Cheat With My Boyfriend Best Friend

Chapter 264

Interrupted Confession

“Victims who have been emotionally manipulated often don’t realize they are being influenced, so it is
very difficult to get them to confront the abusers.”

Seeing my increasingly gloomy face, Adenauer gently patted the back of my hand, “But this is the worst
case. So far, your friend has not shown any signs of emotional breakdown or sudden changes in
behavior over trivial matters in front of others. We can remain optimistic.”

“What I can do?” I looked up, looking at him excitedly.

Get in touch with him, make him aware of this concept, and watch for any signs of doubt or gradual
loss of social connections. Often these are indications that he is being unconsciously controlled. In
theory, as long as the victim stops believing in the knowledge. imparted by the abuser and stops
adopting those beliefs as his own, the influence can be counteracted.

“So you’re saying that I need to make him realize that he’s being brainwashed?” I rephrased it and
Adenauer agreed without hesitation.

I immediately grabbed my phone and texted Nick.

Me: Have you found that recently you have lost the desire to share,

Have you been depressed for a long time, have you almost lost social interaction, and have you even
begun to doubt your self-knowledge? Can’t even deal with a mere g*y discriminator? Be careful with
the manipulation of the people around you. If you have any problems, please let me and Cinder know

right away. No matter when and where, we are always here for you.

Nick was the smartest and most academically gifted boy he had ever met. I thought that as long as he
saw my message, he would be alerted.

However, the message was left unread.

“Don’t be too anxious. Do you remember what I just said?”

He had a rough idea of what he was going to say. “My friend needs him to be strong and rational.”

“Your friend needs you to be strong and rational.”

We both said it at the same time.

I had to admit that after saying this, I felt a lot better.

“Colston, thank you very much.” I looked at him sincerely, and the gratitude in my heart was beyond

“You don’t have to thank me for that. Actually, I’m glad I was able to help you 2/9.”

Adenauer changed his tone, “Besides, there’s something I’ve always wanted to apologize to you for.”

“A*pologise?” He was stunned.

Between me and Adenauer, shouldn’t I be the one to apologize?

In my opinion, he had been perfect in his actions towards me!

“Yeah. It’s about that night at your house when I decided to leave because of the Aaron situation.”

He was speechless.

“Can you see how speechless I am?” I pointed at my eyes deliberately, “Why apologise? She had a
sudden illness, which almost caused her serious health problems, didn’t it?”

“I’m not talking about this, but about what happened after Aaron was taken to the hospital.”

Adenauer’s words tensed me instantly.

What did he mean by that?

Did Aaron reveal our previous relationship to her that night?

At this time, my brain was working extremely fast. It had been quite a while since that night, what was
Adenauer’s reaction to me afterwards? Was there anything unusual?

If he knew about my relationship with Aaron, he couldn’t have remained completely indifferent! but I did

“So what happened after that?” I asked calmly, trying to keep a calm expression on my face.

“That night in the living room, Aaron told me about you. It’s similar to what you told me before, but more

specific.” Adenauer’s tone was soft. He said that you had a passionate relationship in the United

I almost held my breath, waiting for the words “with him.”

“I made some assumptions about you and your ex in front of him. It was something I shouldn’t have
done, and I haven’t had the courage to tell you until now. I’m sorry”. Adenauer seemed to have finished
his confession.

This was completely beyond my expectations.

So Aaron didn’t tell you who the other half of my passionate relationship was?

“I’m pretty curious about what you a*alized.” I hesitated to give this answer.

“You’re not angry?” Adenauer looked at me with slightly wide eyes.

“Why should I be angry about this? Isn’t that what everyone does?” He didn’t understand his

Adenauer breathed a sigh of relief: “You are such a gentle lady.”

“So what did you a*alise?” I pressed again.

“Well, I thought at the time that your ex was probably a very flamboyant person, and he probably
created a lot of unforgettable memories for you, but although they loved each other deeply, they lacked
a sense of security, so they were deeply hurt and they eventually broke up.” .

If my previous understanding of a psychiatrist was limited to his professional role in treating disease
and saving lives, now, in my heart, Adenauer was almost equivalent to a magician.

This was exactly the same as my relationship with Aaron!

Did he… really not hear the truth from Aaron?

“By the way you look, I must be right.” Adenauer smiled.

Suddenly I felt dry-mouthed, not knowing whether to affirm or deny.

“Wait, did you tell Aaron about this test?” A realization hit me, “Why did you tell him?”

Adenauer’s eyes dimmed for a moment.

“Because I felt that he might have feelings for you.”

“Hey?” I was immediately disgusted, “Forget it, how could a p*lyboy like him like me?”

I retracted the judgment that Adenauer was equal to a magician.

The magician sometimes also made mistakes.

“Actually, you must have misunderstood, Aaron is not what you see.” Adenauer tried to explain:
“Actually, he is a very good man.”

“Arrest.” He didn’t want to hear a word.

Would a good man say another woman’s name while he is having s*x with a woman?

“Well, your stereotype of Aaron runs deep.” Adenauer laughed helplessly.

“He’s your friend, and you have a kind of blind kindness towards him!” To the less connected Adenauer,
he was sure that he knew Aaron better than he did.

“Okay, let’s not talk about him. Even if he has feelings, just like your ex, he is a quirky person. He
doesn’t stand a chance.” Adenauer explained his theory of the “advantage of not being the same guy
as the ex.”

I feel guilty.

Colston. My heart began to beat faster.

Now is the perfect time to confess to Adenauer! I have to tell him, Olive!

“Actually, my previous relationship can be considered a complete disaster.” I took a deep breath, “I had
an ex, Vincent, and he was a hypocrite. I thought that he loved me very much until I found out that he
did not like him for being frigid and therefore he cheated on me ”.

You did it! Well done Olive!

I dare not look into Adenauer’s eyes, but I cheer up in my heart.

“After learning the truth, it was very difficult for me to let him go. I wanted to take revenge on him, so I
came up with a very crazy idea…” A sudden and urgent ringtone interrupted my confession.

It was my phone.

It was Charlotte calling!

“Answer the call first.” Adenauer kept reassuring me; He had no idea what he was going to say next!

But still I answered the phone.

Charlotte wouldn’t call me for no reason, especially right now.

The connected call.

“I’m sorry! Very sorry! But, Dr. Olive, something went wrong with our experiment!”

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