Accidental Surrogate

Accidental Surrogate For Alpha Novel Chapter 10

3rd Person

Sinclair glared down at the tiny human in front of him. It seemed every time he saw Ella she grew more
beautiful, especially since he learned she was carrying his pup. She’d been an enchanting distraction
before, now she was almost irresistible. With fair skin, rose gold hair and eyes so amber they almost
seemed metallic, he found it hard to believe she was not a wolf herself. However, as delectable as her
scent was, she was clearly nothing extraordinary.

“Why did you leave?” Sinclair demanded, scanning his sharp eyes over her body to make sure she was
unharmed. His attention lingered on her flat tummy, where his pup safely rested. He could still smell it,
hear its tiny heartbeat and feel an inexplicable connection to the miniscule bundle of cells.

“Because I’m not a dog. I don’t sit and stay just because you tell me to.” Ella announced, crossing her
arms over her chest.

“I didn’t order you to do anything.” Sinclair argued, baffled by the way his wolf purred in response to her

“And yet you seem displeased that I didn’t sit by and obediently wait for you to come home and dictate
more decisions about my future.” Ella quipped, leaning against the doorframe.

“I didn’t dictate anything.” Sinclair argued. “We negotiated fair and square.”

“If that’s what you call fair it’s no wonder you earned your ruthless reputation.” Ella remarked slyly, “I
wasn’t in any state to have such an important conversation, let alone make such a momentous

Sinclair didn’t seem to hear her, instead he’d slipped past her into the apartment. “Is this where you

“Obviously.” Ella rolled her eyes.

He shook his head, “This won’t due.”

“Excuse me?” Ella gaped, “you’ve got some nerve you know –

“I won’t have the mother of my pup staying in such poor conditions.” Sinclair decided, “You’ll move into
my estate as soon as possible.”

Ella clenched her fists at her sides and took a deep breath. “I make my own decisions.”

“Not since you agreed to our deal.” Sinclair countered. “The moment you said yes, you handed over
authority to me.”

“I didn’t sign anything!” Ella reminded him.

“A verbal agreement is enough in werewolf law – the contract was really for you.” Sinclair announced,
smirking like the cat who ate the canary.

“Then why did your note say we needed to finish our conversation, what was there to finish if not
signing the deal?” Ella demanded hotly.

“Everything, including you moving in with me, your prenatal regimen, birth plan, financial
arrangements.” Sinclair explained, striding into Ella’s bedroom and pulling open the closet doors. By
the time Ella reached him, he was already pulling a suitcase from the top shelf.

“Stop that!” Ella insisted, vigorously attempting to wrest the suitcase from his hand. She tugged the
large bag so forcefully she almost lost her balance. In fact she was pulling with all her strength and
weight, if Sinclair had chosen to release his end of the bag she would certainly topple to the ground. “I
never agreed to move in with you!”

The next thing Ella knew, the huge shifter’s hand was circling her nape, applying just enough pressure
to freeze her in her tracks, but not enough to hurt. “Listen closely, little human.” He rumbled
authoritatively, radiating power. “I appreciate your spirit, but as long as you’re carrying my pup, you will
be careful, and wrestling with wolves twice your size over heavy luggage is not allowed.”

Ella narrowed her eyes at the attractive Alpha. Her instincts were going a bit haywire at the moment.
Her insides were in puddles over being so near him, her knees were weak in the face of his stern
scolding, and her heart was in full revolt. No one had ever cared about her enough when she was
young to set rules and discipline, so she’d been running wild for as long as she could remember. And
she did not take kindly to being told what to do now. With a fiery flash in her amber eyes, she stomped
her small foot right onto his, sending pain vibrating up through her own bones, and not even phasing

Ella couldn’t smother her whimper, “What are you made of, steel?”

“That’s what tussling with a wolf will get you.” He responded unsympathetically, releasing her and
stalking to the bed, where he neatly unfolded the suitcase. “Now be a good girl, and pack your bags.”

“I would sooner set everything I own on fire.” Ella replied coolly, resisting the urge to rub her aching

“That might not be the worst idea.” Sinclair muttered, glancing at her wardrobe. “If you’re going to live
with me, you might as well look the part too. Should I fetch a lighter?”

“No!” Ella yelped, moving to protect her things. “They might not be up to your standards but I like my
things, and I like my apartment.” In truth, this apartment reminded Ella too much of Mike, and she
hadn’t picked out any of her furniture or appliances – they were all hand-me downs. Still, she didn’t
appreciate the way Sinclair was trying to order her around. There might be an exchange of money or

services in their arrangement, but she wasn’t one of his servants, and it was important they establish
that if her plan was going to work.

Sinclair cocked his head to the side, eyeing her as if she were a profound curiosity. “And how are you
going to pay your rent on this place?”

Ella’s mouth opened and closed helplessly. “That’s not the point.”

Sinclair wasn’t sure what to make of the beautiful human. The more time he spent around her, the more
his wolf began to sit up and pay attention. His wolf had always perked up with interest when he saw
Ella around the neighborhood, but he’d never allowed himself to explore those feelings because she
was a human. Now however… now he had every excuse to figure out the puzzle that was Ella. “It’s part
of the arrangement.” He dictated firmly, “you’ll be back on your feet faster if you don’t have to worry
about living expenses, and I want you close – this baby is too important to me.”

It was true Sinclair didn’t want to let her out of his sight, but that was also because he’d been dreaming
of becoming a father for years. He didn’t want to miss a moment of Ella’s pregnancy. The little human
was beginning to squirm beneath the weight of his gaze, and he could see her working through the
problem in her mind. She had to realize it made more sense for her to stay with him, she might be
feisty, but she was far from stupid.

“Fine,” Ella finally conceded, shooting Sinclair a sulky pout. “But I want to talk to you about a few things

“Are you going to keep glaring at me that way while you do?” Sinclair asked, his mischievous wolf
egging him on. He wasn’t sure what it was about seeing Ella all riled up, but he couldn’t seem to stop
himself from pushing her buttons.

“Ye–” Ella bit back her response, seeming to think better of losing her temper with him. She needed to
convince him, to persuade him – not alienate him. “No.” She amended, taking a deep breath. “I want to
talk to you about our arrangement. What’s going to happen to the baby in the early years? Who’s going
to care for it?”

“I’ll pay someone.” Sinclair responded simply, “A nursemaid.”

“Why would you ever pay someone when the baby’s mother is there and dying to do all the things a
servant would? It will need milk and lullabies and love, I can provide that better than anyone. Forgive
me, but I know you aren’t married, and a child needs a mother.” Ella was hoping this would be an
emotional subject for the man – it can’t have been easy to grow up without a mother. “It’s healthier for
the baby to have me around, especially given how busy you are. You can’t exactly take a newborn to
the office with you every day.”

Sinclair hesitated. He knew she was right, it was better for the pup to have Ella near, and he didn’t want
his heir to grow up the way he did. Still, Ella didn’t belong in his world. She was human and she
couldn’t be trusted – this was probably another scheme to swindle him somehow. She’d already proven
what a good actress she was back at the sperm bank. It was a clever ploy, but he wasn’t going to let
another conniving woman ruin his life. He’d learned his lesson with his ex-wife, Lydia.

Ella was watching him closely, reading his expression and scrambling for another argument. Her eyes
lit up after a moment’s thought, and her pink lips parted for the battle. “It would help you politically as
well. I’ve been doing some research,

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