Cheat With My Boyfriend Best Friend

Chapter 271 Good News

After working tirelessly for almost a month in a state of tense nervousness, everyone was physically
and mentally

exhausted _ Right now, what they needed was a party to relax completely.

“Can we bring our families? someone asked opportunely amidst the cheers.

Dr. Archer inclined his head and shrugged. ” Everyone is welcome ” .

” Oh yeah ! Someone whistled enthusiastically.

In this lively environment, it was hard for me not to join in the fun. _ Seeing many people take out their
phones to communicate with their families, I also took out my phone and opened the messaging
application with Adenauer.

To be honest, it had been quite a while since we last saw each other. _ We only exchange greetings
during our rest time each day.

Me: Are you free tonight?

After a while, he responded.

Colston: After 7 o’clock tonight. What’s happening ?

Me: Not much. Our lab has passed animal testing, and Dr. Archer invited everyone to his backyard
barbecue tonight.


Colston: Congratulations and have you invited me? _ _

Me: Thank you, and yes, of course.

Colston: When did it start? _

Me: It looks like we’ll go right after work, but you can come after you finish your work. _ _ It won’t end
so early. _

Colston: I’ll be there at 6 pm Until then!

Hanging up the phone, I breathed a sigh of relief. _ _ _ _ _

After leaving work , everyone left the lab laughing and said goodbye in the parking lot . They returned
to prepare their outfits , bring some gifts and collect their relatives . _ _ _ _

When I got home, I grabbed a bottle of fine wine from my collection and quickly freshened up before
heading over to Dr. Archer’s house.

This was my first visit to Dr. Archer’s residence.

Dr. Archer’s house was a perfect fit for his temperament. Although it was quite spacious, he was laid
out in a cozy way, without any sense of luxury or extravagance. _ _ _ _

I was not the first to arrive.

After hugging Mrs. Archer, I handed you the bottle of wine.

“Oh, this is quite an expensive wine.” She recognized the value of the bottle of wine at a glance, a hint
of surprise on her face.

I smiled, “Today is a happy day, isn’t it? ”

Under the guidance of Mrs. Archer, I made it to the backyard. On the lawn, several children had already
begun to chase each other. _

” Here ! ”Charlotte, with her sharp eyes, saw me and waved.

“Why did you come here alone? Where is your family ? Charlotte she raised an eyebrow, teasing me,
and she handed me a glass of drink.

“He said he’ll be here at 6 o’clock,” I replied, taking a sip. “This is juice? ”

“Yes, this is the children’s section.” Charlotte laughed. ”I think she tastes good. Next time, we can try
adding it to the whiskey.” _ _

“Looking forward to your creation.” I clinked her glasses to her.

Not far away, two grills were already alight with charcoal. _ Dr. Archer rolled up his sleeves and
personally brushed on the barbecue sauce. _ Next to him there was a young couple who took care of
the other grill.

” Who are they ? ” I asked for _ _

“He is the son and daughter-in-law of Dr. Archer.” Charlotte always seemed to pick up on information
about people quickly.

I took a closer look and found that the man had the same nose and lips as Dr. Archer, but his eyes
were more

like Mrs. Archer’s.

As Charlotte told me how accomplished Dr. Archer’s son was, our lab colleagues began to arrive one
after another.

Adenauer was among them.

“How did you get here so fast? I walked briskly over to him, looked ninja novel at the time, and realized
it wasn’t even 6 o’clock.

o’clock yet!

“I didn’t want you to wait alone for too long.” Adenauer hugged me gently and kissed me on the
forehead. _ “It feels like we haven’t seen each other in a century.”

I laughed and hugged him back.

“Congratulations to the guest of honor and her family.” Charlotte saw us and winked at us, mocking us.
Everyone noticed us and waved back.

“It seems that this time I am basking in your glory.” Adenauer leaned in and whispered in my ear.

After everyone arrived , Dr. Archer said a few words and the music began to play . The entire backyard
was filled with the laughter of children and the enticing aroma of barbecue.

I ate some grilled meat skewers and quickly realized that something was wrong with Adenauer.

It was much quieter today than usual.

” Have you also been busy lately ? ” , asked . _ “If you are too tired, we can leave earlier.” _

” Oh no ” . Adenauer smiled at me. “I was thinking about something.” _ _

“Is there anything I can do to help? Looking into his eyes, I felt that he should have something to tell

But at this moment, there was a commotion not far away.

We turned our heads and saw Chloe approaching with her daughter in her arms.

He saw me in the crowd, put the girl down to let her walk alone, and then walked towards me. _ _ _ _ _

Before I could say anything, he hugged me tight.

” I divorced ” . _

I was taken aback and exclaimed with ecstasy: “Did you do it? ” .

” Yeah !” She was very excited. _

” Congratulations ! Now you have a happy new beginning ! “This was the second piece of good news I
heard today.

“Thank you very much, Olive. Without your help, I would still be living in pain.” _ _

The people around us began to look in our direction.

Chloe looked at everyone, “Everyone from now on should call me Dr. Rossi.” _ _

Due to Charlotte’s slip of the tongue a while back, most of the lab staff already knew what Chloe had
been going through recently. Upon hearing this news, everyone


congratulations _

Amidst the concerned greetings and celebrations from the others, I saw Chloe look up at Lester closely,
her eyes slightly misty.

“This is Dr. Chloe.” Adenauer leaned in close to me and whispered to me.

I nodded silently.

“Divorce seems to be a good thing for the women here,” she said with a hint of a sigh in her voice. _

I turned to look at him. _ _ ” You… have you divorced? ”

” That ? I ? No ! Adenauer denied in amazement: “I just had that feeling.”

I declined the grilled fish he offered me.

“Maybe I ate too fast just now. Now I feel a little nauseous.” While speaking, I casually took the glass of
wine next to me.

As I was about to take a sip, I caught Adenauer’s eye out of the corner of my eye.

” What’s happening ? It seems you have something to tell me today.” I put the glass down. _ _

Adenauer opened his mouth, sighed, and forced a smile. ” It’s nothing important . Let’s talk about it
next time.”

Seeing him suppress his true emotions and put on a façade of smile made me feel uncomfortable. _

” Come with me ” . _

I put down my wine glass and dragged him to a corner where no one was paying attention. _ _

“Don’t keep me in suspense. What did you want to say a moment ago ? I raised my head and looked
seriously into Adenauer’s blue eyes.

In his eyes, I saw a mixture of complex emotions. _

“Tell me, Colston. I don’t want you to force yourself in front of me.” _ _ _ _

” Alright ” . She finally gave in and looked into my eyes, her expression serious. “I heard you got
married in the United States.” _ _

I finally understood what I had been struggling with. _ _

At that moment , a nameless anger erupted inside me .

That damn guy, even if he wasn’t around, could ruin my good mood.

He is pretty!

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Chapter 271 Good News

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