Cheat With My Boyfriend Best Friend

Chapter 272 Out Of Control

“Sorry for the offense.”

“Aaron Morris told you, didn’t he? I suppressed the urge to roll my eyes and interrupted Adenauer’s
attempts to make amends.

He fell .

But I didn’t care about his answer.

Whether it was a yes or a no, I already knew what was happening

in _

Only one person still believed that I had married Vincent three years ago. And that person was Aaron

Apart from him, he couldn’t think of anyone else who would say such a thing to Adenauer.

” What else did he say ? I asked angrily. _ _

“I’m sorry honey, let’s not talk about this. I misunderstood…”

“You don’t have to try to change the subject,” he interrupted again, “I had a wedding with someone
three years ago, in the United States.” _

A flash of surprise flashed in Adenauer’s eyes, and his expression instantly turned wistful.

I grew more and more restless inside.

” That ? Is the fact that I was married such a big blow to you? It was you who persecuted me. You’re
not going to hold me responsible for this, are you? ”

What was happening ?

He hadn’t intended to confront Adenauer with such a harsh tone, but they came out that way. _

“I didn’t mean that, baby.” Adenauer panicked.

I had never seen such a puzzled look on his face. _

And I had never seen such a sad look on his face either. _

Because sadness ?

I said something wrong ? _

He was the one who actively persecuted me, he was the one who said he loved me, and he was the
one who acted so tolerant and perfect. _ _ _ _ _ _

I never asked him to do any of that. _

I owed him nothing!

But at the same time, a strong feeling of guilt surged uncontrollably inside me.

I shouldn’t hurt someone who loved me like this. I met Colston Adenauer. He wasn’t Vincent or Aaron.
He would never interrogate me like this. _ _

He probably just wanted to know if I was married and still in that marriage. _

Two contradictory emotions tore me apart. _

My head was about to explode.

“Stop talking, okay? Adenauer lowered his voice, “We can talk about that later.”

Talk more ta*de?

Would there even be a ta*de?

Certain untouchable memories kicked in, and the anger and guilt in the tug-of-war finally won the day. _

“I don’t want to wait for later. You wanted to know the truth , right ? Well, I can tell you now: it was a
complete sh*t.” _

I stared at him, unable to contain my outrage any longer, and it blew up. “From the beginning to the
end, I had no idea that I would become someone’s girlfriend. They tricked me into attending that
wedding where I was supposed to be the bride. As a result, my life was completely ruined. That’s the
truth ! ”

Memories of three years ago resurfaced before me, vivid and clear, and I hadn’t forgotten a single

No one could understand how angry, helpless and terrified I was when I showed up at the wedding. _ _

Surrounded by the applause and blessings of oblivious family and friends, I felt dizzy and disoriented.

And the one person he wanted to trust turned around and announced another woman as his fiancée to

“Baby, I…” Adenauer tried to take my hand, but I shook it.

far _

Emotions took over me and turned me into a fighting bull.

“I don’t know how much Aaron has told you about me. If you want to know , you can ask me directly ,
and I can tell you myself . I glared at him with anger, as if he was not my lover but _ _ _ _ _ _ _ my
enemy _ ”I’ve only had two relationships in the past, and each one was deeper than the last. But
dammit, it’s like my eyes were blind: I just fell for the bastards, and each one was worse than the last. ”

“My first love was the perfect boyfriend in everyone’s eyes. He was impeccable in appearance, work,
education, and personality. But he cheated on me simply because he was not satisfied
with my s*xual indifference. And my ex, _ _ _ _ _I thought he was the one who really loved me. He
rescued me from that miserable fucking relationship , and made me crazy about him . _ _ _ I thought
he had finally found the right person after saying goodbye to the wrong ones, but what was the result? ”

Adenauer held me tightly in his arms.

I felt the corners of my eyes water uncontrollably.

Some people nearby had already noticed us, but I no longer struggled.

“It made me feel like an idiot. She had never been so desperate. My voice turned hoarse.

Every time I thought about the last three years, the pain and the

crazy thing I went through because of Aaron, I couldn’t help it


but I despise myself.

He’s just playing you, Olive. You just took it seriously.

If it wasn’t for Aaron’s drunken confession that night, I would have been kept in the dark for the rest of
my life.

I would still be consoling myself with naive thoughts like “At least once we loved each other”. _ _ _ _

Damn !

Adenauer gently stroked my hair.

It was as if my mind was suddenly clear, and guilt instantly suppressed my anger. _

During my relationship with Adenauer, I had that absurd night with Aaron. _

Who was I to be angry with Adenauer?

Afterward , I was even relieved that our busy work schedules prevented us from seeing each other
every day .

Aaron was a despicable and terrible guy, but was I better?

Adenauer was not the culprit!

Feelings of self-guilt engulfed me like seawater.

At this moment, Adenauer and I were so close, and I could even hear the sound of his heartbeat in his
chest, but we were so far from each other.

Chapter 772 Control Court

“I’m sorry, Olive. Everything is my fault . Can we turn the page? What would you like to eat ? I’ll get it
for you,” Adenauer’s voice came from above, as soft as ever, with calming power. .

But the more I did this, the worse I felt. _ _

It shouldn’t be like this tonight.

It was supposed to be a happy night , with music , food , friends and everything nice under the
moonlight and by the campfire .

But I ruined everything. _ _

Adenauer didn’t want to say anything originally. It was my probing that made him say what he thought.

” I’m sorry . “My nose felt a little stuffy, and my voice was ringing. choked, “I haven’t lost control like this
in a long time. I don’t know what’s wrong with me today.” _

I pushed him away gently and turned around, trying to hold back the tears in my eyes.

“Today was supposed to be a release night. You have read only on ninja novel fast update been
holding back for too long. Whether you’re happy or sad, you should be able to let it out,” Adenauer
comforted me tenderly. _ _ Chloe’s eyes were also red when she arrived, right? ”

Yes , I noticed it too .

I thought everyone present also noticed.

But in a tacit understanding, no one offered comfort, _

only congratulations to her. That is the tenderness of adulthood.

But my situation was different.

No one understood why I suddenly lost control, not even myself.

It was as if I was possessed by a ghost, and many words escaped my control. I hurt Adenauer and I
hurt myself.

” I’m sorry ” . I turned around and walked towards Dr. Archer, “Dr. Archer, I’m sorry, but I feel a little
tired. I’m afraid I have to go.”

Without waiting for an answer, I fled like a refugee, leaving everything behind. _ _

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