Cheat With My Boyfriend Best Friend

Chapter 266

Nick’s Call

I got up from my seat suddenly, and my excitement was beyond words.

Charlotte, who was next to me, was startled by my movement.

” What’s happening ? ”, He asked me unconsciously.

“It’s hard to explain things right away, but I have a very important personal call right now.” I picked up
the phone, “Sorry, I may need to step away for a while.”

After finishing speaking, I walked straight towards the lab door.

” Wait ” . Charlotte stopped me.

She also stood up. “You can take the call here. At least here there is heating. Also, I need to go to the
control room to record the latest data and print the report by the way.”

It was now October and it was very cold in the corridors.

Seeing Charlotte leave the lab and enter the nearby control room, I immediately answered Nick’s call.

Thank God you finally contacted me! I sat back in my seat, relaxing my entire body as I slouched in the

” I hope not bother ” . Nick’s voice came from the other end of the phone.

However , for some reason , his voice sounded muffled , as if there were problems with the signal .

“Your call is never a bother,” I laughed, “So you’re contacting me to tell me something? ”

“It’s really not a big deal. I said some nasty things to you during the last FaceTime, and I apologize for
that.” _ _

My smile faded a bit.

What happened ? That wasn’t the reaction she expected to hear from Nick.

It doesn’t matter _ I decided not to think about it too much. _

“There is no need to argue between us. I just want to do something for my best friend, even if it’s just to
listen.” So come on, Nick, tell me what’s bothering you.

“Let’s put those nice words aside for now, Olive,” Nick interrupted.

I _ ”Tell me the truth, did you tell Adenauer about me? ”

Something was wrong.

Something was really wrong.

Nick’s tone went from sarcastic at this point to almost accusatory.

“Yes, but Adenauer is a professional psychiatrist. He will not reveal any private information. He was…
too worried about you yesterday. Since he couldn’t be with you right away, I tried to do everything I
could for you. Nick, can you tell me what happened? _? ”

“Why would I tell you? You are not my mother! Nick’s tone was sour and harsh, which was unfamiliar to

My mood sank to its depths again.

What could have caused it to become like this?

“Is it David? Did he do something to you? ” . I could no longer care to be tactful. The situation far
exceeded my expectations, and I was not prepared for it!

Nick snorted in a strange tone, “What do you mean by that? Olive, just because you have a medical
degree and are in a relationship with a psychiatrist, do you really think you’re a doctor? ”

Don’t take this personally, Olive! I took a deep breath and silently adjusted my mindset.

“You didn’t deny the question I just asked. So you admit that David made you who you are, right? Nick
knew me well enough to know what kind of words could hurt my heart. But still , I understood it very
well too .

If the problem wasn’t with David, my earlier question wouldn’t have inflamed his anger. And he should
have sneered at my belief that he understood him well enough, when in reality, he was just guessing

By not denying it, he was essentially confirming it. _

” It is none of your business ! Go live your life with your perfect new boyfriend! Nick’s tone turned fierce.

With that, he abruptly hung up the phone. _

The moment I hung up the phone, countless grievances and anger rushed into my brain at the same

I bet if Nick was in front of me right now, we’d already be fighting. Maybe we would have even parted
on bad terms,

plunge into a cold war.

Obviously, he knew that I was worried about him, but he called me just to make some unreasonable
and pointless taunts and attacks.

In Myself ?

Wait !

I was surprised by the random thought that crossed my mind.

yes _ How could you take the initiative to contact me just to make fun of me and distance me further?

He was already in an abnormal state now, and any action he took would not be surprising. But she
couldn’t lose her composure.

I was the person who knew him best in the world besides his parents.

Nick was the cutest, most honest idiot in the world! He’s the man who walked me out the door while he
was intoxicated! He Lost ten kilos in just one month to take the pressure of my project and take care of

A person can change, but in just a few months, I didn’t think he would become a complete stranger!

I called directly. _ _

For the first time, Nick hung up the phone. But I keep calling. _

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The second time, he hung up again.

For the third time, the call was finally answered.

“Do you still want to lecture me? Dear Dr. Olive! Nick’s tone sounded like he was on the brink of

“Listen, Nick, I don’t want to argue with you.” content. I held my forehead and fought my
emotions. “I just want you to know that my life is a mess right now. My job, my relationship, everything
is a complete mess. You have no idea what I’ve been through during this time! ”

I took a deep breath and tried to hold back the tears in my eyes. _ “Please, please, don’t let me lose
even our friendship.”

The only sound on the phone was Nick’s breathing.

After a moment of silence, he finally spoke again: “Aren’t you and that psychiatrist okay? ”

Aaron became the president of TWH. “I went straight to the point, giving him the key point. “We got
together and a lot of chaotic things happened. Everything is a mess.” _ _

Nick was silent again.

But I could sense that he seemed to be less hostile towards me now.

daviding int

At that moment, I almost felt like crying in pain.

I knew it !

I knew that he still cared about me!

“Nick, I don’t know what’s going on in your life right now, but you’re my best friend. You know that I wish
you the best more than anyone ”, I took the opportunity to add.

And this time, my sincerity was finally met with indifference. _

“I just don’t want you to worry.” Nick sounded like a newborn baby right now.

I realized that I was helpless.

“Is it about David? I asked tentatively.

“I don’t even know how to say it.” Nick seemed worried and irritable. _

“Don’t worry, just say what comes to mind. I’m not your boss, and you don’t need to be logical in front
of me.” I carefully comforted him, “Just tell me about your emotions.”

Once again, there was a moment of silence in response.

But after the silence

“It’s not a big deal,” Nick said, sounding a little embarrassed, but also a little impatient. “After moving in
with David, I realized that we are not very sexually compatible. But… damn it! It’s really hard to explain!

” Take your time . I comforted him again.

“It’s just…his sexual problems are very strange, but I can’t describe the strange feeling.”

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