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Accidental Surrogate For Alpha Novel Chapter 19

3rd Person

Ella slowly untangled herself from Sinclair’s body as he returned her feet to the ground, feeling terribly
unsure of herself. The audience was still making a huge racket, but the imposing Alpha was studying
her as if she was some sort of curious anomaly – one he was desperate to figure out. Her cheeks were
flushed scarlet, but she followed his lead. Sinclair hadn’t looked away from her to acknowledge their
onlookers – so she didn’t either.

Ella couldn’t have known how much more meaningful it was for Sinclair to be watching her this way,
rather than smiling. Shifters were creatures of raw passion and intense feeling, there were many
lighthearted moments of course, but the look of a successfully mated Alpha and Luna was not the
lovesick expressions humans so often displayed in relationships. To those around them, Sinclair’s laser
focus on the little human looked like a devoted lover hungry for his mate, and her anxious energy was
only further proof – a she-wolf who had just provoked her mate’s lust in public, and was going to have
to face the consequences when she got home.

The tableau only made them cheer louder, and this eased Ella’s fears a bit. Sinclair might not be happy
with her, but the crowd certainly was. It can’t have been a complete mistake, could it?

“How lovely, but not exactly the point of the game.” The Prince’s drawling criticism finally broke the
spell, at last tearing Ella and Sinclair’s attention away from one another.

“Wasn’t it?” Ella asked innocently, feeling less intimidated by the Prince than the wolf still holding her in
an iron grip. “He told me to kiss him – was I supposed to refuse?”

The spectators laughed and applauded, and Sinclair turned glowing eyes in their direction. “No doubt
you’ll forgive us taking our leave.” He declared rakishly, earning a fresh surge of wolf whistles. “My
mate is in need of some attention.”

Ella blinked, wondering if he meant what she suspected. Were wolves really so open about sex?
Before she could think about the matter any further, the King stood and offered them a toast, “To the
happy couple.”

Sinclair led Ella back through the flood of congratulations and well wishes, past the media frenzy and
back into the safety of his limousine.

She slid into the far end of the vehicle, hiding from all the camera flashes behind blacked out windows.
When Sinclair slid in a moment afterwards, he zeroed in on Ella immediately. The corner of his mouth
tilted up when he saw her sitting as far away as possible. “Is there a reason you’re all the way over

“Are you angry?” Ella murmured in reply, wrapping her arms protectively around her middle. She was
painfully aware that if she messed up badly enough, it might cost her the baby.

“How could I be angry?” Sinclair exclaimed, truly shocked. “Ella, you saved the day. That was brilliant.
None of the Alphas on the council will question me now. Even the King liked you. My campaign is safe
because of your quickl thinking.”

“Oh,” she relaxed slightly, feeling silly now. “You looked so severe after the kiss, I just… I thought I
messed up.”

“Far from it.” Sinclair announced as the car slowly began to move. “But I am curious what inspired you
to kiss me.”

Ella stared at her lap. “It was the first thing that came into my mind. I knew we were going to fail if we
actually had to play the game.”

“But why a kiss?” He pressed. “You were already feeling ill, you could have easily given morning
sickness as an excuse. No one would have faulted you.”

“I don’t know.” She shrugged, fidgeting nervously.

“Did you like it?” He pressed, his deep voice like velvet cloaked steel.

“What?!” Ella chirped, her gold eyes going wide. “Of course not, it was just for show. Besides, I’m not a
good kisser anyway.”

Sinclair’s brow furrowed. “Why the hell do you think that?” He asked.

“Mike told me, more than once.” She admitted, her voice barely louder than a whisper.

Sinclair rose from his seat, having heard more than enough. He migrated over to where Ella sat,
kneeling down onto the floor of the car so he could look her in the eye. Is he going to touch me? Ella
wondered anxiously. Why do I want to feel his hands on me so badly? She got her answer a moment
later, when he took her chin between his thumb and forefinger, and titled her face up to his.”Your ex
was a fucking idiot.” He murmurs. “For more reason than one.”

Her heart sank, it hadn’t escaped her notice how many people had commented on her beauty that
evening, or how proud Sinclair had seemed to have her on his arm. “Because I’m pretty?”

Sinclair shook his head. “You’re gorgeous, Ella, but so are lots of people. He’s an idiot because he
couldn’t see past it – to the force of nature underneath.”

“I’m not a force of nature.” Ella protest. “I’m poor and weak and –”

His finger moves to cover my lips. “You are what I say you are.” Ella bristled beneath his intimate touch
and domineering manner. She wanted to challenge him, to insist that she knew herself better than he
did. With great effort, she kept her mouth shut because she knew it wasn’t an argument she could win.
Nodding in approval, Sinclair continued. “And I say you are brave, clever, so sweet I can’t stand it, and

so much stronger than you know.” He offered her a wolfish grin then, “Not not mention the best kisser
I’ve ever had the pleasure of tasting.”

Ella blushed scarlet, and Sinclair chuckled, taking the seat next to her. He slung an arm over her
shoulders, encouraging her to lean into his warmth. “Thank you.” Ella murmured, sinking into his

“I didn’t say it to please you.” Sinclair remarked simply, brushing off her thanks. “I said it because it’s

“Bossy wolf.” Ella muttered, earning herself another rumbling laugh.

Before long her eyelids were growing very heavy, and the exhaustion of the stressful evening
threatened to take hold completely. She tried to stay awake until they returned home, but the little voice
in her head told her not to be silly. Sinclair would make sure she woke up when the time came.

Sinclair watched as Ella slowly succumbed to sleep, feeling a stab of guilt for putting her through so
much when she needed her rest. He couldn’t help ducking his head to press a kiss to her hair, thinking
again of their kiss. For all her flaws, he’d thought he’d been to heaven and back with Lydia when it
came to sex – after all the Goddess fated couples together based on sexually compatibility. She’d been
the best lover he’d ever had, but kissing her hadn’t felt anything like kissing Ella.

She threw herself into the act so freely, without any inhibitions or reluctance. Ella was clearly an
incredibly affectionate woman, and it made him even angrier to imagine the world denying her the love
she deserved for so many years. He couldn’t wait until Mike was finally in front of him. He’d teach that
feckless human a lesson he’d never forget.

Sinclair breathed in the fragile human’s scent, calming his temper with Ella’s bewitching fragrance. His
wolf purred with approval, his voice rising in the back of Sinclair’s head. She smells better and better

every day. This one is special.

It’s probably just the baby. Sinclair reasoned, knowing exactly what his wolf was talking about. The
more time that passed, the more Ella smelled like a she-wolf. Frankly it had been driving him crazy –
pushing him to scent mark her far more frequently and intimately than was necessary, toying with his
senses at every turn. He wasn’t even sure how to describe her aroma – one moment it was like fresh
rain and wild orchids, the next like sultry summer nights and sweet honey.

Completely different from the pup. His wolf pointed out. You know it’s not the same scent.

That’s true, but there’s no other reason her scent would be changing. You forget this has never
happened before, we don’t know what happens to humans carrying shifter pups. I’m sure it’s just the

Sinclair’s wolf rolled his eyes. Fine, stick your head in the sand if you’re so determined. The Alpha
wasn’t sure what to make of this – of any of this. Why was his wolf being so difficult, arguing and being
contrary just to be contrary. This had never happened before. His wolf had been with him from birth,
and they’d never butted heads this way.

What on earth did it mean? And why was Ella the one to bring out this side of his inner animal? Was
his wolf right? Was there something special about her? Or was it just the fact that she was carrying his
baby, making his dreams come true when no one else had been able to do so? Did that alone make
her special? Sinclair was not a man who was used to feeling uncertain, and he didn’t like it one bit. At
the same time, he couldn’t bring himself to blame Ella for making him feel this way, even though she
was certainly the cause.

Instead he found himself watching her sleep the rest of the ride home, completely transfixed, and
perfectly content to watch her do nothing at all.

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