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Accidental Surrogate For Alpha Novel Chapter 28


I hear Sinclair’s footsteps coming up the stairs just past five, and I realize he must have left work at the
earliest available opportunity. I’m not complaining, I’ve been so eager to ask him about Mike ever since
the police called me, and as unbelievable as it seems I even find myself missing him the more time we
spend apart. I think it must be the pup’s craving to be near its father rather than my own interest,
because more often than not I’m nervous or on-edge when we’re together. The one exception is when I
go to his rooms at bedtime; I haven’t had a single nightmare since he insisted we begin sleeping
together, and I look forward to falling asleep in his strong arms every night.

He comes into my rooms without knocking, offering me a wide smile when he sees me cuddled up in
bed. The doctor gave me strict orders to rest today, and after the exhausting ordeal at the hospital, I
actually didn’t mind. “Hello trouble.” Sinclair greets me fondly, taking a seat on the edge of my mattress.
“How are you feeling?”

“I’m fine.” I promise, “No more spotting.” I blush, but I figure we have to get used to speaking on such
familiar terms about my body. Pregnancy does nothing if not steal one’s sense of modesty, as the most
personal bodily functions must be discussed to assess the baby’s health.

“I’m glad.” Sinclair sighs with visible relief. “Have you checked your blood pressure?”

“No, I’ve been distracted.” I admit.

“Tsk, tsk,” He teases, retrieving the home monitoring device from my bedside. “Let’s have your arm,

I wait while he settles the cuff around my bicep and presses the machine’s start button. Once the cuff
begins to inflate and pressure increases on my arm, I say, “I got a call from the police today.”

Sinclair keeps a perfectly straight face, as if he doesn’t have the first idea what I’m about to say. “Oh?”

“It seems that Mike turned himself in this afternoon.” I share, watching him closely. “He came all the
way back from the coast and signed a full confession. He’s going to stand trial.”

Sinclair is busy watching the numbers on the machine, but he manages a distracted smile, “that’s
wonderful, Ella.”

I wait for him to say more, but he remains silent, avidly focused on taking my vital signs. “You’re really
going to pretend like you had nothing to do with it?” I finally burst.

The machine beeps, and Sinclair frowns, loosening the cuff. “Still too high.” He murmurs, looking back
up at me. Sinclair scans my features, taking my cheek in his oversized hand. “Are you still feeling

“I’m trying to talk to you about something.” I reply, rather than answering him.

“Ella it was nothing. I would have done it for anyone.” He states simply.

Of course. I think bitterly, better not go getting ahead of yourself, Ella. Don’t make the mistake of
thinking you’re special when you’re anything but. “That might be true.” I murmur, “but it’s a very big deal
to me. I don’t know how to thank you.”

“That’s not necessary.” Sinclair responds, as if this settles the matter. “I was happy to do it. That rat
deserved a lot worse than a jail cell if you ask me.”

I don’t know why, but his ferocity makes me feel better about his dismissive manner. At the very least it
shows that he does care, and I decide then and there that I’m going to find a way to thank him –
whether he thinks it’s necessary or not.


The next day I spend the morning sick to my stomach, reminding myself over and over again that
morning sickness is a good sign, and I shouldn’t complain. After my fourth bout of nausea, I take a few
pillows and books into the bathroom, setting up a makeshift camp on the cold tiles so that I’m not
constantly running back and forth. By the afternoon I feel well enough to go out and about, and I
eagerly dress and depart, excited to follow through with my plans to thank Sinclair for his kindness.

At first I wasn’t sure about turning up at his father’s house unannounced, but when I arrive the elder
Alpha greets me with so much hospitality and generosity I decide I should try and visit more often.
“Come in, come in! What a lovely surprise!”

“Thank you.” I flush, “I hope you don’t mind me dropping by like this.”

“Of course not, my darling. You’re welcome anytime.” He replies genially. “I was just about to have a
late lunch, please join me.”

“Oh no, I couldn’t impose.” I demur.

“Nonsense, I know the look of a breeding mother who’s spent the morning indisposed.” He observes
wryly. “You’re still green about the gills, dear one. Some food in your tummy will help.”

“Thank you.” I smile despite myself. “I see you’re as perceptive as your son.”

“And I see you would prefer it if he did not perceive so much.” The old man answers.

“Is it that obvious?” I chuckle, taking a seat across from him in the sitting room as a servant runs to get
another place setting for lunch.

“I don’t blame you.” He confides. “I expect if I were in your shoes I wouldn’t enjoy having someone read
my every thought and feeling either.”

Unlike Sinclair, his father sets me completely at ease. So at ease in fact that I find the words sliding off
my tongue before I can stop them. “I’m not used to men like you and your son, Alpha –”

“None of that Alpha nonsense.” He interjects. “call me Henry.”

I can’t help but laugh, “you and Dominic really are a pair, you know that?”

Henry smiles warmly, “a high complement. I’m very proud of my son, you know. And I’m so thrilled he’s
finally found his second chance mate.”

A stab of guilt assails me. Of any of the people we’re deceiving, Sinclair’s father makes me feel the
most ashamed for our lies. “Thank you.” I manage to reply, unable to stop myself from confiding, “we’re
both so excited for this baby I’m not sure if we’ve even discussed whether we truly are mates. I mean
we’re saying it for the campaign of course, but I hardly think I’m what Dominic imagined for a mate.”

Henry shakes his head firmly. “Trust me, Ella. I know my son, and I know a good match when I see it.
You two will get there in time.”

“Well, I have to say he has already done so much for me. I’ve been scrambling for some way to thank
him, but I’m afraid I don’t know him well enough to know what he’d like best. I was hoping you might
help me do a bit of plotting.” I confess.

“You’ve come to the right place.” Henry assures me, “what kind of surprise did you have in mind.”

“Just anything to show him how grateful I am.” I explain, “how excited I am to be having this baby
together, for all his support.”

“Well one secret I will gladly tell you about my son is that he has a powerful sweet tooth.” Henry
intones. “He doesn’t indulge it often, but the quickest way to his heart is probably through dessert.”

I giggle, “Really?” It seems so strange that the terrifying Alpha wolf might have a secret vice as
wholesome as sugar. “Any particular recipes?”

“His favorite cake as a boy was simply chocolate with vanilla icing – simple but classic. If you make him
that, it will transport him straight back to his childhood.” Henry explains.

“I like that idea. One of our first days together he called my sister to find out my favorite dish – I like the
symmetry of returning the gesture.” I muse aloud.

“And of course, if you end up with too much left over, I always appreciate a good sweet myself.” Henry
hints, “As well as charming company.”

“You have a deal.” I agree happily. “In fact, I was thinking I might visit you more often.” I suggest, “If you
don’t mind having me around that is.”

“I would love nothing more.” Henry beams, “though you should probably clear it with Dominic first.”

I grimace, not caring for this idea. “Do you think he’d object?”

“I think he’s got a new mate and a baby on the way – nothing makes an Alpha more overprotective.”
Henry reasons.

“But surely he wouldn’t think you’re a threat.” I protest.

“Not me personally, but there may very well be other dangers out there.” Henry suggests, “in fact I’m
surprised he let you come out without a guard today.”

“Well, he doesn’t know.” I answer hesitantly.

“You didn’t tell him you were leaving?” Henry clarifies.

“No, but I’m an adult.” I argue, confused. “I shouldn’t have to ask permission just to pay a visit to

“Ella, you’re with an Alpha now.” Henry reminds me gently. “Everything is different now. Does anyone
know where you are right now?”

“No.”Nervously gnawing on my lip, I wonder if I’ve made a bad miscalculation. “Do you think he’s going
to be angry?”

“If I were you, I’d try to get back before he realizes you left.” Henry suggests.

I don’t need to be told twice, I finish my lunch and kiss Henry’s scruffy cheek, before heading out again.
On the way home I stop only to purchase the ingredients for Sinclair’s cake, hurrying back to the house
in the hopes that no one has noticed I was missing. Of course it’s just my luck that Hugo catches me
coming up the walk to the mansion, arms ladened with grocery bags. He doesn’t say a word, but I know
the game is up.

I’m in big trouble.

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