. The fact was that Sinclair wanted Ella more intensely
than he could remember wanting anyone. The logical part of his brain insisted it was just the pup
growing in her womb, but the more time that passed the more the Alpha believed it was the woman

Sinclair dipped his head until their mouths were mere inches apart, and Ella sighed and tilted her chin
up – offering her lips for the taking. He was about to claim them when a knock sounded at the door,
followed by a low squeak and a familiar man’s voice, “What on earth?”

Sinclair turned to look at Hugo, who was frozen in the doorway, staring at the food-splattered kitchen
and the couple on the floor in abject shock. “Not now.” Sinclair growled, his wolf clamoring just beneath
the surface of his skin.

Hugo met the Alpha’s piercing gaze, “Dom –”

“I said not now.” Sinclair repeated fiercely.

“Trust me.” Hugo stated resolutely, “you want to hear what I have to say.”

Grumbling with annoyance, Sinclair looked back to Ella, sorely tempted to tell her not to move a muscle
until he returned. However he knew that if Hugo was being this persistent, he probably wasn’t going to
be back anytime soon. It filled him with regret that he wouldn’t be able to lick all the chocolate from
Ella’s sweet body himself, or even help her wash away the remnants in a steaming shower. His mind

was overflowing with all the sensuous possibilities, but the best he could do was promise the little
human that, “we’ll finish this later.”

He helped Ella to her feet before taking his leave, grabbing a dish towel on the way out to wipe the
flour, chocolate and syrup from his face. “What’s up?” He asked Hugo, once they were alone.

“There’s been a rogue attack in old town.” The Beta shared gravely. “It looks like there’s quite a few

Sinclair cursed, “any hints on who’s responsible?”

“Witnesses say the attackers came out of nowhere. They burst onto the canals and started wreaking
havoc.” Hugo explained. “It’s clear they were sent to harm, no one reported having anything stolen.”

Sinclair’s wolf – already fighting for control – reared up inside him, overwhelmed by urgent concern for
his pack members. There hadn’t been a rogue attack in a very long time, and he highly doubted that
the timing of this incident was a coincidence. “I’ll shower as fast as I can, and I’ll be right there.”


The scene of the attack was worse than Sinclair could have imagined.

Moon Valley’s old town was normally an enchanting place at this time of year. With its idyllic maze of
canals woven through historic buildings and blanketed in thick white snow, it should have looked like a
winter wonderland – if it weren’t for all the blood. Ever since the river froze a few weeks earlier, the
waterways became bustling thoroughfares dotted with pop up shops to be navigated by humans and
shifters on ice skates. They weren’t as grand as they’d be after the solstice celebrations began the
following week, but they certainly shouldn’t have looked like this.

At least a dozen bodies littered the ice, and thick crimson pools steamed then froze solid on the glassy
surface. Keening filled the air as shifters mourned and injured beings suffered on the sidelines, tended
to by concerned bystanders and emergency responders. Sinclair scanned the carnage – noting that all
the victims were wolves, not that this came as a surprise. This part of the city was dominated by
estates passed down through generations of wealth which, combined with the steep rents on new
properties and high end businesses, all but guaranteed the inhabitants were shifters.

Moon Valley’s human mayor was already on the scene, but she was only there for appearances sake.
Human tourists might visit to take in the natural splendor, but old town was strictly under Sinclair’s
jurisdiction. Sighing with resignation, Sinclair approached the austere woman. “Madame Mayor.”

“Alpha,” She replied tersely, “I presume this was your kind’s doing?”

“Definitely a wolf attack.” He confirmed, ignoring the clear disdain in her voice. “My investigators are on
the case.”

“You know this isn’t the kind of press our city needs – just before the holidays too. It’s high tourist

“It’s the holidays for us as well,” Sinclair reminded her. “And you would do well to recall that I don’t
blame you when humans wreak havoc in the territory.”

“That’s because my kind is no threat to yours.” The mayor quipped.

Sinclair scoffed, “Right, that’s why we exist in secret – because humans are so accepting of those who
are different.”

The Mayor, like all human mayors of Moon Valley, had been less than amused to discover the
existence of shifters when she took office two years earlier. Nor could she ever fully wrap her mind

around the power dynamics. It never ceased to confuse her that the monarchy resided in Moon Valley
but did not rule the pack directly, rather delegating power to the territory’s Alpha. Sinclair, on the other
hand, thought it was pure stubbornness on her part – since she had no problem understanding state
versus federal governance in her own society.

“And I suppose this has nothing to do with your campaign?” She questioned. “The Prince’s statement
yesterday was quite damning.”

Sinclair blinked. What statement? Had he really been so distracted by Ella that he missed an important
development in the race? It was a silly question. As soon as he asked it of himself he knew the answer
was yes. He’d become so preoccupied with the lovely human over the last couple of weeks that he’s
thought of little else – including the campaign. Sure he kept his appointments and appearances, but his
mind was rarely focused on the matter at hand. It was permanently locked on Ella. In fact, now that he
reflected on it – he’d scarcely thought of anything else since she’d come begging for her sister’s job –
even before he knew about the pup.

If he’d missed a major statement by the prince, then she wasn’t only a distraction, but a dangerous
one. If he’d been paying attention, would he have seen this attack coming? He could imagine the kind
of drivel the statement included – was the Prince behind the attack too? He wouldn’t put it past him,
and there was no doubt this was going to hurt him. At the end of the day this was his city, not the
Prince’s and the attack would make him look like an Alpha who couldn’t protect his people.

Guilt washed over him in a tidal wave. The criticism would be true either way. Whether a political
scheme, or a genuine rogue threat, he had failed to secure old town. He had failed to protect his
people, and the death surrounding him was his fault. The lives of all Moon Valley shifters were in his
hands, and he’d let these slip through his fingers – worse, he hadn’t even noticed it happening.

If not for Ella this might never have happened. He wasn’t blaming her, far from it – he knew he was the
only one to blame. It was his distraction with the human beauty which allowed this to happen, and if it

was a princely plot, then it was his heir and his campaign which were responsible.

The mayor, seeing Sinclair had disappeared into his thoughts, shifted away to make a statement to the
media, leaving the Alpha with his guilt. He’d always hated seeing any of his people hurt – but this was
the first time he knew without a doubt that they were hurt because of him. Suddenly the reasons that
he’d been fighting his instincts when it came to Ella and his desire, came rushing back to him like a
wildfire. His wolf might want her, but taking his eye off the ball at this stage in the game was dangerous
to all of them.

Even as he thought this morbid fact, his eye caught on a flash of silver in his periphery. Turning, he
looked up at the raised street running parallel to the canal. There was a sleek town car parked near the
bridge, and a crowd of shifters gathered at the railing, looking down on the bloody tableau so many feet
below them.

Sinclair recognized the Prince immediately, with his sleek blonde hair and gaudy clothes. The other
man gazed over the crime scene with cold disinterest, until he finally met Sinclair’s gaze. He arched
one blond brow and shook his head, as if in disappointment, but he couldn’t keep the smirk from his
face. A moment later the human mayor appeared at his side, murmuring in his ear.

Ice froze the blood in Sinclair’s veins, and he looked to Hugo, a grave expression on his handsome
face. “Tighten Ella’s security as soon as possible.” He commanded. “I want eyes on her at all times.”

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