Cheat With My Boyfriend Best Friend

Chapter 273 The Unexpected Vacation

I hurried out of Dr. Archer’s house.

“Olive, wait.” Adenauer chased me and caught up with me when I opened the car door.

” I’m sorry ” . She clung to my arm and sincerely apologized again.

“No, I should be the one to apologize.” Leaving the lively atmosphere behind, the cold December wind
helped me regain my composure. “I lost control of my emotions today, and I don’t even know why.
Maybe it’s the hormones at work…


Lately, my menstrual cycle had been interrupted, probably due to work stress.

” It’s not your fault . It’s mine ” . Adenauer’s hand slid up my arm and took mine.

His hand was large and warm, while mine felt cold, not quite the temperature a living person should be.

Somehow I appreciated the warmth in his palm.

After a while, he sighed softly and met my eyes with a kind look.

” We can talk ? ”

His eyes seemed to possess a calming magic, making it hard for me to turn him away. _ _ _ _ _ _

” Get in the car . It is very cold ” . I felt a little embarrassed and whispered.


I heard her soft laugh, tinged with indulgence.

I closed the car door and turned on the heating. _

Adenauer got into the passenger seat.

The two of us were silent for a while in the warm air.

To avoid the awkwardness, I casually turned on the car radio. The cheerful Christmas tunes instantly
filled the cabin.

“Christmas is coming up soon,” Adenauer said excitedly.

It was already December and everyone was getting ready for Christmas. Right now in Dr. Archer’s
backyard, Chloe, Charlotte, and I are discussing the differences in Christmas decorations between
Germany and the United States.

Therefore , I also learned that TWH , being a multinational pharmaceutical company , combined
Christmas and New Year holidays for ten consecutive days , in order to respect the customs of most of
the employees .

This would also be my first Christmas and New Year’s Eve in Germany,

“Olive,” Adenauer turned to look at me, “I would like to formally apologize to you for what happened

” You do not have to apologize ” .

“No, I have to apologize. Can you hear ? Adenauer was determined. _ _ _

This was the third “first time” I had seen Adenauer tonight.

The first time I saw him so upset, the first time I saw him so sad, and now, the first time I saw him so

certain _

I gestured for him to continue.

“I want to apologize, not only for today’s offensive question, but also for avoiding you recently.”

It surprised me a bit.

Adenauer hung his head guiltily, regretfully. Seeing him like this, I didn’t know what to say for a

Unexpectedly , on this issue , the two of us came to a surprising consensus . _

So the reason you mentioned being busy opening your independent clinic was an excuse to avoid me?
Or like me, he was happy to be busy with work lately?

After a jumble of thoughts in my mind, I returned to the main point: Adenauer’s reason for avoiding me.

“If what you’re going to say is about Aaron Morris, then there’s no need to say more.” I sighed. “I don’t
want to know anything about him anymore.” _ _


Adenauer wanted to speak, but his words caught in his throat at my request.

This made him look particularly funny at the time.

I couldn’t help but laugh.

“Sorry, I don’t mean anything else.” I quickly explained, “Are you trying to tell me that he told you about
me, so you’ve been trying to avoid me? And when I suddenly invited you today, you didn’t have a

reason to say no, so you came _ _ But seeing me, you thought I might be married and you couldn’t
face me with the same attitude as before, which led to everything that followed. . ”

Adenauer looked at me, stunned, and then nodded.

“Well, let me say it again. Your reaction is normal, and there’s no need to apologize.” In the warmth of
the heater and the relaxing music , I felt much more at ease and my ninja novel mood improved a lot . ”
You take relationships seriously, and that is your strength. So you can’t get along with a woman who
could cheat on your feelings. The problem is not with you but with that bastard. ‘

I didn’t know how much Aaron had told Adenauer, but regardless of how much, I decided to sincerely
apologize to him.

“I should be the one to apologize. I did not resolve my past emotions correctly ”.

Adenauer suddenly laughed.

I looked at him confused. _

His blue eyes curved into a smile. “How long are we going to continue this apology game? ”

“Olive, thanks for everything you said to me today. You

I can’t imagine how much I’ve been turning you around. _ Even now, I’m not sure if what I’m doing is
right or wrong. ”

“There is nothing right or wrong in a relationship, Colston.” I approached him and kissed him on the

He was serious with me.

I felt enveloped in a warm current, my heart filled with warmth and joy.

“But it’s true that I’ve been busy with work lately.” After the kiss, Adenauer added: “I’ll be very busy
during this time, and I hope you can understand.”

I didn’t say anything and kissed him again.

The next day, our project officially entered ninja novel the final stage. The clinical application was not
our primary responsibility; we just needed to organize and file all the materials and hand them over to
the next team in charge. _ _ _ _

After coming to the lab, both Charlotte and Chloe asked me about last night.

“I’m sorry, you had to see that”, I didn’t want to dwell on it. _ “Just a little friction between couples, and it
has been solved.”

“So even a psychiatrist can piss off his girlfriend,” Charlotte immediately quipped.

Chloe, however, eyed me with a hint of concern.

I gave him a reassuring look. _ During the lunch break, I found

opportunity to speak with her in private.

Of course , my main intention was to ask about her . _

“When do you and Lester plan to go public?” ”

Unexpectedly, Chloe shook her head. “We don’t have that plan right now.”

” Something happens ? ”

“No. It’s just that I don’t want to mix personal matters with work. We discussed it and decided to leave
things as they are.” _ _ _

Seeing my slightly concerned expression, Chloe smiled. “Well, I’ll just tell you this: I currently live right
next to him.” _

Suddenly I understood. “That’s not bad.”

A week later, after the paperwork was officially completed, Dr. Archer called me into his office alone.

” That ? Because ? ” I was stunned .

Dr. Archer looked at me with a smile. ”Everyone noted his contributions and his hard work during the
last term. The Christmas holidays are coming up , so I specifically requested a voucher for you . It is
also an opportunity for you to relax. He did not look very well at the party that day. ”

I’m speechless

” But… a whole month of vacation? Are you serious ? “Didn’t I understand the German vacations

culture ?

I inquired cautiously : ” Does the company think I am not suitable for the next projects ? ” _

Dr. Archer was taken aback for a moment, then laughed out loud.

“Don’t worry, there are no signs of firing him. We are very satisfied with his presence in the team, both
me and the management. Just by moving forward with this project, he has created value for the
company far beyond his salary.”

“You deserve this bonus and vacation.”

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